Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 17!

Token of advice for watching Kabhi Kabhi: Keep your friends close & Whatsapp closer. Yeah, this is exactly how I got through this & a few previous episodes of this drama.

I am glad Rehbar went against his father in law & went out of his house, at least it was something productive that he did since the drama has begun which was to walk on that staircase & never return back, in stead of hovering around like a zombie. I am glad he also took the useless Eva with him & I’d be more than happy if she doesn’t show up wearing a neon colored lipstick & pants again because it was a waste of any actor playing a side role.

I think the writer wants to surprise us all at the end of the drama by letting us know that Eeshal didn’t get divorced as she was pregnant but aan aan, too bad, we already know of the suspense. Obviously, that’s the only way they both will get back together because divorce never took place & they will find out from some Molvi sahab, which is obviously something they weren’t themselves aware of.

Finally, Arez was out of the sights for a few moments & it was a good break for me at least to not see an egoistic person like him on the screen. Now when he found his life getting back on track he walked an extra mile to give pointers to Eeshal for how she must take care of the baby ALI? I am guessing they both hurried in everything right – in getting married, in getting divorced & even in giving their unborn baby a name too? A bit too hard to digest I guess!

Eeshal’s father after having Sunny hover around her tells her to not shop because she ain’t over with the Idat & Eeshal testifies she comes back home by the time of Maghrib – A THIGH SLAPPER MOMENT. I never knew Iddat’s duration started off after Maghrib till Fajr!?!?! I am actually laughing at the newest of new Islamic concepts our learned writers are coming up with. Anyways, the main reason of the shopping sequence was to show Eeshal’s khala swoop in out of nowhere & tell her the details of her wedding that she didn’t know of.

Now when Eeshal found out about how her wedding took place, I recalled at how a normal wedding takes place too & that is by having guests & so many Khandaani Aunties hovering around the bride, praising her by telling how beautiful she looks. Eeshal who happens to be the INTELLIGENT one out of the two daughters, couldn’t crack that mystery herself for why no one came to meet her? Why even Eva didn’t come to see her off? Glad during all this while when her life is crashing down, she found a faarigh businessman Sunny who is even taking her for the baby shopping which calls for a EEEEUUUU moment. Who goes for a baby shopping with a male cousin? I mean…really? Is it a new trend in Pakistan these days?

I am still wondering how does the title Kabhi Kabhi fit the drama & the story? Kabhi Kabhi shadi ho jati hai? Kabhi kabhi bacha ho jata hai? Kabhi kabhi talaq ho jati hai jo k hoti nahi? Kabhi kabhi cousin chipak jata hai? Kabhi kabhi wapis mil jatay hain? Really, is this what it says? Really trying to find out.

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