Pakistan Idol – First Impression!

Ohkay, so the most raved about, the most anticipated show of 2013 Pakistan Idol began & no doubt where at times it looked like a decent attempt, it fell flat as well. I really don’t understand why do Pakistanis have to over-do certain things. There looked like a lot more people who were forced to make an entry for the TRP’s but I may be wrong too because some people love being ridiculed as they are blinded by their over-confidence.

I have to say that the most decent judge in the panel of 3 was Hadiqa Kiyani. She seemed to-the-point, sophisticated & was giving judgements rationally. Ali Azmat was fine too but I expected more from him being the only male judge there. The only judge who was over-doing it was Bushra Ansari. With all due respect, she may have released a few albums which I never came across but yeah, heard her singing in some shows all these years, but by NO means she can be taken as a singing icon of Pakistan.

As all other Idol shows are followed globally, I am sure Pakistan Idol would make it there too, so the panel of judges should’ve been selected with utmost attention. I feel the only judge who seems to impress till now is Hadiqa Kiyani because she did give her YESES to those contestants who deserved but seems like Bushra Ansari had to say NO to every single person. I think she is being a bit too overly judgemental at the things which didn’t even come across as technicalities that she was pinpointing. Yes, Bushra Ansari even blessed us viewers by singing a few lines in order to correct a contestant but to add to her woes, her voice couldn’t even come through to us even with a help of mic. Making me feel more at how an inappropriate choice she was for that judging seat.

Mohib Mirza seems to be hosting a show, he was doing a fine job too but at times it looked like he was passing a few personal comments on the random people from the crowd. I think a host should be the most neutral person out there who shouldn’t ¬†judge at all.

I think it could’ve been a far more better show if a bit more experienced singers judged it. It wasn’t necessary to pick all the Karachi based singers for selection of Pakistan Idol. I am wondering where did Rahet Fateh Ali Khan go when the very first Pakistan Idol was being planned because he has also judged a few shows in India so why wasn’t he approached or why didn’t he become a part of Pakistan Idol? Shafqat Amanat Ali was another person who would’ve looked perfect in that spot for judging. But nevertheless, I am definitely going to follow the show hoping when the actual selected lot hits to our screens, it becomes a better first attempt of Pakistanis under this title.

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