Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 6 Story Review – Great Episode

Opening Thoughts – Great Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was amazing. With this episode I feel like I can finally say that the story of this drama has begun & now we’re going to have a great time exploring all these characters in a lot more detail. There was nothing about this episode that I could fault & I had a great time watching it.

Gauhar & Kashif’s Priorities Have Changed:

Gauhar has shown to Sameer’s mother that she is here to stay. She will abide by the rules & do beyond what is expected from her. Gauhar is taking this job as an escape from her bitter reality, which is far from the kind of dreams she used to dream for herself. This escape has not only forced Gauhar to keep her mind off, but it has also instilled a sense of responsibility in her because the thought of the fact that she has to pay her father’s debt doesn’t slip from her mind too. These are the reasons why despite so many restrictions, Gauhar has not even thought about leaving this job for once. Everything about this house & family is strange, it is odd, there are a million reasons for Gauhar to leave & never look back but she has decided to stay because she is desperate for this opportunity.

Gauhar continued to learn more & more about Sameer’s family & then she also kept on finding out that there were so many secrets that this family had. Gauhar is putting up a brave face in front of her family & it was nice to see her playing all cute & sweet in front of Jahangir & his mother. Gauhar has now started to play quite a lot of roles. At her work, she is mature, authoritative & focused, at home, she is observant & courteous, in front of her fiance, she is just keeping it simple & sweet but deep down, she can not stand him. Gauhar’s journey so far has been quite interestingly told, where things have totally happened opposite to what she had imagined but still, she is not complaining.

Kashif has finally started to make an impact on his boss as well. She was trying very hard to not really give him any kind of importance, or make him feel that his opinion was welcomed. Kashif let her know that he was far more capable than she had imagined & he was better than her previous employees who she fired left, right & center. Kashif was not only perseverant, but he was focused on doing his job well. Kashif’s thought process, his priorities, everything has totally changed. The Kashif who was dreaming about his marriage is now focusing on the reality that he has his sister to marry & take care of two younger sisters too. Kashif has also become quite responsible & this break up is actually turning out to be the reason behind Gauhar & Kashif’s mental & emotional growth.

Sameer has strictly ordered that no one is supposed to disturb him when he is in his room, but Gauhar couldn’t care less. She was only concerned about his mother & her condition. Gauhar took a decision on her own & she had no idea what the consequences were going to be. Once again, Gauhar underestimated the strangeness of these family members because she assumed Sameer will actually thank her for saving his mother’s life but instead, he punished her for going against the rules. Gauhar couldn’t believe what had just happened but then, she actually didn’t know that for Sameer, his rules were more important than his mother. In this episode, nothing much was shown about Sameer’s second personality but the focus on Gauhar & Kashif’s track was done well which made this episode interesting.

Closing Thoughts – Substance:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was very good & it did feel like finally we’re getting to see some substance in the story. The preview of the next episode once again promised a lot more drama & unveiling of some secrets, which I am sure is going to be a lot more interesting too. Sonya Hussyn, Sami Khan, Khalid Malik & Zahid Ahmed are performing brilliantly. Ismat Zaidi usually plays the role of a sweet mother but it is good to see her in this kind of character where she is rigid & authoritative. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • It was a good episode. Wanted to know how Sameera killed Zoha but they haven’t shown so far this. By the way, it was fine episode which led story forward. Hopefully, it would have more to offer in the time to come. Baqi Cheekh ki last 2 episodes.

  • it was good episode I like the way he went all the way to the hospital to slap Gauhar, little does she know that he is waiting for his mother to die, I liked the book Gauhar was reading, I wanted her to carry on, she’s a good reader, but I was thinking what is the point of a few paragaraphs she should have said a few pages at least, she even missed them too by falling asleep
    lovely review as usual

  • Good review, Zahra. The scene i like most was, Gauhar running at the back of Jehangir, pretending to hit him when he says pakore with tea. So far, Sami Khan, Sonya Husaain & Khalid Malik were outstanding.

  • Thank u for the review. The show is really good. As the palmist had said, Gauhar and Kashif are facing similar situation.