Ishq Mein Tere – Last Episode!

Wow! Just when I thought & dreaded the idea of the drama being stretched I was caught off guard when the ticker of Last Episode flashed on my screen. What else could’ve been a better way to end a drama decently without dragging it for no good reason. This ending & the number of episodes gave me another reason to like this drama & I am glad that I tuned into Ishq Mein Tere because it was a perfect entertainment.

The last episode wrapped up the story nicely & we are left with no unanswered questions. Everything fell into the place perfectly for sure. Whatever Cuckoo said to Saad’s mother was extremely derogatory & went to show what sort of a cheap mentality a so-called literate & sophisticated person endorsed. I wished Saad’s mother had at least slapped Cuckoo for things she said but she held herself back because she didn’t want to stoop to her level.

Finally, Saad’s health took a bad turn & he became hospitalized. As usual he had Saim by his side & I didn’t like that Saad once again told him off saying you don’t understand a thing. If that was the case, why would Saad share things with Saim if he thought he never understood whatever Saad ever said? Hamdani family got to know about Saad’s disease right when he was on his death bed, which makes things a bit – a tinsy bit unrealistic because if someone is suffering from such a chronic disease, one member or the other gets the heed of it definitely.

Saad thought it was his duty to fix things before he dies therefore he confessed everything in front of Laiba & took a promise that she will subside the misunderstanding that was created between Aiza & Shehryar. Finally, Aiza was convinced to let go of whatever happened because Saad asked her to. Sadly, he died & took all the mishaps that the family went through with him.

It was a pretty decent ending of such a nice drama but I wish they had shown the family members insulting Cuckoo for how she maligned Laiba against Aiza & Saad but she went away seemingly after apologizing to everyone for what she did. & yes, I do want to know what & how did Bakhtiyaar take control of his life? I know people don’t really appreciate if the side characters are given much importance but here his family & their issues were highlighted every once in a while, so I think it would’ve been justified if they had shown how he took responsibility & shaped up his life.

One huge issue I had with this episode was the use of white clothes in the post-death scenes. Who wears white in Pakistan? The question still remains. Another mistake or may be lack of attention happened when Saad’s mother walked into his farmhouse & asked the servant about Saad, according to him Saad wasn’t at home but in the very next scene, Saad is seen almost lifeless vomiting his guts out & his mother runs towards him.

Anyways, a big shout out to the writer, the director & the entire cast for bringing in such a decent play with no such loopholes. All the characters were brilliantly enacted by the actors & one special actor who shined throughout was Madiha Imam as Laiba. I must say being a newbie she seems so promising. I hope she makes some amazing choices & we get to see her more. I am glad that the drama ended at the right time & indeed it was a perfect family entertainment so Thank You team Ishq Mein Tere for giving us a decent play that we hoped for.  Share your views about the drama.

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