Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 11.

Episode 11, half way through the drama but still wondering about the simplest details. This was another one of those filler episodes where things were prolonged unnecessarily, but in the meantime the purpose of the drama is being defeated or may be there was no purpose at all. I want to know & even ask the writer about the purpose of this drama? Is there anything in particular about this story that we haven’t seen before? A rich girl gets married to poor guy, every single person is against their relation even after they have gotten married…so is there something more to it?

I am completely unable to make up my mind about this particular writing of Samira Fazal. There are so many questions which should’ve been answered by now, but the story is just not progressing in fact 1 – 2 conversations seem to be dragged to turn them into a whole episode. Why is Eva so dumb? What’s the point of her character? What does Rehbar want? Why’s Rehbar cold towards his wife & his wife doesn’t get the hint? Why is Sunny so much getting involved? What change is coming up in Eshaal & Arez’s relation? They for now just look like a couple who got married & has nothing else to do but just to tolerate the in-laws. The side characters are boring & awkward like anything.

Soni’s cunningness was justified when she took out her sword against Eeshal but then what’s been happening ever since ? She is twisting words, Eeshal’s defending, Arez understands at one point but on the other he sides with his mother. Their mother seems rational but get’s irrational every time Soni brain-feeds her, that’s all that’s been happening & there is not even a single new aspect being highlighted in the show. One episode seems fine but the other just ruins it or we can say even numbered episodes are appropriate but odd numbered episodes are odd as they get.

Shahraiz, Sunny, Soni & Eva are all awkward characters who have nothing to offer. Shahraiz’s unnecessary smirks are irritating, Soni is evil of the house, ohkay but is her role going to get better? Sunny is the new entry, but who visits the house of a married cousin every single day? The whole mazak urana bit was stretched & dragged & prolonged to the point where it seemed completely uncalled for. The first scene of Soni & Sunny was extra-lengthy followed by the whole mazak urana point. The clarification conversation Eeshal had with Sunny seemed totally scattered with no material to act or speak about whatsoever. It just looked like another scene which was done just for the sake of making a scene out of it, in order to cover some more minutes.

Not sure what’s happening & the preview show that the drama is going to get a bit more typical when Arez will lose his job. A man who obviously took over a mill of his son-in-law was unable to get another one fired – this was something which has never been seen before (coughing sarcasm). The only reason why I watch the show is because of Eeshal & Arez’s couple but I think there’s a need to add some spark before it gets too dull, which obviously has happened so far.

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