Jugnoo – Episode 09!

Ohkay so, even though this episode of Jugnoo was funny & interesting; I felt it was more like a filler because now the pace of the drama has slowed down & they aren’t really taking things further, but nonetheless, I enjoy watching this drama but I do wish they speed up the process & show us something more.

I really don’t understand why Kissho is so much against Jugnoo & Shahjahan? Shahjahan is just as much her sister as Jahangir is, so why is she always speaking against Shahjahan & giving her a hard time? Is it because she knows that Shahjahan has got nothing & at this point of time, Jahangir is quite influential & has a strong back in her comparison? Even though I enjoy their conversations that are full of assumptions, I really wish they do show some signs of courtesy, if not towards Jugnoo, at least towards Shahjahan because she is quite a harmless person who minds her own business & has had a tough life, so the least they can do is not to add more to her woes.

For a change, it was good to see a new addition Rafique getting some screen time because no matter how short his scenes are, he does leave an impact. ‘Mardana namon wali behnain’ was the comment that cracked me up. I love the way the dialogues have been written & in fact I must commend the dialogue writer for using accurate Urdu because it is a delight to listen to proper Urdu after such a long time. I feel the correct usage of actual language lifts up the essence of whole drama.

So, this was another day in Jugnoo’s life which was filled with some adventure & a lot of trouble. Just when she thought she could relax & enjoy her moment of glory just because Zulfi got rid of Bakshi Jee, she got to face Baba Sahab. I thoroughly enjoyed their showdown & I must say the way Rehan Sheikh & Yumna Zaidi acted during that whole scene with such a perfect timing made it a lot more enjoyable. Baba Sahab once again underestimated Jugnoo but just when he really understood that she is a hard cookie to crack, he resorted to a bigger trap to capture her.

I must say, even though I know that this show is based on Jugnoo’s character, I don’t really understand Zulfi’s character one bit. He was head over heels for Jugnoo & even got married to her but now he has got no spine to stand by his wife? As much as I do like his presence in the show, I really feel his character hasn’t been etched out properly or hasn’t been given a due time to make us understand him better. For now, he comes across as a puppet that either follows Jugnoo’s lead whenever he feels like & then follows his father’s lead because he has no guts to voice out his opinion in front of Baba Sahab? I really hope in the upcoming episodes, we do get to see him handling such situations on his own & not leaving everything for Jugnoo to figure out singlehandedly.

The preview of the next episode wasn’t enticing enough to be honest, but never mind, I am sure there would be some bits & bobs that will provide us with some laughter & for that I am ready to tune to this drama once again. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jugnoo.

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