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Sannata – Episode 7


Meanwhile, Rukayya is trying her best to convince Aapa Bi for Pari’s treatment in some city hospital, Salma was found pretty much reluctant to pay heed to what Aapi Bi said. Salma thinks that its Naseeban who is culprit of delay in Rukayya’s marriage.

“Kuch log hamaisha badnaseeb rehtay hain, kisi ko khushi nahi dai saktay.. Chaah kar bhi nahi..”

This very statement showed inside out of Rukayya. She was never close to mother since her childhood. Days passed with the speed of light and so did the bitterness in Rukayya for her mother raised to peak. But she was never caught harsh as far as her dealings with her mother is concerned.

Azam tried his luck by using every possible way to get closer to Pari. According to me,he is solely doing this because he knows that Pari and Rukayya are so close and attached to each other. He felt that there is no room for his and Rukayya’s relation until Pari will move a step back from Rukayya Aapa;After that she will accept Rukayya and his relation. I found that imitating part really funny and so did Pari.

Salma went to Sultana house and pledged to look for another guy for Rukayya. Sultana took it as a golden chance to make Salma against her mother and Naseeban according to her plan. And for the sake of revenge, Pari was passed through serious mental and physical trauma by the Fake Peer Baba that Sultana brought.This was the first time when Pari moved one step ahead of Rukayya while Rukayya moved a step back from Azam.

Deep inside, something was making Rukayya uncomfortable whenever she observes Pari and Azam hanging around and ultra-franked. Rukayya, who raised Pari like her mother, is a girl who thinks of Azam as her prince charming and dreams to spend rest of her life with Azam but has developed a sense of insecurity too. It was the first relation that Pari made herself and she was enjoying the feel of having a friend to the fullest. Forgetting her Rukayya aapa, she has started to learn to live without her..

Passing through the hallway of memories, Naseeban started narrating her story of her past.Now that was something really self-captivating and I enjoyed every bit of it.It was like a part of those tales that we read in books or the stories that our grandma used to tell us and we lived up every moment with those stories.This time I felt the same; Flowing with the flow of every moment and boosting up the anticipation to watch more of it was what Naseeban story gave me.I am anxiously waiting for remaining part of Naseeban’s past and I expect that it will be unfolded with perfection the same way it is unfolded in this episode. Yumna Zaidi was,indeed, at her best during the entire sequence.

Shaiki (Tipu),the mystery man, has finally found his mehboob in Pari and he is having an intense feeling to have her in dargah in order to get rid of feeling of emptiness that he had in him right from the day when he saw him; which is increasing with every passing day. Azam and Najma went to Aapa Bi’s place so that they can ask her for Pari’s proper treatment while living with them;Najma also offered that Rukayya should also come along so that Pari won’t feel insecure or uncomfortable.

Next episode will surely bring us something more interesting for us. By far, this show has really made me fall in love with it. This show is raising its bar every time it comes up with new episode. I hope the pace will be maintained and everything will remain as much perfect as it is now.

Do share your views about this latest installment.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.