Ishq Parast- Episode 16: Can it get any worse?

I have no idea what to say. I am absolutely speechless because I can’t even begin to describe how nauseating this episode was. What saddens me the most is the fact that this play was one of the very few plays I actually looked forward to. To be brutally honest, even watching Dusri Biwi didn’t repulse me to this extent because DB was a senseless play right from the get-go and I had no high expectations attached to it but to see Ishq Parast receiving this sort of treatment is downright shocking! It’s such a shame because this play started on a strong note and the story was progressing so well and after watching last week’s episode, I had a strong feeling that this Hamza-Dua-under-one-roof scenario will not be a complete disappointment but now that they’ve turned Hamza into a rapist, I am at a loss for words because I never could have imagined that they’d take his creepiness to that level. But thanks a lot, Big Bang Productions, it’s almost as if these people actually want their viewers to regret the day they tuned into their plays so yes, enjoy your moment of triumph because you’ve mastered the art of ruining a decent play- I hope you’re happy now!

So right now the play is all about a deranged madman who has his whole susraal wrapped around his little finger. The honeymoon period is over and Hamza has made it to Zohaib’s office and if you ask me, even Zohaib’s character is not as likeable as it used to be- so much for being the man of the house! Zohaib’s decisions lack foresight and are way too hasty for someone who assumed the responsibility of running the house at a young age. Hamza wants to destroy the whole family in every way possible and is getting every opportunity to do so. Dua tried to knock some sense into Zohaib but to no avail. I have been raving about Zohaib’s gentlemanly ways since the beginning but if he truly loves Dua, he should consider her views and give importance to what she has to say. Dua has been voicing her concerns ever since Hamza entered Arsala’s life but Zohaib has taken no notice of her apprehension.

Pasha Sahab is obviously very concerned about his daughter and I understand and feel for his helplessness- too bad there’s not much he can do to rescue his daughter!

I am finding it hard to buy the fact that Zohaib couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Hamza crashing the car into him. The whole scene just didn’t feel right to me and following that, whatever happened totally changed the course of the play and that too for the worse! It was just last week that I was appreciating the fact that they gave us a headstrong female character in the form of Dua but seems like tareef raas nahe ayi in ko! I can think of a million ways the story could’ve progressed in a decent yet engaging way but this latest obsession with molestation is totally beyond my comprehension. Armeena acted very well today and I felt a lot for Dua but needless to say, this is not how we wanted to see Dua- not so weak and vulnerable. I sincerely advise all drama makers to get over Chup Raho, or all the abuse-based plays for that matter.

The best twist would’ve been Hamza falling in love with Arsala and moving on in the true sense- my wishful thinking! I guess I should have known better than to expect a decent twist from a play produced by Big Bang.

Even though it was nearly impossible for me to spot something positive after the heinous development, I’d say that Arsala’s concern for her brother was very sweet.

I am greatly disturbed by the latest episode. What do you have to say about this episode? Please voice your views!

Maryam Mehdi




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