Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 15 Story Review – Superb

Opening Thoughts – Superb:

Ohkay so, this was one of the most interesting episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, probably because they took us deeper into Sameer’s past & his life with his step mother Samiya. Ishq Zahe Naseeb happens to be one such drama which has some amazing & phenomenal performances to its credit. All the actors are performing brilliantly & are outdoing themselves. I love how subtly such strong emotions are conveyed that without even needing them to say a word, we are getting to understand the unheard feelings. Props to the director for bringing out such brilliant performances to our TV screens & dealing with such a subject in such an intricate yet clear manner. Superb!

Gauhar Is Curious:

Gauhar has made up her mind about Sameer. It is nice to see from Sameer’s perspective that he has unconsciously earned himself a supporter in the form of Gauhar who thinks twice before doubting him or judging him based on the rumors spread about him. Sameer was just being nice to her in the beginning but then he started developing feelings for Gauhar, which she obviously doesn’t know of yet. Gauhar on her own has observed Sameer closely, that is why she feels he is not what the world thinks he is & that is why she tries to dwell more into his past to actually understand him more. Gauhar’s curious nature is one of my favorite aspects about her character. I also like how Gauhar is not afraid of losing anything, she is curious & she doesn’t settle for mere stories till she herself uncovers what she wants to know. This is the reason why Gauhar has succeeded in learning more about Sameer even though she has been told a lot of times to mind her own business. Gauhar is not scared of the consequences, she knows she is just doing all of this out of goodwill for Sameer’s sake that is why she continues to cross the boundaries!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 15 Story Review - Superb

Samiya’s conversation with the doctor was interesting. The doctor ended the conversation by saying that Sameer will get to deal with this issue the day he will start acknowledging the fact that this is actually the issue & not something that he should be comfortable with. What I love the most about Ishq Zahe Naseeb & Sameer’s track is that the writer has not shown Sameer as a villain or someone who is scary. In fact it has been shown that Sameer is someone who needs love & comfort. The way they have shown Sameer’s character makes you warm up to him because despite dealing with multiple personality disorder, he on his own is a thorough gentleman who would go out of the way for the people he holds high regard of. I really like that the writer has shown different aspects of Sameer’s life & all those reasons which resulted in Sameer developing multiple personality disorder.

In all those scenes where they introduced Shakira, they did show that she had that kind of personality which left a long-lasting impression on Sameer when he was a child. Shakira has been shown to the viewers as a twisted character but I really like how over the episodes & in this one especially, it was shown that Sameer sees her as sa figure of comfort from his past which was dark & horrid. Sameer, at that tender age could obviously not see or understand Shakira’s twisted personality but why he has imbibed her personality in him is because for him, she was someone who comforted him when he was all alone after his mother left & step-mother stepped in. I loved watching how they untied this knot in this episode. Shakira on her own obviously was not the ideal person to be around any child but yes, she was good to Sameer, she didn’t hurt him emotionally or physically, she spent time with him, that is why Sameer finds repose in her, he likes that time when he is with her, or her idea. I must say, the attention to detail in Ishq Zahe Naseeb is of some other level. Ever wonder why Shakira is always shown dressed in black & red when she comes to see Sameer? That is because she wore the same dress when Shakira actually bid goodbye to Sameer when Samiya told her to leave. Sameer captured that image of her in his mind & ever since, he sees or imagines her exactly like that. Beautiful!

Sameer’s step-mother Samiya is obviously keeping tabs on Sameer. She is twisted & she obviously is obsessed with Sameer, probably because she knows she has nowhere to go or she has no one to call a family. Samiya doesn’t want Sameer to ever escape her or the kind of life she has designed & dictated for him, that is why she has controlled him even through those strings which Sameer has no idea of. Sameer’s secretary has also been appointed by Samiya so that she gets to know what Sameer does & how he runs the business. Samiya has so far been successful in controlling Sameer & keeping him entangled or burdened with his secrets. I feel she kinds of blackmails him as well because she knows about his multiple personality disorder & that is why Sameer just abides by her rules but I wish he finds out that she is also a part of the reason why he has been miserable.

Gauhar of all the people came across Sameer’s biological mother & she immediately recognized her, well kind of. She could not take her out of her mind & she is obviously not going to let it slide. Gauhar is curious, we know that, so I am glad she will get to the root of this & find out more about Sameer’s mother as well as Sameer. I think Samiya must’ve been responsible for Sameer’s parents drifting apart, but its too early to say anything so let’s see. I have a feeling the butler Akbar knows a lot more but he just is staying silent may be because he wants to protect Sameer or either he is too loyal to Samiya but yes, he knows a lot more. Let’s see when he will speak up!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 15 Story Review - Superb

Dunia needed some motivation in her life to overcome her condition. I will say Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan’s subtle expressions were beyond amazing in this episode. You could totally tell what was running through Dunia’s mind & how Kashif was just trying to be nice to her so that he could motivate her to get back on her feet & guess what, he did help. That scene was done nicely when Dunia started walking on her feet, it was kind of quick & out of the blue but chalo, it was nicely done. It also depicted that Dunia has developed feelings for Kashif & she wants to be the best version of herself for him. It is understated but this is how Dunia feels for him because Kashif happens to be the only person who said he respected her for who she was & what she was capable of. This was enough for Dunia to see Kashif differently & the time she has spent with him has made her feel emotionally secure. After a long time Dunia experienced what it felt like relying on someone emotionally, that is why Kashif’s presence & just the idea of him being around gave her a lot of courage & strength. This was another beautiful scenario that was covered in this episode & what made it far more special was Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan’s acting!

Closing Thoughts – Well Directed & Well Acted Drama:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was superb. I am so glad that they have started to finally reveal the secrets & the preview of the next episode looked promising too. It seems Gauhar & Kashif will finally cross paths & I can’t wait to see what happens next. Sameer is trying hard to maintain a distance from Gauhar but he can’t help himself. Another interesting aspect of this episode. Zahid Ahmed & Sonya Hussyn have been performing brilliantly but I feel this episode definitely belonged to Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan. I will say the supporting actors like Ismat Zaidi, Hajra Khan, Manzoor Qureshsi, Jinaan Hussain and others have acted brilliantly as well. Ishq Zahe Naseeb is a well-directed & well-performed script & drama. Props to the entire team. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • Brilliant review ..
    Actually m not a fan of sami khan ..but here m enjoying his scenes ..i started watching this drama because if its writer and yumna ..but literally m impressed by sami and zarnish scenes ..m enjoying there scenes more than sonia and zahid ..

    • Thank you so much. Yes, all the tracks have become quite interesting now. I also found Sameer’s track the most interesting in the initial episodes but I am glad Dunia & Kashif’s track has become promising as well.

  • Wonderful. Zahra i was waiting when would ypy mention the little details about the characters and here you go. I thoroughly love this drama, the unsaid yet understood emotions, sameer’s complicated persona, gohar’s curiosity, everyone is flawless. I m actually very attracted to mystery, strange elements, unusual vibes. This drama had me hooked from the first Picture of zahid.
    True review ZM.

    • Thank you so much Ali Haider for appreciating the review. Yes, I am so glad the writer has added such depth & detailing in every single character that it makes it so interesting to explore their personality traits. This episode in particular was superb because of that. :)

  • Nothing much happened AGAIN in this episode. Annoying. Duniya has way too much make up on. Kaashif is acting well. Introducing Sameer’s mom abruptly didn’t really fit into story.

  • Loved the episode and Zahid in the scene where he is talking to Yumna and the way he was scared at the thought of Gauhar getting harmed affected him was very good
    The preview was very exciting too

  • It was mind blowing episode of IZN. I loved the way director has given treat to this script. More complexity and intriguing have been created. Can’t wait to see what happens next when gogo aur kashif encounter. Zahid, sonya and sami have outdone themselves. Great review

  • Review perh k utna ee maza aya jitna drama dekh k….i wonder how briliant one actor can be like zahid ahmad… he has done wonders i must say..

    • Thank you so much Qudsia, it means a lot. Yes, Zahid Ahmed is a phenomenal actor. I am sure aur koi Sameer/Sameera ka character play kar hi nahi sakta tha. Too Good!

  • Great review, Zahra. This episode builds up interest again because of the mystery about Sameer’s real mother. I think sameer’s step mother played some game to get rid of his original mother and get hold of his father. She wanted the business of his father, so she got, now does not want to lose it, so she control Sameer’s every move. And sometimes i think Zoys was not killed by Sameer, but by his step mother somehow, but pretended that Sameer killed, which makes him guilt always and hard to come out from his dual personality. When Shakira was teaching life lessons to little Sameer, that may smelled by his step mother, so she removed Shakira from service, but by then Sameer understood his mother’s game fully and kept safe distance from her always. Butler might know every details and as you said, might have sympathy towards Sameer, but couldn’t do so earlier, however will come out for help when he sees Gauhar’s courage. Let’s see.
    Another track of Kahisf and Duniya is good too. However haven’t we heard that Duniya’s leg’s problem are due to bone issue like deficiency of calcium or something, the how suddenly it becomes psychological. I may be wrong in my memory. But as you said, both are doing fantastic acting and looking good together. I miss kaahif’s sister, she was unnoticed fine actress and her presence were positive vibes in Kashif’s life.

    • Yeah, the explanation given for her wheelchair was that she has Muscular dystrophy, a disease that results in increasing weakening and breakdown of skeletal muscles over time. The disorders differ in which muscles are primarily affected, the degree of weakness, how fast they worsen, and when symptoms begin. Many people will eventually become unable to walk.

      It’s a degenerative disease, you can try to ward it of as much as possible but you can’t just come back from sitting in a wheelchair for months/years. Even if it was not MD but something you can come back from her leg muscles would have been to weak to just get up and start walking, she would have had to have months of physio just to stand without support. Bit of a joke really.

  • Also, one thing i like most is that Kashif and Gauhar are just helping out Duniya and Sameer respectively, love feeling or any greed is not attached here. Both of them loved each other truly but get separated for concerning their nears and dears and this separation did not make them worse but continue their good work. They are just helping out two humans who desperately need some attention. It’s good to see their journey ahead with the feeling of the first love all the time.

  • Thanks Zahra for such a detailed review. It has become a ‘MUST’ for me to read your review after each episode otherwise I feel as something is missing. Your each and every line makes the deepest impact on the reader. Undoubtedly, watching the drama again through your eyes is really a joyful ride.

    Thanks again for the beautiful work

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