Jackson Heights – Episode 19!

Hmmm, so after two good episodes back to back, this one seemed a lot less interesting. Except for a few bits & bobs, I didn’t enjoy this episode much as it now seems repetitive & looks like there’s nothing much left in this drama.

Is it just me or Michelle looked really stupid when she went on & on & on about how good Jamshed was & how perfectly she knows him in & out because I still believe that if Michelle was a 20 y/o, it would’ve made sense that she was incapable of judging people accurately but unfortunately, a women of her age doesn’t look good being so desperate that she didn’t even resist or didn’t think things through properly before going out with a guy half her age. Rizwan told her to be free but he didn’t advise her to become stupid. Yes, we understand that Jamshed charmed his way into Michelle’s life but I still don’t find it realistic that it only took him a couple of months to woo Michelle so easily that she now can’t see through his cunningness. In the beginning I thought there was something mysterious about Michelle’s character but as the episodes progressed & now when the drama’s about to end, I am pretty sure it wasn’t a mystery but is a clear case of lack of substance because the writer didn’t add any detailing in her character. Was it really necessary to show that any random guy can have an upper-hand in fooling any woman & she will blindly follow? I expected better from Vasay Chaudhry!

Another superficial & bland character of this serial is Cathy. We have no idea as to why she was so ticked off with Bhatti initially when he was still loyal to her & now why does she want to bind him in a relation when he has actually fallen in love with someone else? Either she clearly has some mental issues or she’s a victim of bad script writing as well. There was absolutely nothing in this whole serial that could’ve given us an insight into their actual problems but we all had to do our guesswork & it still doesn’t seem to be working because we don’t know what her issues were/are? She is now trying to walk an extra mile for Bhatti when she has seen that he’s slipping away, so why didn’t she show a little bit of interest in him or in their relationship before? By the way, any idea where Mark or Lizzie are? What was their contribution in this serial? I am sure if they had subtracted Cathy’s children, it wouldn’t have made much difference because she wasn’t clearly interested in what her kids did nor she was interested in what her husband was up to. She failed as a mother & a wife – for the reasons best known to the writer of course.

Finally, fortunately & thankfully, Salma has found a much needed strength to deal with the parasites in her life. She sat down, took a moment & tried to figure everything out because it’s a high time she does that. Yes, Aliya must take a bow for helping Salma understand the situation better because she has given everything she could to Tai Jee, Sikandar & even Imaan but now it was important that she gave herself a priority & took a few necessary steps. I just don’t understand what Tai Jee’s issues are, is she blind to see what sort of a human being her own son is, that she goes around judging Salma? I am actually surprised that people were rejoicing seeing Nilofer Abbasi playing a role in this drama but excuse me for saying this; not only her character is bad, her acting’s equally bad too & her odd monotone doesn’t help either.

The only scenes that I enjoyed watching in this episode were of Bhatti & Salma. I can clearly say that Amina Sheikh & Nauman Ejaz have been the saving grace of this drama because they got proper characters to portray & play whereas others’ are quite confusing & aren’t well-written. Salma’s character took it’s time to unfold but after knowing her & her story, I do feel for her. Salma’s excitement in explaining what she did was spot on, she actually achieved something because what she did was so unlike her & Bhatti’s presence caught her off guard otherwise she wouldn’t have brought herself to admit that to his face. For the first time in her life she understood what it means to be loved by someone who is ready to do everything for you. Bhatti happens to be the first person who made Salma feel special by taking a stand for her in such a way which she couldn’t have thought of in her wildest dreams & this was enough of a push for her to just go with the flow & accept what has come her way. I loved the subliminal conversation both of them had because in very simple words, they solved a very complex conundrum, I must say that conversation was well-written & those scenes were done beautifully because they managed to stir a smile on my face & yes, I’m totally rooting for Bhatti & Salma.

Yes, even though I really hate Sikandar’s character (which is supposed to make us feel that way) but I don’t really get his purpose, his story & his character. Why did he turn out to be like this? What made him become such a burden on Salma? Why did he choose such a path in his life that too after he had a daughter & married twice? That’s another character which lacks detailing in Jackson Heights. Anyways, the only interesting factor of this drama for me is Bhatti/Salma’s relationship & their track, the rest are pretty boring & have had nothing to offer right from the beginning till the end. Share your thoughts about this episode please.

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