Rubaru – Episode 13!

I don’t really get why the character of Kiran was so important to the writer? I mean why not just get over with her character by showing that she chose to end her life & spare us from her negativity?

The episode was ohkay & could’ve been better if Kiran wasn’t given so much importance. Kiran cried her eyes out & her mother started blaming Shabbi for what happened. I think her mother should now take Kiran’s divorce as a reality check so as to understand how important it was to upbring her daughter like a lady & not like a loon who blurts out whatever she wishes to. Kiran was depressed & I didn’t find any reason to be because she was on a crying spree ever since she got married to Teeeeeepu. She never really respected him, accepted him so why cry over what happened? She called for it herself & hence, got it. Teeepu decided what he had to & left just like that. I just don’t want to believe that Kiran has Halala on her mind & therefore she has agreed to get married to Usman for this sake. I think the writer had nothing to offer through Surmed/Shabbi’s track so because of that Kiran & her misery has been given a lot more screen space than required.

Obviously Teepu left & because of that, his father is suffering a huge decline in the business. He has asked Surmed to help him get back on track & Surmed agreed. I hope Surmed doesn’t avenge his mother’s death by taking revenge from dead Neelam’s family because his expressions (which are most likely the same throughout) gave away a negative vibe backed up by the spooky & suspicious background score. I believe if that happens, it would be uncalled for because Neelam’s dead & Surmed needs a closure now.

At first when Usman’s father asked for Kiran’s proposal, I thought may be he wants his son to own the business & his intentions weren’t right but fortunately it wasn’t true. Usman is being way too gentle towards Kiran but I wish she understands & works on her marriage. I am literally sick of seeing her eyes rolling in arrogance & her shrieky voice shattering the glass windows all around. Move along gal!

Shabbi/Surmed’s track has become stagnant for now because there’s nothing much to offer at the moment. Surmed’s done with the darana dhamkana & Shabbi is least bothered about things around her so yeah, let’s see what they come up with in regards to their story. I feel for the sake of timepass Shabbi should & Shabbi must start interrogating the spook – Karam Din about the bottle of medicine that she saw in the kitchen. It would help her kill some time & help us in finding more about Karam Din because his story seems more interesting than anybody else’s, at the moment.

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