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Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 10.

Even though the drama has a seen-before story, the execution makes us want to see it how it unfolds. I am kind of interested to see how their lives move along just because the protagonists share some strong chemistry & even though there are a few more negative characters, each one of the actors deserve appreciation for their effortless performances.

Arez’s family is everything any girl would never wish for but in the meantime Eshal has learnt how to tackle them just because she can now swirl their words in her own favour. Soni is a nightmare because she is only good at stirring negativity up. I am confused at what label should be given to Arez for being a husband like that. At times, he does seem nice – like a person who’d want to take care of his wife but on the other he is just a typical male who can’t take a stand for his wife in front of his family.

Arez obviously knows how negative his sister is, so he should be prepared to take care of things his way. I think the amount of sacrifice Eeshal is putting to make this marriage work is way more than Arez. Obviously Eeshal’s background never allowed her to experience things she is experiencing after getting married to Arez, so for this he must at least give some consideration & serious thinking to the things that are absolutely going wrong or against Eeshal because till now she has proved herself to be a good wife who doesn’t want much from him or his family but just a peace of mind.

Arez’s mother definitely has some double standards where Eeshal’s getting candid with her cousin may look bad to her but when Eeshal’s devar shares the room for a power nap with her bhabhi, it goes unnoticed. I think no matter how greedy people may get, no one goes into the room of the married brother to just sleep because that room has a facility of air conditioning. I know there may be certain real-life stories like this one but it wasn’t appeasing to see it happening on screen.

Eva as usual continues to disappoint where she makes a fuss & ridicules Eeshal’s bike-ride. I am sure Rehbar has his plan of revenge going on where he might sadly use Eeshal to get back to his father in law for what he did to Rehbar’s business.

I must say the moments Eeshal & Arez spend together were worth watching & it does come across as a nice message that no matter how hard it might get, if the husband & wife are ready to support one another as a couple, they can overcome anything. I hope Soni gets married to Eeshal’s cousin Sunny because she for sure was spell bound after seeing him around. Eeshal did get heed of the look in Soni’s eyes but that’s the positivity of Eeshal’s character that she doesn’t make fuss about such things & rather keeps it to herself. Eeshal at times may look like a naive girl who’s hopelessly in love – to a point where she may look immature but what makes her strong is the stamina to deal with the negative things on her own without leaning much on her husband & without complaining about & without sharing her difficulties with anyone.

So far the drama is going just on the right track so let’s see what happens next. It may not be something extra-ordinary to watch but it’s a decent attempt of a fine entertainment which can be given a try.

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Zahra Mirza.