Izteraab Episode 2 – Imli Ki Chutney!

Aha! I’ve got news for my regular readers, I’ve got a naim-o-badal for Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai in the form of Izteraab. Can’t wait to share some therapeutic laughing fits with you all.

Jazib is a cocky prude who finds it really hard if a roti has thick corners & is rolled a bit thinly in the middle. He can’t do without Imli ki chutney even if it costs him his molar (tooth). Sorry, but I find Jazib more annoying. I agree that he has told Zara a lot of times that she doesn’t need to go out of the house to earn a living but I think it’s his duty to make her realize it that too gently & politely. He needs to make it all worth giving a shot & needs to make it appealing that if she stays at home, it would benefit them both. But the way he shoots her with tauntful arrows, any girl would run away & would find peace in the hours away from home. He is one of those annoying husbands who are not only glutton & foody but are also annoying eaters who find it really hard to appreciate what they are served with at the dining table. He must be sleeping when his parents & teachers were teaching him ethics all his life.

What’s with Dua’s fixation to J for Jazib & J for Jee. If they want to throw reality on us then Dua should’ve addressed him as Jazib Bhai because I have seen so many girls who in their wildest dreams had never thought they’d get married to their cousins who they had all their life referred to as XYZ BHAI but the moment the wedding was fixed, Bhai word was thrown out of the window. I feel it would’ve looked more realistic to show that Dua had no intention of that sorts but it was Jazib who started getting swayed by her cooking command but right now it looks that Khala has very tactfully trained her bholi Dua to impress the bhukkar Jazib.

I think we are going to see a lot of conversations in this drama happening around the dining table where the point of discussion would start off with parathas, then go on to gulabi chai, then allu k pakore then imli ki chutney. Ohkay fine, we get it! Zara ain’t a good cook & Dua can cook everything she can even evaporate a married man’s relationship with his wife, she is that good of a cook but what’s the point of making a point again & again where Jazib mentions a single thing & Dua scurries to the kitchen as a short order cook. If she is so passionate about it, why not just stay in the kitchen then!

They may want to establish the fact that Zara is falling short on her responsibilities but I feel she is trying really hard to keep everything intact. They have shown a fact brilliantly that people take career-oriented women as heartless & emotionless whereas despite the fact that they are strong headed, they need moral & emotional support too. They long for some appreciative words but here seems like Jazib prefers Paratha over Partner. They may want to show that working women are weak & are a bad mother & wife but sorry I side with Zara completely. Jazib’s being a pain & why does he always think that by openly taunting & comparing Zara to Dua, he can getaway from the mess by giving it a name of a joke. Whatever he said about Dua wasn’t just a mere joke but it was coming straight from his heart. He didn’t even have a courtesy to keep his feelings to himself but blurted everything out in front of Naani & even his Khala. Khala waisay to bari samajhdaar banti hain but in baton pe gugu kyu ban jati hain? Can’t she see Dua’s being over attentive towards Jazib & even if she scolded her, Dua’s frowning face was enough of an evidence to show Khala what her real feelings for Jazib are. Sorry, I am not buying this bhola-pan of Dua that she herself doesn’t know what her feelings are, no one in this date is such a gaye (except Romaisa of Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai, of course)!!!

Let’s wait for the next episode to find out what else does Jazib like to eat & what else can Dua cook for her Jazib JEEEEE!!!

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