Izteraab – Episode 08!

Ohkay, kind of a slow episode but still better in terms of a progress in the story. Actors have played their parts really well but I am kind of concerned for the young girl playing the character of Sofia. I know she is just acting but I am concerned as to what she is learning during this whole experience of acting in a drama. As one of the dear readers raised a question & a valid one that we’ve started to see a lot of child artists being involved in the dramas, where they are a part of the family issues too no matter how big or complex. Even though the kids are just doing their bits in acting but other than that, they are real people with innocent minds who are open to all sort of things that come their way. The way the director has made Sofia act like an angry girl who’s upset all the time, I hope she ain’t taking anything related to this role with her. I think it’s a high time that the kids are left out of these so-called ‘family dramas’ & are not involved into all this because even then the young viewers get attracted to seeing their age fellows in the dramas & that starts another cycle of bad influence.

Coming onto the drama, Jazid has finally understood that his kids are not Dua’s responsibility. Finally we can see Dua ke parathay burps k saath saath rang bhi la rahay hain. He was clear about this fact that he & Zara need to sort out their issues to think better for the kids. Jazib showed a lot of concern for Dua & her career as a teacher. Wasn’t Jazib always upset with Zara because of her being so career-oriented? So, why all of a sudden he reminded Dua worriedly that this is just a beginning of her career & she needs to focus more on it. Just because he heard Dua say that this job is not her priority, he is happy that the moment he will wave a flag, she’ll leave the job & run towards him & just because he didn’t get this edge from Zara that he was her priority & her career wasn’t, he was seen upset & complained about thick edges of the roti all the time.

I don’t really know why but I feel Zara’s character in the beginning was better. It is definitely appreciable that she tries to talk Sofia out of hatred that she feels for Dua but on the other hand Zara needs to understand that Sofia is under the clear impression of how Zara herself treats Dua, how she misbehaves & looks down at her, that’s why this is exactly what Sofia does with Dua too. Zara needs to understand that the change in her attitude will allow the kids to look past the hatred & they will then accept Dua as well. I felt the way Dua stood up for herself was something good. She now has to make sure that she isn’t run over or bossed around by anyone because she has a self-respect too.

Zara has finally found out that the tumour which she was ignoring has now taken a form of a lethal disease. Zara told her friend that she found out about the tumour when Tabrez was 6 months old & I am assuming back then Zara & Jazib must’ve had a pretty healthy relationship because they had just welcomed their baby boy, so was it really possible that Zara hid her condition from Jazib, & if she actually did, what was she thinking? Weren’t they so much in love that Jazib was oblivious of what his wife was going through, despite it being a minor thing? I think the way they have ignored the part of showing us how & WHY they actually grew out of each other, raises a lot of question & makes certain things a lot more blurry. We get to see Jazib & Zara holding hands, strolling like a happy couple whenever Zara goes into her past, so when she has good memories, what actually was the reason that they both ended up separated? I think it must be Jazib’s fixation to patli roti then which made Zara detest & loathe him because other than that I don’t see any valid reason for them being so unhappy with each other?

Let’s find out what happens next.

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