Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 19!

I am not sure what went wrong with the writer while writing the script of this drama. I can not believe that the drama which started off at such a great note would come to such a level where it is not only annoying but also beyond understanding. I am definitely questioning the purpose of this drama because is it nothing but hideous.

I didn’t know being intelligent is injurious to health & this is what has happened to Eeshal. Can’t imagine that the girl who had such a strong character would be swayed by some gestures of an irritating & scary person like Sunny. In the middle of the not-making-any-sense conversations, Eeshal herself claimed to have forgotten how cheap Sunny was, so why couldn’t she remind herself that beforehand? Once again the emphasis was on Eeshal being intelligent & Eva being a dumbwit, but is it really necessary? What has Eeshal done till now to prove herself as an intellectual? Eva is Eva so no explanations needed.

Sorry to be sounding amusing but today Eeshal reminded me of Prerna from Star Plus’s Kasauti Zindagi Ki, where she was nothing but a shuttlecock between Mr. Bajaj & Anurag. Similarly, Eeshal has followed the footsteps of Prerna & allowed herself to be tossed between Shahveer, Dad, Arez & now Sunny. Ridiculous is a small word for the level where this script has gone to.

Poor Eeshal has to only face things as a compensation for her Dad being a complete evil. Looks like Sunny’s peanut-like ego got hurt because of how Dad treated him so he planned on taking a revenge. Ohkay, I think when a girl gets free from the pregnancy, the last thing she has on her mind is to get married again right after having a baby but seems like Eeshal’s intelligence worked wonders & helped her getting trapped with Sunny ASAP. Being intelligent is good but by looking at the case of Eeshal, I wish no girl ever gets that label & all the girls stay as dumb as Eva if they can save themselves from taking such hideous decisions. Even when Rehbar to whom Eeshal seems to be clinging lately for her problems, told her to stay with them & then think twice before making a choice, Eeshal ended up choosing Sunny over everyone. Phew!

I think that when a girl is expecting she does not get divorced but here not only the concept was crushed but a solution was given in a very easy manner that even if you do get divorced, right after having a baby find the most closest cousin or friend irrespective of seeing what sort of a person he is, just get married straight away & then deal with him later by calling your jeeja or your father if you’re on good terms with either of them. What a nice story I must say!!!

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