Izteraab – Episode 13!

Ohkay, finally I can sense that this drama is on it’s way to an end & I hope it happens in another couple of episodes because I see no point in dragging such a story.

As much as I have been irritated by the boldness of Sofia’s character & the choices the writer has made in regards to her role, I wish where they have shown a 12 y/o being involved in a questionable flick, I hope they also had shown someone smacking her face, either Jazib, Zara or Dua so that her batameezi could subside. I am sorry but this little lady is a pain to watch & I will make sure I don’t follow any of the dramas in which she has a role to play. I know she’s playing a character of a girl who comes from a broken family but this just does not justify that a girl resorts to such stuff at such a young age. If the writer had nothing better to show then she should’ve opted for a girl who was at least in high-school or let’s say was 16 years of age because that still makes some sense but to show a girl who hasn’t even stepped into teenage years & is worried more about some guy thinking she can do whatever she wants, is a sick mentality & I feel the writer should reflect on the choices she makes while writing the scripts & should definitely be ashamed of giving such a twist to Sofia’s character.

Jazib is also a depiction of those weak men that frequent our TV screens every single day. I think he was having pre-withdrawal symptoms of Zara therefore he managed to overlook the past & was amazed at how amazing Zara was. It’s kind of upsetting to see such men having a win-win situation in the most nastiest of the circumstances. He has a young wife who takes care of his family & food & home, so that he gets the time to rekindle the feelings that he omce had for his first wife. A little sympathy does make some sense but those glances & gasps, that speechlessness because of Zara’s beauty was uncalled for.

Good for Zara that she is getting the attention that she wanted but it was ridiculous that she snatched that sweet moment & turned it into a complaint box regarding Dua. I even got to hear Jazib say that Zara has brought up their kids well & I am questioning the judgment of Jazib because we can clearly see how much of a good job Zara has done with Sofia especially. One thing I just couldn’t understand was the turn that Zara’s character took because the same day when Sofia was planning to hang out with her friends, Zara & Jazib were gone for dinner but the same night when Sofia went & confessed her feelings, Zara had a scarf wrapped around her head? That just didn’t make any sense but then it shows that the director is in a rush to end the drama so it comes as a good sign!

This time around I actually felt bad for Dua that no matter how hard she tries, she can never earn the respect of Zara but then after watching next episode’s preview, I think Zara will finally surrender & will confess her fears to Dua which for her sake I hope happens soon. Over all this has been a very average drama which makes me feel that if this drama wasn’t produced, we weren’t missing out on something big. Share your views on this episode.

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