Jackson Heights – Episode 04!

Ohkay, before talking about this episode, to be honest I’d straight away say that I am looking forward to the next episode because the preview seemed a tad bit interesting. I think the director & the writer have taken a lot of time in unwinding the plot & right now it’s only coming across as if they are focusing on the issues people face in their day-to-day lives, without moving the story forward.

The only subtle revelation in this episode was about Salma where she clearly looked uncomfortable at the mention of domestic violence & later avoided the conversation about the subject, which was enough to let us know that she must be facing more or less the same situation in her own personal life. Salma has actually started to enjoy the conversations she once in a while has with Imran Bhatti because till now as much as she knows about him, only she was able to understand that he didn’t seem himself & was actually engrossed in his own thoughts.

Jamshed finally managed to arrange his trip to America & it was kind of heavy seeing his grandmother seeing him off. All her conversations only depicted how sad she is & how much she misses her son Imran but she’s helpless & can’t do much about it, that’s why the least she could do was to bind Jamshed in a promise of his return so at least she can have a sense of assurance of some sort.

Tanya was pretty direct in speaking to Michelle about her future plans but surprisingly Michelle bluntly told her that Rizwan is nothing more than a friend to her, which I doubt because whenever he speaks on those lines; instead of snubbing him right away she comfortably ignores those hints & that doesn’t do any good because if we go by their age, I really don’t think Michelle is at that stage in her life where she can dodge the bullet by keeping those things unanswered. As much as we’ve seen her, she’s very straight forward & doesn’t believe in beating around the bush, so why is it that despite knowing what Rizwan feels for her, she hasn’t been able to give him a clear cut answer in negation? I think Michelle’s being unfair to Rizwan where she isn’t giving a name to their relation & yet she expects everyone to see them as just friends.

Imran Bhatti’s obviously dealing with a lot in his personal life too & yes, he’s clearly stuck with Cathy because her testimony also counts in the hearing for his immigration. For the first time, instead of random babbling, he gave voice to his problems in front of Salma by sugar-coating a lot of things that Cathy puts him up with. I thought his mother doesn’t know about his marriage but to my surprise, seems like she not only knows but has accepted Imran’s marriage to a an American woman & a mother of two.

The good part about this episode were the conversations where they tried to show that no matter how hard people try, the life in such countries is a lot more difficult but people back home hardly understand the pressures their family members are facing while making a living in such a place. Each one of them seems to be occupied in some sort of a struggle but they try to snatch every possible moment that gives them relief & is a chance to unwind with a new-found or an old endeared friend. Share your thoughts on this episode please.

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