Jugnoo – Episode 12!

Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting this episode of Jugnoo to be that good. They have certainly taken the story forward & have made it interesting tenfold. I thoroughly enjoyed all the events that took place in the episode tonight because they kept the pace perfect & made it a lot happening as well.

First & foremost, I must commend the writer for giving us such a female character who can haunt a man of Baba Sahab’s stature in his dreams, haha. I loved that whole dream sequence where Baba Sahab feels terrified of Jugnoo even in his sleep, how cool is that & more than that, how rarely does it happen in our dramas right, where we get to see such girls who give tough time to all the strong men in their lives? I love Jugnoo’s character for the fact that everyone knows this girl means business & she is someone not easy to be messed with, so I give full credit to the writer for etching out Jugnoo’s character with so much perfection. She is level-headed, strong-hearted & has so much of self-esteem that no matter what happens, she deems it not worthy enough to pay heed to it because she is focused on getting what she wants & that is; her life with her husband, Zulfi back.

Even though Dr. Saadi, with his cunning plan didn’t leave a very good impression, but the way he dwelled into a deep thought after he heard Zulfi confess how he was the one who ruined everything in Jugnoo’s life to be with her actually showed, that Dr. Saadi upon getting aware of both the sides of the picture might actually help both Zulfi & Jugnoo in getting back together. Dr. Saadi just gave away the plan because he assumed that Jugnoo was at fault & he did right in a way that he wanted to help his friend Tanveer & also because the way Jugnoo was bothering him at the hospital, made him believe in Tanveer’s side of the story a bit more, but I am glad that he also got to hear what Zulfi had to say because in that case, he will be able to salvage their marriage in my opinion & given how he was eyeing Ghazala, he will have all the more reason to swoop in to prevent Zulfi from getting married to her.

The instant connection both Ghazala & Saadi formed was done really very nicely. Ghazala never actually opened up so much & that is because Zulfi never gave her an edge to do that. All this while, I mistook Ghazala as a very submissive person who had no thought process of her own & wanted to become Baba Sahab’s Bahu because she saw the sort of a luxurious life her elder sister Ayesha leads but this episode made me change my mind about her because Ghazala is more than that. She is intelligent, she is friendly & yes, she is definitely someone who is in touch with her emotional side. She only was looking for someone reliable & easy to communicate with, someone charming enough to make her laugh & engage her in a conversation because just when Dr. Saadi did all of that, she started comparing both Zulfi & Saadi right away & that’s when she understood that Zulfi is not the one for her because he is too weak, & oh by the way, I loved it when she said that about Zulfi, he actually is really weak & it was good to see someone verifying it.

At least, good to know that Zulfi holds himself responsible for putting Jugnoo through so much pain & for ruining her life but then again that is just not enough, right? All he has done is sitting on his bed crying his eyes out instead of contacting Jugnoo’s mother to know what & how did it all happen actually? Even though I agree with his way of dealing with the depression by locking himself up for sometime, I don’t agree with his approach of not trying to get to the core of the matter & just giving up so easily.

Once again, we got to see Lawyer Aunty coming to Jugnoo’s rescue & I smile every time I see them both together. She is one determined lady like Jugnoo & she knows that Jugnoo needs someone’s support because she is fighting a very big battle all by herself, that is why, out of sheer courtesy & as a token of support, she tries to help her out as many a times Jugnoo needs it & I love this whole scenario of empowerment to be honest because that’s another rarity that’s being catered in this drama after a long, long time or maybe for the first time in so many years. Also, for the first time we got to see Jahangir worrying about Jugnoo & that was a treat in its own. Like I said in one of my reviews, Jahangir has a love-hate relationship with Jugnoo, she might not show it, but deep down she always feels just as concerned about Jugnoo as her own mother; Shahjahan, which is actually something really sweet.

To be honest, I now am curious to find out who Baba Sahab’s ~*darling*~ is. :) I really hope she makes it to the screen too because she really has Baba Sahab wrapped around her finger, so I am sure she must be someone really special, haha. :) Overall, it was a very very interesting episode that kept me engaged throughout. I am glad that Jugnoo has finally made it to Murree & now she will give Baba Sahab & Tanveer a run for their money. I must say, I am so happy that a part of this drama has been shot in Murree because having spent 6 years of my childhood there, it brings back a lot of pleasant memories & the best part is that I even recognize the roadside fences & the buildings in the background. <3

Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Jugnoo & oh by the way, the preview was absolutely hilarious. I am so glad that just when Ghazala will be having second thoughts about getting married to Zulfi, Jugnoo will show up with her infamous knife & will make her vow to leave Zulfi alone. So good to see our heroine acting like a hero in this drama & carrying a burden on her shoulders all by herself haha. Let me know how much did you guys enjoy this episode of Jugnoo. :)

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