Izteraab – Episode 14!

I think it’s about time that the viewers are set free from this izteraab ASAP. They’ve pretty much done everything they could & have told us everything related to this dysfunctional family, so yes, we totally understand how things are going to roll, so it would be better if the camera rolled quickly & the drama ends because there’s no point in stretching the play.

It was good to see Jazib in this episode, just as a reminder that it’s his family who’s going through all this. I just didn’t really get how they made the surroundings of a potentially dead person so easy going like people especially Jazib doesn’t seem really bothered about Zara. Dua is just focusing more on serving juices to Zara & Zara’s main focus is on making Dua’s life hell till she lasts. Sorry to say but if we look at the bigger picture, it’s about time that we should be feeling sympathy for Zara’s character but sadly her scenes are nothing but a pain to watch.

Once again, I am kind of questioning the approach of the script because seems like Sofia was the lead actress & every actor around her was playing a supporting role because this kid has gotten a lot more coverage than required. They pretty much showed that Dua has won the kids over so there was no need to convince us with some more drama related to the questionable choices made by Sofia. Dua helped her & Sofia has become a fan. Not that it was necessary but if they showed how Dua helped Sofia, then they should’ve stopped right there. I just don’t get that a woman who is dying & is pretty much aware of it is not doing anything to subside her anger & agitation. Very conveniently Zara blames Dua for all the wrong things that have happened in her life & to her kids, so I think considering the few days Zara’s left with, she must reflect on the choices she made through out her life rather than just bursting out in anger every single time at Dua for the things she ain’t even responsible for.

It’s a high time that Zara should in literal sense start picking up the pieces & do what she can to spend some time with her family but all that we see her doing is spending some time with her friend & then watching some TV programs. She’s lethargic, we get it but from where does she get all the energy to shout at Dua? Zara already knew that Sofia got involved in something big so why didn’t she take hold of the situation straight away? Now when Dua seems to have tackled the issue perfectly, Zara still has found another reason to bring her down.

I feel the drama should end because it’s like they’re just beating around the bush without coming to a proper ending. Going by the preview, Dua still has some wits & time left to make Zara happy which she clearly can not, so in stead of trying to show that Dua made some efforts, they should wrap the story nicely by showing the efforts made by Zara to help Dua bond well with her kids as she’s going to live with them from now on rather than becoming a seemingly painful liability on them till her last breath. Share your views on the episode.

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