Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 12.

I honestly think that Samira Fazal should take a break or may be it’s going to be better if I don’t fall prey to the amazing cast that is hired to make hideous stories look good. Silvatein being one of the examples, I now think Kabhi Kabhi is going down the line too. Seems like the plot is missing & there is literally nothing to go ahead with therefore little things are being dragged to reach to the end of racing point of 20+ episodes.

Where this episode was a filler, it looked exactly like a last episode in which Sunny was in the limelight for being made fun off & the whole episode was dragged on it, this time it was Eeshal’s burnt hand that was a topic of everyone’s tragedy. I kept on wondering who actually deceives the watchman to meet the wife & when he entered the room, Eeshal looked oblivious. I mean she saw her father’s reaction at the hospital & all his yelling but still she was clueless at how her father is going to treat Arez. Any daughter knows where her father comes from therefore, Eeshal’s Eva-like behavior was a bit hard to digest. I am kind of confused that at times Eeshal looks absolutely strong who handles things perfectly but at times she is as spaced out as Eva that she forgets to check what’s been happening around. By this time Eeshal should’ve gotten a heed of what her father thinks of Arez but seems like there’s a time to it too.

Arez got fired with the help of his friend. That was one stone which hit the wall of predictability. I think it would’ve been better if Eeshal’s character had evolved in such a way where she could foresee where her father’s tangent was going. She should’ve done things to undo what her father was planning but to blindside her character in that respect is making it lose the charm. Otherwise, I remember I loved Eeshal’s character the most & still do but some changes for the better isn’t much to ask for.

I am still waiting to see the point of Eva being in the picture & waiting to see what Rehbar comes up with? Till now he is just finding himself win in petty things like making Eeshal’s marriage work with Arez even when his FIL (father-in-law) hates it, he is being reasonable with Eeshal to tick his FIL off. I think there should’ve been a bit more to his character.

Anyhow, this episode had nothing much to offer so I find it out of question to be discussing it too. I hope there’re some changes in either the pattern of the episodes or the characters because it’s getting tedious to just speak about things which aren’t progressing & are petty. Plus I hate the background music & OST. Looks like it’s some sort of an opera that we’re watching & it has some larger-than-life feel to it which doesn’t suit the drama which is based on gharelu masail without unke hall.

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