Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 15!

Khalil may not be Abdur Rehman’s real son but to him, Khalil is more than that, which is why he is doing everything he can to bring Shano & Khalil together. Like Amin said, Abdur Rehman is a resourceful person & he proved Amin right by having that inspector picked & thrown into the prison just because he dared torturing Khalil. Abdur Rehman is past that stage where he would think about rekindling an old affair. He’s done with his past & is now thinking like a considerate father who takes pride in fulfilling his responsibility as a parent, whereas Rasheeda hasn’t come out of the trance of those few moments that she spent with Abdur Rehman decades ago as his fiancée & that is why, she is hell-bent on making him suffer. Rasheeda’s plans are simple; if she can’t have him, she will go to any extreme to torture him even at an expense of her own flesh & blood & that can’t be helped because she has come a long way & has nurtured her hatred so much that it has gone beyond Rasheeda’s control too.

Khalil like always stood by his stand of not maligning Shano’s name just because he wanted to be with her but it took a detailed discussion with Doctor & Bakhtiyaar for him to understand what Shano, his mother & everyone around him must be going through. ‘Mohabbat nahi haray gi, mohabbat nahi tootay gi lekin mohabbat karne wala haar bhi jata hai aur toot bhi’. The message & its purpose were loud & clear. Khalil needs to understand that Rasheeda is someone who would never budge & that is why he has to come up with solutions of getting Shano out of that misery she goes through every single day. It looked like Khalil didn’t know much about his biological father & his elder siblings because their mention shook him & the way he was stunned guaranteed his oblivion. Doctor told him the right thing at a right time because for Khalil, his mother & then Shano are everything & just because he heard what his mother had gone through, he decided to put an end to this misery by agreeing to get what belongs to him & that is Shano.

Inayat has gone through so much in her life that now the last thing she wants is to see her son getting abused & tortured on daily basis that too because of Rasheeda as she is one way or the other related to what Khalil has to go through. I loved the conversation between mother & son; Inayat & Khalil. I actually love the bond both Abdur Rehman & Inayat share with Khalil. They understand him, they support him & when they know he is going to take care of things he’s supposed to, they don’t bound him with unreasonable promises & blackmailing. They are there for him & that is why Khalil seems focused on Shano as he knows that he has a strong backing of his parents.

I was relieved that things were back to normal between Shano & Humaira. They both share such a strong bond that I would’ve hated seeing a dent in their friendship. Humaira knows what her mother was going through because her uncle was in jail but she decided to support Shano like she always has because she knows that it was her cousin & then her uncle who were wrong & Khalil only did what was right because he couldn’t see anyone defaming Shano shamelessly that too in front of him. I loved the way Humaira asked Shano to not attend the reception of her brother because she knew that her mother would put Shano in an awkward position by asking her for a favour & she didn’t want that to happen because for Humaira, Shano & Khalil are more important & she understands & supports them like a true & genuine friend.

Well, it goes without saying that Rasheeda is despicable & Amin is gullible. I actually feel for Amin a lot because he has been a faithful husband to his wife. He not only loves Rasheeda truly but trusts her blindly too & because of this, he doesn’t deserve to be cheated upon. I found Amin as a very liberal husband because he has allowed Rasheeda to speak openly about her past & I thought it just didn’t affect him but the way he questioned her, it showed that he is hurt & deep down he feels that Rasheeda is still in love with Abdur Rehman. No matter how much lie she spews but still there is some insecurity that pinches Amin & that is why he reassures her time & again as to how much he loves & supports her because he just doesn’t want to lose her. Amin can clearly see the suffering of his daughter but he chooses to turn his back on Shano & side with his wife because he just can’t help it as he actually loves her which to be honest, Rasheeda doesn’t deserve.

It only took a second for Shano to decipher that whatever Rasheeda said about Abdur Rehman was nothing but a lie. Rasheeda obviously felt she would lose this one because Shano knows her too well & that is why she did what she can to keep things under her control. It was obviously an alarming moment for Rasheeda when she got to know that Shano doesn’t believe in what she said & this could clearly result in losing Amin’s vote of confidence & that is why she decided to put Shano through more torture because Shano’s honesty could cost her, her whole plan. I felt for Shano a lot when she sat on her bed with an expression of disbelief on her face, it was like for the first time Shano felt helpless & she saw that the last ember of hope she was clinging onto disappeared & now there was nothing left. No hope, nothing but only helplessness.

It seems like the next episode would be happening like this one too. Finally Shano & Khalil are going to face their worst fears & those plans that Abdur Rehman has fabricated for them. This episode for sure belonged to Rasheeda & to be more precise – Samiya Mumtaz. I think no other actress could’ve done justice to the role of Rasheeda because she has a perfect face for it. She carries a calm & genteel facade but deep down, there’s a volcano of hatred that’s gushing through her thoughts every single time & the way Samiya Mumtaz has painted it on screen is commendable. I loved this episode as it was perfect & kept my interest intact from beginning till the end, it was ‘intense’ & I’m sure all the upcoming episodes will be exactly the same. I just so can’t wait to find out what happens next. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sadqay Tumhare. :)

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