Kabhi Kabhi – Last Episode!

Finally the moment has arrived & we’re free from Kabhi Kabhi. What a waste of time, money & most of all – THE BRAINS. After the end of this pathetic drama I am promising myself that I will never tune into any such play which would have Samira Fazal’s name attached to it. What a pathetic piece of writing I must say.

As usual this episode had Samira Fazal written all over it because all of a sudden her characters start having fits of awakening or detest. Similar thing happened to Zeb in Silvatein that her character flipped & she made herself a bechari. Similarly Eeshal was on an emo spree that now she was hating herself, shooing her kid away from her, arranging a party, eating medicines like crazy & then in the end she happily had a Halala. What a third class drama to show to the viewers!!!

From Ahsan Khan’s changing hairstyles to the to & fro between the clean shave & stubble, this episode & the whole conversations were just as confusing as anything & made no sense at all. Eeshal one fine day sighted the mood to jump from her ex’s terrace to taste the adventure of broken bones just because Soni told her off. One fine day she planned on leaving his home just like that to arrange a party to show how faarigh she actually is. I am guessing it was the same Eeshal right, who had issues remembering if she went to the washroom a moment ago is now pulling a red lipstick, sleeveless gown, has glammed up herself to make a pathetic certain point to her husband that she is a loon for sure. I mean was that all necessary?

I am guessing what was the use of Eva, Rehbar, Shahraiz & Soni in this drama? What were they doing in this play being a part of this crazy family? Oh & yes, now when Eeshal was supposedly walking towards her betterment, where was Eva buried to see her sister make a decision of her life once again? Dad thought pulling a tight fitted orange shirt to show his jelly belly & apologizing to his daughter would fix things just like that. Ohkay that was obviously necessary but then again I am thinking jab ye inka apsi mamla tha to is sab mai hamara kya kaam tha?

I must say the writer should be ashamed of bringing in a story that promotes or highlights Halala. It is such a serious issue that a girl faces as a consequence if she gets divorced. It’s not meant for people like Eeshal who don’t know what they want from life therefore they keep on stumbling upon different men without any good reason & it is definitely not for such immoral writers to bring into their stories just because they themselves are bored to the core & want to kill their time writing a piece of stupidity like this. For once they should stop ridiculing such serious institution of marriage & then divorce. Writers think writing about Taboos would be a great way to teach people something but sorry they’re sadly mistaken. What a farce, what a shame, what a useless display of one’s immorality.

Thank God this torture is over & so are my chances of EVER TUNING INTO SAMIRA FAZAL’s PLAYS AGAIN!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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