Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 15!

I don’t know why the simple black & white conversations & situations in Samira Fazal’s dramas are turned & twisted into grey, not once, not twice but always. Bari Apa, Silvatein & now Kabhi Kabhi. I mean I understand to keep the drama engaging writers keep coming up with unnecessary misunderstandings but to literally fabricate a thin-air lie in a crystal clear situation, only Samira Fazal can do that & by saying this I am by no means complimenting her prowess.

Arez told Eeshal that his mother & sister were insulted by her father & she, like a normal Eeshal would react, tried to ask her father about it but the way he changed the whole situation, it looked absolutely insane. I think Eeshal clearly knows how her father feels about Arez & his whole family, so Eeshal should’ve by now understood that he would do anything if he ever saw Arez or his family, so if Arez claimed that Eeshal’s father insulted his mother & sister, there was no need left to ask her father, in stead Eeshal should’ve told him to snap out of it. The whole twisting of the simple situation is nothing but a mind-teaser in Samira Fazal’s dramas I must say!

Ohkay & the funniest thing is, Eeshal is expecting & she is supposed to be the ONE who gets to feel & know about it just before anyone else does but seems like Arez knew of it way before Eeshal because it got discovered at the hospital. But after she got discharged she did come to Arez’s home, even then Arez couldn’t tell her? Then how come Rehbar got to know about it & he gave the news to Eeshal’s father because I don’t remembe Arez having a conversation with Rehbar about it? Arez’s family got to know about it too but still the funny question remains that the one who is going through this phase is the one who gets to find out about it  in the end, right after everyone else. This is something totally new & what I have never heard or seen before, seriously!

I really don’t quite catch how such busy busy businessmen like Sunny & Shahveer are just so idle that whenever they’re called by Eeshal’s father, they leave every single thing behind & come running for her. Is Eeshal really really that important for them all? Why is Sunny entertaining Soni clearly when he looks totally awkward in her presence. He knows she’s below his league so why even have a conversation with her. Clearly Soni is not getting the hint & is getting a bit too flirtatious with him but I think Sunny can do better & just shoo her away.

I think Shahveer being such a top-notch businessman would have an ounce of courtesy in him that when he knows his proposal when wrong in this particular family, he won’t come in front of Eeshal again & again especially when he knows that he was rejected by her. So, is there really a need left to show that Shahveer is again trying to fix the terms with Eeshal? Shahveer was never a friend of Eeshal in fact he was introduced to her by her father for a purpose which couldn’t reach a proper ending. I mean being a busy businessman what does he want to do by hanging out with a pregnant married lady who is clearly having issues in her marital life? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Not only he visits her but also takes her for the dinner, I mean does he not have any other friends to go for a dinner with? Is Eeshal the only one left in his city? I mean c’mon! Plus ohkay we can put Shahveer’s shamelessness or bonga-pan aside but is Eeshal really that shallow that she couldn’t ignore the fix stirred by her father? Did she really have to go for a dinner with a guy who once proposed her? & by the way what was a jobless guy doing at such a high-end restaurant that just in the nick of time he snatched the moment of insulting his wife.

Of all the men in this drama, the most disappointing character is that of Arez. He is such a conditional person who thinks the world revolves only around him. If he thinks his things are going right, he’d be as happy as a hyena but if things go wrong he’ll start snubbing every single person in his sight? I just don’t understand why can’t he be rational at all? I am guessing he was the one who let go of the insult he endured at his wedding for which Eeshal’s father was responsible so now why is he making a mountain out of molehill & torturing Eeshal for things she has no idea of? All these taunts & tantrums are making him look like a self-centered person who can’t put anyone above him. Ohkay, I know he is dukhyara, halaat ka mara but his irrationalities still do not get justified especially after so much Eeshal has put in their relationship & in their marriage.

If at this point Eeshal has broken down & has gone out of the zoo-like home of Arez, I think her behaviour is still justified because just when Arez is not ready to be considerate & understanding towards her, then what is she left with & why is she supposed to take all the pain then? Arez knew who he was getting married to, so why lose a track & get all mad at her especially? I think in their relation Eeshal has done more that was needed & Arez has just taken her for granted. I thought he was different & would be different when they first got married but I am furious as to why he was turned into this hideously typical husband who only knows how to take things but not return back. Ever since they’ve gotten married, what has he done except take her to the beach & made her eat Gol gappas? That is just ridiculous.

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