Mol – Episode 9

After last week’s insightful episode, this one was engaging, but I guess I didn’t enjoy it as much as the last one because it had a lot to with Sheheryaar’s family but little to do with Emaan and Sheheryaar.

Emaan found herself in an awkward situation where she had to decide who she’s supposed to listen to – Sheheryaar or his family. Hajra is a little too keen on mending relations, and though her motives are selfish, Emaan doesn’t feel that there’s anything wrong if Sheheryaar’s mother wants to spend some time with her because Hajra poses to be her well-wisher. Sheheryaar doesn’t quite understand that Emaan doesn’t find herself in the position to refuse to Hajra’s requests because Hajra is her saas after all and she can’t be rude to her. Also, Emaan’s mother wants her to have cordial relations with Sheheryaar’s parents. But, the way Emaan politely turned down Hajra’s offer to go for shopping showed that it’s Sheheryaar and his decisions that matter the most to her, and she cares a lot about how her actions would please or displease him.

When it comes to these goad bharai ki rasmain, silly superstitions etc, I totally agree with Sheheryaar Hassan! There seems to be a lot of pressure on Emaan to give them a waaris. Emaan’s keen interest in kids and her interactions with Shahnaam, in particular, have made clear that Emaan harbours a strong desire to have a child. It’s plain to see that Sheheryaar, on the other hand, doesn’t exactly feel comfortable talking about this matter. I think this has much to do with Sheheryaar’s relationship with his parents. His father wasn’t exactly a role model and he always kept his son at an arm’s length which is why Sheheryaar has become stubborn and hardheaded. I feel that Sheheryaar fears the tremendous responsibility of fathering a child, and wants to take his time before coming to a decision. Interestingly enough, this episode signaled a slight change in Sheheryaar’s approach towards having children, and he’s beginning to wonder if his parents are right after all.

There are times when I feel that Sheheryaar shouldn’t be so harsh with his parents, but then I feel that his parents can be a little difficult to handle. I wonder how Sheheryaar got along with his father all this time because from what I saw in this episode, these two can’t even have a proper conversation without one of them leaving the room!

I really liked the scene where Sheheryaar explains to Emaan that ‘loag kabhi khush nahe hotay, khamakhua taang aratay rehtay hain’. I liked Sheheryaar’s dialogues here – they were witty and very true. This is an extremely private matter and only Sheheryaar and Emaan have the right to discuss it – no one else, be it his parents or Emaan’s, have the right to pry into this matter.
Romance waghaira tou fazooliat hoti hain, asal cheez tou commitment hoti hai na? Commitment ho tou romance ki gunjaish nikal hi aati hai. We have had cute couples, cheesy couples, sweet couples, but this one is an intellectual couple! I like how Emaan and Sheheryaar have a balanced relationship. They have their disagreements, but they enjoy some light moments as well, and this makes them look real and relate-able. I have to say that Faisal Qureshi is perfect as Sheheryaar Hassan and he really owns his character.


Kia tum nay uss say poocha hai kay who kia chahti hai? As much as I dislike Hajra, I feel that she raises a really good question here. Sheheryaar wants to be the one making all the decisions and I agree that he has a right to make decisions for himself, but once you’re married, you need to make some decisions based on mutual agreement and trust, because these decisions do not concern an individual – they concern both the individuals involved and the relationship on the whole.

I was actually very relieved when Sajal announced that she’s going out to meet her friend and I was thinking to myself, ‘OK, the girl does have a life!’ but much to my disappointment, she wanted to pay Emaan a visit. Zareena and Hajra don’t even realize that by bringing Emaan and Sheheryaar in the picture, they are making things difficult for Sajal because with Emaan in sight, even if she thinks about moving on, it would be difficult for her to do so. Sajal is wallowing in misery and I definitely blame Zareena and Hajra for this. Coming to the scene where Sajal comes to meet Emaan, they are always going on about how well-mannered dear Sajal is, but she had a pretty good look around Sheryaar and Emaan’s house in their absence – I am not sure if that makes her well-mannered :P. Jokes aside, I sometimes feel that I can’t take Sajal seriously because there’s something about her character that just doesn’t seem right to me. Apart from the fact that she’s madly in love with Sheheryaar, what else do we know about her, anyway? Iqra Aziz is doing a good job with what she has been given, but I am unable to form any sort of connection with Sajal.

I can understand Emaan’s love and concern for Shahnaam, but I do feel that she should be careful now. It seems like her in laws only feel like visiting her when she’s at Rohail’s place, and that could create problems for her because the fact that Rohail lives all alone in one big house doesn’t look very good. We are perfectly aware of Emaan’s intentions, but she needs to consider that Sheheryaar’s family is very typical and now that Sajal knows about these visits, this could mean trouble.

The promo suggests that things will get a little unpleasant so let’s see how the story shapes up. What are your thoughts on the latest episode? Voice your views!

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