Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 01!

Just one word for the very first episode of Sadqay Tumharay; BRILLIANT. I am sure everyone here would agree that this drama has had a great start. Writing of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar & direction of Ehtashamuddin; Sadqay Tumhare hit our TV screens tonight with a bang & I must say, the very first episode was nothing short of perfection.

‘Uske mangetar ka naam Khay se shuru hota hai, aur wo samajhti hai ke aggar Khay aur Sheen mai Wao likhoongi, to lagega hum dono ke darmiyaan deewar khari ho gai hai’. This perfectly sums up Shano’s (Mahira Khan) frame of mind where she is in love with the promise that her grandfather did on her behalf, sealing her fate with her cousin Khalil (Adnan Malik). The engagement that was verbally announced more than 10 years ago is enough of a reason for Shano to cling onto the rope of love. When you’re in love, you do everything in your control to protect it & unwillingly you harbour such superstitions which whenever prevented make you feel that your relation is secure. When in love; you want to do those little things which might be misunderstood but give you a great sense of assurance that you’re not falling short of your responsibility towards your relation & just like a hopeless romantic, Shano – without knowing a bit about her fiancé Khalil, is in love with the idea of being engaged to him & yes, she is in love with everything related to him.


Little does she know that her parents (Samiya Mumtaz & Rehan Shiekh) are in no mood to rekindle the promise that Shano’s grandfather made to Khalil’s parents regarding their engagement but Shano’s father still seems a bit considerate where he thinks it would be appropriate to know what’s in Shano’s heart because she already knows that she’s betrothed to Khalil.

Another opportunity has presented itself where everyone will gather for a family wedding & just like what Shano has been doing in the past, she feels she must attend the wedding just in a hope that her fiancé might show up there. Khalil, has never thought much about her fiancée because he seems too preoccupied in his routine & to him; for now- this verbal commitment means nothing but he doesn’t know his life’s about to be changed & Shano has unknowingly played a role in bringing him to her, where I must admit I loved the telepathic aspect of their relation because it depicts a love of some other sort; unconditional & a purest form of love.

I enjoyed all the conversations that Shano had with her friend Humaira (Sanya Shamshad). Humaira only knows what Shano’s going through & just like a sincere friend, she feels all she can do is; say a special prayer for Shano so that she doesn’t return disappointed this time around. In such a difficult time when you feel your heart might stop, such a heart-warming gesture from a friend gives you exactly the hope that you’re looking for.


‘Abb surkhi powder ki zaroorat nahi hai usay, dekhoge na to heran reh jaoge’. On the other hand, Khalil’s cousin Maqsood (Shamil Khan) tries to tell Khalil all that he knows about Shano while giving him an idea that his fiancée is picture perfect. He genuinely feels it’s about time that Khalil fulfils his promise & gets to interact with Shano because he has seen the ardency in her eyes for Khalil. That was another conversation that seemed very heartfelt & genuine because Maqsood is mature enough to know that no matter what this engagement means to Khalil, Shano has bet her life on it.

I must say the direction was top-notch & all the added scenes completed the episode perfectly. No other location could’ve done justice to this story & I feel the director has been able to capture the essence of it undoubtedly. I loved the soundtrack & I feel with this drama, HUM’s on its way to redemption. I totally feel that the whole cast was chosen perfectly because everyone seems really comfortable in their characters. Sanya Shamshad looked perfect in her supporting role. Farhaan Ali Agha seemed perfect as a father. Samiya Mumtaz is a fine actress & Rehan Sheikh’s acting is known to everyone, however I do feel he shouldn’t have forced the harshness in his voice & I hope that it’d subside in the future episodes. & now coming onto our protagonists, to be honest I wasn’t sure about Adnan Malik but seeing him as Khalil, has really changed my preconceived notions about him & his acting. & yes, that goes without saying that Mahira Khan actually looks really pretty as Shano. It looks like she has put in a lot of effort to portray herself as Shano & match the age of her character & yes; I must say she has been able to do achieve the look perfectly. I also see a lot of improvement in her accent, in her acting & I am really looking forward to her story because without a doubt, she has been able to convey the crux of her character right from the beginning.

Being a love-story buff myself, I say everyone who loves love-stories should brace themselves because as said by HUM, we’re about to experience a timeless love story. *fingers crossed* :)
Share your thoughts on this episode please. :)

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PS: I am covering for my dear friend Fatima Awan as she had to attend a family function tonight. Do look out for her comments in the comments section below & look forward to her amazing reviews starting from the 2nd episode. :)

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