Jugnoo – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, it was another humour filled episode of Jugnoo which showcased new set of problems that are about to enter Jugnoo’s life & that makes it engaging enough as I’m interested to know how she will deal with everything & everyone on her own.

It’s actually quite sad that as much as both Shahjahan & Jugnoo want to move out of Khala Jahangir’s house, they are forced to stick with her because of the tough circumstances. Khala Jahangir actually may pose a lot about being courteous towards her younger widow sister & her niece but in actual, she is bound to help them because going by what Jugnoo said, Shahjahan has helped Khala Jahangir’s sons in settling abroad. Khala Jahangir is someone who can never be nice to anyone but to see her tolerating both Shahjahan & Jugnoo; who she believes has a ‘das gaz lambi zubaan’ actually shows that she is indebted to them & even if she doesn’t want to help them, she can’t deny the favour Shahjahan did for her sons. It was odd to see Khala Jahangir treating Shahjahan as a substitute of Jugnoo by asking her to take care of the household chores. I actually like how easily all these ladies find a way out of everything & most of the times, how swiftly they pull themselves out of a certain situation that they don’t want to be involved in.

So, as far as Jugnoo & Zulfi’s marriage is concerned, the cat’s out of the bag now because Baba Sahab paid a visit to Zulfi with the intention of surprising his beloved son but instead he ended up getting the biggest surprise & a shock of his life. Baba Sahab obviously has double standards because on one hand he suggested that Zulfi should’ve treated Jugnoo as a time pass & on the other he cannot accept a divorcee as his daughter in law. He may allow Zulfi to befriend as many girls as he likes but he hasn’t given him an edge to marry a girl of his choice because like a typical patriarch, his daughter-in-law’s family background & status means a lot to Baba Sahab.

I must say I like Jugnoo’s character for the fact that even though her life has never been smooth, she never lets anything knock her down. She always holds her head high & is always ready to fight with anything odd that comes her way. She may go on an emotional spree every time but she snaps out of it pretty quickly & buckles herself up to face the new challenge every day. Zulfi may be smitten with his wife & even though Jugnoo knows she can depend on him to some extent, she has already learned the truth that she will have to bring Baba Sahab down all by herself because Zulfi won’t back her up in this fight as he can’t utter a single word in front of his father. I really thought may be Zulfi will stand by his wife but he comes across as someone who chooses to stay on the fence instead of swooping in between someone else’s matters.

Looks like Bakshi Jee’s loyalty changed once again the moment Baba Sahab came into the picture. He was loyal to Zulfi till he was getting paid for keeping his secrets but as soon as he saw Baba Sahab, he knew it was another golden chance of making money this time by telling Baba Sahab the things he wanted to hear. Bakshi Jee can never be loyal to anyone & he had all the more reasons to badmouth Jugnoo because she was on his case since the day she stepped into Zulfi’s life as she doesn’t trust him & she comes from more or less the same social background, so she knew how far Bakshi Jee could go to in order to earn some money.

This episode indeed was interesting & I thoroughly enjoyed Baba Sahab’s reactions & dialogues. Jugnoo is one tough cookie & I am ready to see the battle between the father in law & the daughter in law & obviously, I am rooting for the daughter-in-law; Jugnoo. To be honest, I am actually now eager to see how things will unravel because the story has gotten pretty interesting & intense. The acting indeed was top-notch & Yumna Zaidi has given this character her 100% that too so effortlessly, that I believe it’s safe to say, it looks like this character was tailored for her. Share your thoughts about tonight’s episode please & let me know how much did you guys enjoy watching the showdown between the bloody massi & Baba Sahab? :)

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