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Kankar Episode 23 – You Can’t Make Someone Love You

After watching this latest episode I have to say that the story should be wrapped up as soon as possible because there were quite a few scenes in tonight’s episode which we have seen over and over again. Kiran’s track in particular was covered very nicely but there was a little too much of Faiqa and Kamal in this episode. The conversation between Faiqa and her husband is getting highly monotonous and repetitive.


Arzoo finally decided to put her foot down but that did not resolve any of her problems. The reason for that is quite obvious; Sikandar still hasn’t gotten over Kiran and he was never attracted to Arzoo in the first place. When Kiran was in Sikandar’s life, she was the centre of Sikandar’s world. He abused her and ill treated her no doubt about that but Kiran was a very important part of Sikandar’s life. Things are completely different with Arzoo. No matter how hard she tries all she gets from Sikandar is a very cold shoulder. Arzoo is learning her lesson the hard way; you can’t make someone fall in love with you. Faiqa, like a complete fool continued to defend Sikandar in front of her husband solely because he is her sister’s son. Sikandar has to live with Arzoo whether he likes it or not and that to me is his punishment. It must be very tormenting for a control freak like Sikandar to let someone else make such big decisions for him. Sometimes I find it funny the way Faiqa and Kamal are always trying to blame each others family members for everything.


Kiran’s problems couldn’t have been portrayed more beautifully. She is married to a very reasonable man, her mother in law isn’t a bad person too but her life is a living hell just because of one person. The way that her conversations with Rukhsar are interpreted is beyond her. She is a no-win situation but like she said to her mother, she does not have the strength to fight more battles now.

Rukhsar’s complexes coupled with her present situation have made her an unbearable person. Uroosa Siddiqui’s character maybe very annoying but her acting is beyond brilliant. She is a natural who I am sure doesn’t need to be told what she needs to do.


Overall, this was a very slow episode with some scenes that were very well directed and acted out but there were enough scenes which were too long. For example the conversation between Aysha and Jamal could have been easily chopped down. Same was the case with many other conversations tonight, which could have been short and sweet. Showing every single character’s reaction to everything that happened tonight was totally pointless. Kiran’s problems obviously needed to be covered but Sikandar’s track was given a little more time than needed.

I must say that Hum TV has made a habit of stretching Umera Ahmed’s plays in particular for no reason. The viewers expect the last few episodes to be the most poignant ones and that is only possible if the scenes are short and to the point. This episode could have been far better. The happenings were very real and relatable like always but it wasn’t entertaining and fast paced. I have to say though that every episode of Kankar has something special to its credit, I just wish we didn’t have to fish it out!
Do share your thoughts about this latest installment.

Fatima Awan