Jugnoo – Episode 16!

Oh God! To be honest, it was so hard for me to watch this episode of Jugnoo in one go & even when I watched it in installments, I found it really hard to keep my interest intact because this episode didn’t offer anything new & the comedy done by Jugnoo seemed a lot more forced too. It is so obvious that the script has ended may be 3 – 4 episodes ago & now the team of Jugnoo is just stretching it for the sake of completing the number of episodes they had in mind.

This episode was all about Jugnoo being all over Murree & by looking her doing that really stirred the question in my mind as to how was she managing it? She was even there in Zulfi’s room, she was out there to intimidate Tanveer, she even went to meet Ayesha when she just woke up & even though Ayesha & her mother are communicating on phone while being in the same town showing they might be at a safe distance, Jugnoo also went to have a conversation with Ghazala. Yes, I know that Murree is a very small town because I have lived there myself but I don’t think anyone can manage to hop around & cover the distance with a blink of an eye. The whole comedy factor in this episode was anything but comic. The actor playing the character of Tanveer seemed so out of his comfort zone when he had to act all goofy & frightened by Jugnoo & he made it pretty obvious too. To be honest, as much as they tried to make it seem funny, it was actually quite painful instead of being humorous. Similarly, looks like Saman Ansari was having a hard time while acting in this particular episode too & there was some sort of discontinuity in between the scenes & the conversations. I found the direction to be really poor throughout this episode.

I am sorry to say but Zulfi is such a pain. How many times will he put Jugnoo & her love through a test? She has proved her love for him plenty of times & it still hasn’t occurred to him that it is a high time he should do something for her instead of happily agreeing to be in a house arrest. It is just so annoying to see him least bothered & unaffected even after he knows that Jugnoo is trying so hard to be with him & she is facing the big elephants all alone, on her own. I think there was a chance for Zulfi to redeem himself but that chance has gone by ages ago & nothing that he would do will change my opinion about him ever.

Even though I have always liked Jahangir, Kissho & Shahjahan’s conversation, they were annoying too because they were absolutely monotonous. Kissho’s fixation with Jugnoo is beyond me & I mean are they really trying to show that Kissho is competing with Jugnoo in some way? She is in her 30’s & Jugnoo is in her early 20’s, so the competition & comparison is out of question. I find Kissho’s obsession with Jugnoo & her disinterest in her own martial life quite boring because it has been this way the moment the drama began. All this while I really thought that her track would have a meaning of some sort & all the coverage that she has been getting will be justified but now when I know that the drama’s ending, I can’t help but think that if her track wouldn’t have been added, we wouldn’t have missed something huge because her character & track has been a complete failure in a way that neither did it stir any sympathy nor did it contain any lesson. It looks like Kissho’s character was just added to bring in a companion for Jahangir, who would sit with her & backbite about Jugnoo never-endingly.

I must say, Ghazala & Ayesha’s mother is so immature & unreasonable. She pretty much knows by now that Zulfi’s married & any sane mother would want her daughter to get married to a guy who hasn’t been married before, a guy who is mentally & emotionally stable like Dr. Saadi, a guy who makes a decent living & is working himself but she is persistent on getting Ghazala married to a spineless Zulfi who is just a student, a daddy’s-boy who has no control over his life & what for? I believe she might be insane, unreasonable or downright stupid. She has always believed that her daughter Ghazala is quite innocent & simple, so shouldn’t she find a guy like Dr. Saadi for her who would take care of her daughter & not someone like Zulfi who himself doesn’t know what he wants from his life?

Yes, this drama was entertaining & different in the beginning but it has lost its charm because the comic factor they were depending on wasn’t so strong to last for the whole drama, it did work but stopped in the middle because may be they decided to rely on it too much. Most of the dialogues have been so repetitive that I just know what they are going to say. Ghazala’s mother telling her time & again ‘ke tum bohat masoom ho’, Tanveer calling Jugnoo ‘jahil aurat’, Baba Sahab telling Zulfi ‘tumhara Jugnoo se koi taluq nahi hai’, Jahangir & Kissho assuming ‘ke Jugnoo to pit pita rahi hai’ etc; all such dialogues have been used so much that all the conversations more or less revolve around these lines only.

Anyways, please keep in mind that while discussing the characters, I am only speaking about the characters & not the actors at all. When I actually direct my comments at the actors, I use their names, so just to be clear, I think both Zahid Ahmed & Yumna Zaidi have done their jobs well but it is the writer who failed to etch out the rest of the characters properly & even when all the actors have tried to give their best shot, they really couldn’t. I feel it was only Jugnoo’s character that got all the attention that is why we didn’t get much from other characters to form a connection with. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jugnoo!

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