Karb – Episode 5 & 6

This drama is certainly getting more interesting now. Hania has managed to get married to Hamza and the difference between them has already started surfacing. Not to sound a feminist but I really think its atleast 60% Hamza’s fault. He is not willing to change any of his habits and ways and expects Hania to conform to all of this. This drama, in a way is actually depicting true Pakistani mentality where the in laws are certainly nice but they expect too much in return of their niceness. They are totally accepting of the fact that Hamza is dry and strict but expect Hania to change all her silly ways overnight, though they knew her well earlier and she certainly did not beg Hamza to marry her nor did she make any promises to convert into a domesticated and submissive wife. While I find her romantic dialogues for Hamza a bit too over the top, I find Hamza’s dry and smug responses equally annoying.


On the other hand, I didn’t feel that Hania’s mom is justified either. She is ruining her daughter’s perfectly innocent and good natured mentality and especially saying things against the humble and caring Mahnoor seemed cruel, since she is already saddened by her childlessness.


Now that Hania has married Hmaza, both Hania and Aina get to know abut Alia’s love for Hamza. I really liked the way Aina handled the situation. She is shown such a nice girl that even I was happy when she gave news of expecting a baby and her husband being very happy about it. She surely does deserve that. Hania on the other hand reacted just as was expected of her. To her, Hamza is a prized possession and she is far too shallow the put herself in someone else’s shoes. Infact all of her family is like that. Her bhabi, being a married responsible woman herself acts very stupid by the way she tempts and teases Hania about Faisal.


Now that we are seeing that Hania’s self obsession and Hamza’s pride are clashing, there will certainly be much more drama in the coming episodes…



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