Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 23…???

Statutory Warning: Spare me for some questionable language here. Kabhi Kabhi jaisay blunder ki hi tarhaan kabhi kabhi ho jata hai!

Ummm did anyone understand what actually happened in this episode or only I am clueless & speechless? Just like the script has NOTHING to offer, I think I have run out of the words as well.

They showed that 5 years have passed but did it make any sense? NO! Arez was still crying over what Soni did & how she scurried to Sunny’s home? All this was being discussed after she got married to someone else & also got divorced. No wonder it had to happen considering the length of her crappy crappy tongue. But seriously, don’t they know the art of MOVING ON in their lives? Why Arez is still stuck at what happened 5 years ago & actually I am wondering what difference did it make to move the story forward by half a decade? It WAS stupid & still is.

Is it just me or it looked like Eeshal has lost her brains completely? 5 years have passed & not even an inch of grass on Sunny’s head, proving the point once again that his skull is barren & nothing can be produced out of it. I thought Eeshal was intelligent because we were spoon fed with this fact again & again so at this point I am wondering IF this is what intelligence is, then Einstien must be Eva’s brother.

Why do they think that the people who are playing the roles of the friends as fillers are supposed to be acting-free. Who is this new found friend of Eeshal who is literally baby sitting her with zero acting to her credit? Ali is batameez, it was pretty evident & IF this is why Eeshal stayed in a relation with Sunny then I think she didn’t calculate that how Ali will take it after Sunny!

Why all of a sudden I heard a word DAD in this whole episode? It is something alien? Some alien is known as some Dad in this drama? I thought he was gone for good & now repetitively it was mentioned that Dad is doing charity work, Dad is doing charity work as if he we are interested to know? What went wrong between Eva & Eeshal? I mean if Eeshal estranged her sister just because she was in contact with their father, then I am not understanding why all this is happening?

Rehbar spoke about being a bright student in his childhood? I mean really? After 23 episodes they think we wanted to know how Rehbar performed academically? Eva goes like Eeshal wala Arez? How many Arezes does show know of that she had to use this reference? I think people who are dumb & have mental issues don’t last for too long but Eva seems to be doing good in her life with -zero IQ, is it really possible?

I think Arez just came back to show he had grown some hair which were chopped in the very next scene. Same thing happened with Shahraiz, good-for-nothing bloke. Arez is NOW by the end of the story wondering WHY Soni is so spoiled by her mother, so what was he doing all these years? Justifying the title KABHI KABHI, Kabhi Kabhi khayal a hi jata hai psycho behan ka.

Is this drama making ANY sense AT ALL? I think the writer is liable & answerable to all of us for WHY she put us through this hell? In the end just an expression which I have never used but I will use it now to show my mental state after watching this piece of crap….WHAT THE HELL MAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Keep Supporting, (in fact don’t – on this pathetic serial)
Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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