Jackson Heights – Episode 18!

Can someone tell me what has gone into Michelle? She told Rizwan that she has let go of the fear of being deceived but now when I come to think of it, she was better off with that fear because she saved herself from a lot of hassle that’s now ready to make its way into her life. I mean I seriously cannot relate & understand the reason why Michelle fell for a guy like Jamshed. He had an ulterior motive of trapping her, we know that but what did Michelle see in this guy that she couldn’t see in Rizwan, a guy that’s suitable for her & compatible with her on so many levels? Like I always complain about the lack of emotional quotient in this drama, these recent turn of events in Michelle/Jamshed track force me to say that again. They haven’t given us anything which can convince us or let us know the reason behind this level of trust Michelle has in Jamshed? She is choosing to ignore her two loyal long-time friends Rizwan & Adnan for the sake of a guy who just made an entry into her life may be a month ago? Everyone else can see that Jamshed isn’t as nice as he poses to be but why is Michelle so blind? I mean if she was a 16 y/o I would’ve given her a benefit of doubt but a divorcee in her 40’s who has gone through a bitter betrayal in her life is turning out to be so naive & gullible that it just doesn’t make any sense.

Finally, Bhatti let the secret out. He is in love & he is not ashamed of admitting it. I am glad that he took situation in his hands & gave it back to Sikandar because he deserved it. If Bhatti had spoken to Salma without doing such a thing, she would’ve shooed the thought away but now when she saw how Bhatti had taken a stand for her & the trouble he went through just for her sake, it was enough for her to realize how serious he is for her. Amina Shiekh has for sure surprised me with her effortless acting. I am glad that the emotionally incapable Salma isn’t now afraid of letting go of her emotions, she cries, she complains, she reasons & she gives words to her thoughts, which is exactly what I wanted to see in her character & now I like her character a lot because I feel now I can connect to her.

Too bad that Cathy is now trying to salvage the already wrecked marriage because it’s too late. Once again, I don’t understand why is she doing this because to be honest, I didn’t understand what her issues with Bhatti were to begin with? Ever since the beginning, she was unhappy & indifferent but all of a sudden, just a sight of Bhatti & Salma in one frame shook her so bad that she has completely changed & that doesn’t make sense at all. Why she was like that before & why is she trying so hard now? All I knew about her was that she didn’t love her husband but to see the emotion of love, affection & concern she is showing for Bhatti just doesn’t come across as genuine as it should’ve been because we haven’t seen proper ground of her story.

I am glad Aliya is there to knock some sense into Salma. Yes, Salma is afraid of burdening herself more because she already has a lot to deal with & she is fine as far as she knows that being in this relation stops people from being judgmental. Salma is well aware of the fact that this marriage has given her nothing but she is happy with the tag that has come with it because it somehow makes her feel protected. Yes, Salma is independent but she just doesn’t want to get judged, which is why just the thought of her being with Bhatti reduced her to tears as she thinks she doesn’t have any courage left in her to deal with this. I feel the conversation that Aliya had with Salma will prove to be a turning point in her life because it will compel Salma to think on those lines that she has been trying to avoid.

Yes, the episode was interesting & somehow happening too. Isn’t it odd that Marina Khan’s hair colour keeps on changing; in one scene it’s her natural grey hair & in the other it becomes brown which is more like an attempt to make her look younger in the frames she share with Jamshed? I wish the drama makers had taken care of such a basic thing because it somehow sheds a light on lack of attention to detail may be? Anyways, this episode was good & I am glad to know that the drama will end after giving us some good episodes. Share your thoughts please.

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