Jugnoo – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, this episode of Jugnoo was really interesting because looks like they are taking the story forward & it is becoming a lot more intense. I think it’s happening after quite a while now where we are getting to see Zulfi’s family getting a lot more coverage & to see their side of the story is a good change in my opinion.

I don’t know why, but I always find myself laughing during Rafique & Kissho’s scenes. There’s something hilarious about their situation & especially seeing such a meager person giving Kissho a hard time makes it even funnier. Kissho is in a love-hate relationship with Rafique & that is because every time she tries to do or say something to make Rafique happy, she never gets a reciprocal response she is waiting for or expecting & that makes her give up in her husband temporarily & then she goes back to Jahangir’s place to find solace by backbiting about Jugnoo. Both Kissho & Jahangir’s fixation with Jugnoo is beyond my understanding though. I just want to see them leaving Shahjahan & Jugnoo alone if they can’t find it in their hearts to wish well for the mother daughter duo.

For the first time we got an insight into Zulfi’s character. Yes, he loves Jugnoo & more than that he finds himself responsible for not being able to take care of Jugnoo, which is something good to see because otherwise the presence of his character in the story was looking meaningless so far. Zulfi tried to run into an accident himself & the reasons were still not made very clear. He maybe wants to punish himself or Baba Sahab by hurting himself, but nothing of that sort happened & they grew more attentive towards him, which was the last thing Zulfi wanted.

Sadly, another day brought another & even a bigger test for Jugnoo but I loved how she knew exactly how she should take an advantage of the situation the moment she regained consciousness & she made full use of becoming a patient in the hospital. The entry of the Doctor’s character wasn’t purposeless & he definitely will get to play a major part in the upcoming episodes. Just when I thought that Baba Sahab would at least hesitate at the thought of getting Jugnoo killed, he surprised me with his insensitivity. He was just as thrilled about the idea as Tanveer was & I so hope after this attempt, Jugnoo buckles up & brings these guys down because they are pretty serious about parting her & Zulfi.

“Humne to tez zuban waliyon ki durgat bantay dekhi hai”, this was definitely something that Kissho wasn’t expecting to hear from Jahangir, even though the context was different but the way she got uneasy was amusing. Kissho needs to know that both Jugnoo & she are like two sides of a same coin so that is why before being so judgmental about her niece, Kissho should rectify herself.

I must say Rehan Sheikh has been so so so impressive as Baba Sahab, his dialogue delivery, his expressions & his timing is commendable. He is a strong supporting character in this drama & it is an absolute treat to watch him. “Appki bahu to thi hi, kam se kam fateha to parh lain” & Baba Sahab goes like “May God bless her”, I couldn’t stop laughing because Rehan Sheikh makes it all even more enjoyable with his extemporal approach in every scene, haha. Even though we are still not sure about Zulfi’s character, I must say Zahid Ahmed has done a good job on his own as an actor & also all the actors in the supporting roles have really lifted the level of this drama with their perfect acting. Last but not the least, what shall I say about Yumna Zaidi? She has been phenomenal as Jugnoo & it is only she, who has made the character of Jugnoo just so amazing &  treat for us to watch. Yumna has been effortless in conveying the crux of Jugnoo’s character & it won’t be an overstatement, but I think no other actress would’ve been able to do this character justice like Yumna Zaidi has.

So, this is it from my side. The preview seemed interesting for sure & looks like Jugnoo will make her way back into Zulfi’s life & then it’ll depend on him as to how he takes care of her & protects her from his father & brother. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jugnoo.

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