Kashf Last Episode Story Review – Award Winning Performances

Ohkay so, the last episode of Kashf belonged to Junaid Khan. This episode was basically a materialization of all the dreams that Kashf saw in the past few days, therefore all that happened was already pretty much expected, however seeing it in actual was emotionally overwhelming & heart-wrenching. This drama has been nothing short of an amazing journey that imparted amazing lessons along the way.

As much as it also showed how Kashf was made to use the vulnerabilities of people to her family’s benefits, she too was exploited exactly because of that. This was basically a chain reaction that was started off by Imtiyaz & then others started following his lead & they all contributed towards Kashf’s young death. This episode was gripping & didn’t allow me to look away for a second because of the way it was directed & how the lead actors acted. Team Kashf should actually be proud of the efforts they have put in & for doing complete justice to such a uniquely themed drama.

Minute Details

The highlight of this episode for me was the moment when Wajdan was having breakfast in the beginning. It was right at that moment, without uttering a word Junaid Khan made it clear that Wajdan was not in his senses anymore. Then this episode became all about minute details, such as Wajdan holding a hot saucepan with his hands, the petals on Zoya’s face which showed that although this was the beginning of what she had always wanted, the actual picture was daunting & not as beautiful as she had imagined it to be.

I also liked the fact that there were a lot of changes in Kashf’s body language like it was pretty obvious that she was in emotional turmoil & on top of that her dreams were making her restless but it showed that her mental, as well as physical health, was deteriorating. The last time she saw the dream, it was almost as if she realized what it was indicating. Another detail was Kashf taking a bath, wearing Ittar & then getting to drink Aab-e-Zamzam. It was almost as if the plot was being set for her & she was doing everything that was getting her prepared for her eternal journey ahead.

Kashf Last Episode Story Review - Award Winning Performances

The director Danish Nawaz as well as the writer Imran Nazeer should take a bow for adding these minute & intricate details which actually made it easy to grasp what was yet to come. The way Kashf had absolutely no expression in her eyes while drinking Aab e Zamzam suggested that she was already in a state of trance. The things she said to her mother as well as others yet again suggested that she firmly believed in speaking the truth. Hira Mani should also take a bow for giving Kashf’s character such a realistic treatment, the way she laid there, motionless, with tears glistening on her eyelashes, that moment is going to stay ingrained in the minds of those viewers who were emotionally invested in Kashf’s character & her journey.

I did find the ending to be a bit abrupt. I am sure the director didn’t want to take away the attention from Kashf but actually, it did look like a badly edited last scene where they just ended it like that. Although in the previous episode, it was already suggested that Kashf’s family will suffer & her father will be left begging on the streets but at least, a few scenes following Kashf’s death were necessary I feel to actually make the ending complete & not leaving the viewers asking for more.

The way scenes covering Kashf’s last moments & Wajdan’s state of mind were merged was another favorite part of this episode. I couldn’t help but feel for Wajdan because he too lost track of his life & was now going to suffer for the rest of his life. Junaid Khan’s expressions throughout the episode were beyond impressive. It showed that he had lived through Wajdan’s character & now it all boiled down to this point because of which he had so much clarity in portraying what Wajdan was going through. The way he kept on looking at the ceiling while having breakfast showed that he had already lost coordination & wanted to just be left on his own, in his own imaginary world where he was still with Kashf.

I do wish we had gotten to see Ashi, Dilshad, Imtiyaz, Zoya as well as Rashida’s sufferings a bit more. However, it is understandable that the two main people who were the center of attention; Kashf & Wajdan’s tragic ending would already bring a lot of misery upon them. I was disappointed when I figured out the ending last week, I still feel sad because even after doing so much Kashf had to die to find peace otherwise her family would’ve never changed. A few more details such as her father forcing her to focus on her dreams, her mother explaining to Kashf how much Zoya loves Wajdan showcased how emotionally absent they were. They did have empathy but it was selective & not meant for Kashf, whereas she was the one who needed it the most. It was like her family had grown aloof to her feelings & for them, she was just a puppet they were happy to control.

Kashf Last Episode Story Review - Award Winning Performances

Kashf had a sad ending but it does make sense. I still feel the abrupt ending partly took away the impact it would’ve made. Seeing Imtiyaz as well as Matiullah in a bad state would’ve been cathartic because the viewers got to see them putting Kashf through so much, therefore the visuals of them suffering were necessary. The same goes for Zoya, Dilshad & Ashi too because we all got to see their selfishness, I think as viewers we deserved to see them suffering too.

Award-Winning Performances

Hira Mani & Junaid Khan should be super proud of themselves for portraying Kashf & Wajdan’s characters to perfection. I am absolutely sure that no one other than Hira Mani would do justice to Kashf’s character. Her realness & overall approach towards this character made it what it was. Junaid Khan did justice to all the shades of Wajdan’s character as well. Danish Nawaz deserves full credit for directing Kashf phenomenally. All these little details that he added made this drama a lot more meaningful. Waseem Abbas; I don’t think anything said about his performance as Imtiyaz would be enough because the way he approached this character & showcased all the emotions was sheer excellence. It shows what a phenomenal performer he is.

Munazzah Arif as Dilshad, Hajra Khan as Ashi, Samina Ahmed as Daadi, Lubna Aslam as Rashida, Sabeena Farooq as Zoya, Maryam Noor as Shumaila, Saleem Mairaj as Matiullah & Tania Hussain as Irum were all brilliant. Sabeena Farooq in particular has shown her caliber as an actor & performer, she really made us all hate Zoya’s character. Writer Imran Nazeer definitely deserves an award for bringing such a unique script & brilliantly written characters – it is a rarity where Pakistani drama viewers come across such dramas, therefore it also gives hope to viewers like us that we still have such skillful writers who can wow us with their creativity & imagination & bring us an award-winning content such as Kashf. Kashf will be remembered for a long long time for the story, characters, direction & most importantly award-winning performances. The entire team of this drama should be super proud of what they have achieved. Please share your thoughts about the last episode of Kashf.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Agreed, the last episode was too abrupt. We couldn’t even believe that that was the end. Honestly, I expected Wajdan to die too because of the dream Kashf had that he would be dancing madly and she would come to him.

    • Yes, the ending seemed too abrupt, I think it definitely needed a few more scenes to make it complete. In the previous episode, they made it very clear that Wajdan will lose his sanity & Kashf will die. :(

  • Very measured review.. i was awestruck while seeing expressions of Junaid Khan. He stole the show and Hira mani just wow. It was definitely something unique which we saw. However, ending was rushed to. I wanted to see her family suffers too. But without both main characters it was not possible.. indeed, danish nawaz and Imran nazeer deserve award for the show and also hira and junaid. Your reviews of kashf were delightful and so detailed..

    • Thank you so much, Waqar for your kind words & for being a consistent reader. :) Absolutely, the entire team has done wonders but the writer, director & main leads definitely deserve recognition for such an amazing project. I so agree, we all needed to see their suffering as well, but I do understand that the director wanted the entire focus on Wajdan & Kashf.

  • Very well written review Zahra! The end of the last episode did leave me wanting for more. It did end abruptly. Although they did show Matiullah praying and a bit of disbelief on Imtiyaz’s face but I really wished to see them repenting or suffering a little bit. It was shown as a dream but a little bit of reality touch would’ve been good. Also, Ashi and her husband were totally missing.

    The last few episodes were shot a bit differently, I don’t know if it was the lighting. I also couldn’t connect to Asma Abbas as Rashida and the use of a body double in her scenes didn’t help either. Needless to say, I would have liked to see Rashida feeling sorry too. The dream about Hajra was also left open ended. I did like the ending that Zoya got.

    Although I did realize that Kashf taking bath, wearing Ittar and drinking the holy water did mean something, but I’m not sure about its significance. Can you please explain that for me Zahra!

    Hira Mani, Junaid Khan, Waseem Abbas and Sabeena Farooq have acted brilliantly throughout. Their acting headed by the director and beautiful writing made it a hit for me.

    Thanks to you for your brilliant reviews throughout Zahra! It was a pleasure seeing the drama through your eyes too and thank you also for always being patient and explaining things in detail. All the best for your next one!

    P.S. – Is Mohabbatein Chahatein replacing Kashf? Its promos give me a ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ feel, but are interesting. Which one will you be reviewing next?

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for your kind words & for being a consistent reader. :) I totally agree, they should’ve shown everyone’s sufferings in a few scenes because we all got to see them just being vile & selfish with Kashf. It would’ve been so nice honestly.

      Kashf actually took a bath, wore an ittar & drank Zamzam, it signified that she was being purified. In Islam, when a person dies, he or she is given bath & then buried, so it kind of denoted that Kashf died in an absolute clean & pure state & drinking of Zamzam was an added bonus which out of nowhere showed up at her doorstep, so it meant that the last thing she had was the Holy water. It was all related to her getting rewards for being a good person moments before she passed away.

      All the actors have absolutely done wonders & so did the director & the writer. I do agree about the lighting & some of the editing glitches, I am sure they had a hard time completing the project with very few people on the shooting location due to Covid-19.

      I haven’t seen the promos of Mohabbatain Chahatain but I was actually looking forward to it. Let’s see if I’ll take it up for reviewing or may be Qarar of Sanam Jung. Will watch the first episodes to make up my mind but I am gravitating towards Hira Mani’s drama. :)

      • Thanks for explaining Zahra….Now I get it! Kashf did have a strange expression while she was drinking the holy water. May be she knew what is ahead of her… however, while watching I thought if someone has sent poisoned drink for Kashf (May be Zoya) and that is how Kashf will die….but it was just a mysterious sudden death.

        All through the drama, I wished a happy ending for Kashf….sad that it didn’t happen. This still makes sense.

        • I know, we all wanted to see her free but the writer showed that it was only death that could set her free because people around her were too corrupt & self-absorbed to even think of favoring her. Yes, in that scene it seemed she was just grasping everything & trying to bring about a peace in herself.

  • Dear Zahra, you did justice to this drama with your brilliant reviews. Thanks for this wonderful journey and your insights in explaining many scenarios.

    I literally cried when Kashf passes away even though I was expecting it. It was heart wrenching. I am glad she didn’t pass away after her last conversation with Wajdan. Their promo kind of suggested that. It was left to our imagination through dreams, how everybody’s lives will be unhappy. It was a beautiful drama. It will be missed.

    • Thank you so much Sophia for your kind words, it means a lot. :) Yes, even I was in tears seeing Kashf lifeless but with so much peace on her face, showing that she was now completely free. It was heartwrenching indeed. Yes, they did show the entire picture through the dreams but seeing some clips would’ve completed the ending. It definitely was a very interesting drama that kept us all engaged & guessing for so many weeks. I will miss watching Kashf.

    • Yes, I did read the name & was wondering where have I heard it before. It’s absolutely sweet, I am sure this was Danish Nawaz’s way of dedicating this project to his father. May Allah bless the departed soul. Ameen.

    • I noticed that too
      And they actually ended it the way it ended to show the grave
      Maybe paying a tribute this way

  • Gr8 review zahra, I liked the ending, but as u said, atleast one scene should have been shown the family members suffering, and I feel that Matiullah is not going to suffer.
    Junaid khan and hira mani gave performances of lifetime. Junaid Khan actually surprised me with such brilliance specially in the last 2 episodes.

    There was slight confusion in junaid’s state of mind, bcoz at times he was behaving totally lost, and after marriage, in his scene with Zoya, he was in his senses, , even in is scene with Kashf, so didnt understand that.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for appreciating the review. Yes, they should’ve added a scene or two because they invested a lot of time in showing their selfishness, it was necessary for us to see them suffering in real. Hira & Junaid were the stars of the show for sure. I think they just showed a gradual deterioration in his mental state, this is why despite being in his senses, he was totally lost & had no control over his emotions.

  • I remember saying that I would need tissues if Kashf dies–I needed a whole box of those yesterday
    oohkay so I’ve seen critics criticising the drama as a whole so I’m gonna put up a few things I learnt from it:
    *How people are using religion as a means of earning by playing with people’s feelings (MatiUllah)
    *How people who ACTUALLY have divine gifts are exploited (kashf)
    *How money changes people
    *One rash move can ruin your life, so think carefully
    *Greed is a buri balla (imtiaz and co)
    *Teen tallaaq should be abolished as it is a rash decision and ruins lives, so divorce should be taken after putting a lot of thought on the matter
    *Your children’s happiness should be above everything

    P.S: I’m gonna rewatch the episode where they got married and my babies are HAPPY to down my sorrows :(

  • Sabeena Farooq made me feel very sorry for zoya when she got married and that shows that either she’s a great actor or I’m too empathetic

  • Superb episode…great work by the entire cast n production team! The ending was perfect and no other ending could have justified this spiritual journey…highly motivational character of Kashf brilliantly etched out by the writer n acted out by Hira Mani. One thing is for sure that in these last few weeks Hum tv has produced some great and remarkable content instead of bringing cliche stories like Ary n Geo. Pyar k Sadqe, Dilruba, sabaat, tarap n now Kashf. All great storylines with high production values and superb direction. Keep up this kind of good work Hum Network!

  • Perfect last episode. As you say, award winning performances as you said. I just wanted a few more scenes at the end showing Kashf’s family suffering. Loved this unconventional drama. Hina Maani and Junaid did a great in particular.

    One loose end, there was a dream where someone died and everyone in the family was saying Hajra chali gaye. Who was Hajra? I missed that completely.

  • Don’t know if that true “the one who sees the future dies”. May be that’s why she didn’t even tell anyone about the dream . She did listen to her husband & decided not to continue Astana but that didn’t work because of the challenges she has to faced . At the end she accepted money from the same source of income that runs Astana too . The point is that whoever takes the money on behalf of Astana has to go through something bad or challenges in their life . Wajdan couldn’t able to do much after her decision to stay with her father & continue running the Astana as she didn’t have any option no more. She was fighting for herself till end until Wajdan left her . If she didn’t die they still going to use her & take money from people who believes in all these .
    So at the end everybody is empty handed . This is just my opinion .

  • Zahra Mirza api u r the best riviewer I have ever scene u do justice to good u r not like fuschia to critisize. Love u api. Stay happy and blessed.

  • Thank you for your review of Kashf. I totally agree with everything that u’ve said. Must say the last episode had the feel of the age old tragic love stories like Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet and although Wajdan didn’t die but he wasn’t alive either! I just LOVED Junaid Khan’s performance. This is probably the first time I’ve noticed him as an actor. Prior to this he was always Call ka Junaid Khan for me! I agree that it ended a little too suddenly. Would have been cathartic to see the rest of the family as well as Matiullah suffer. Must say I would have liked the last scene to be Wajdan dancing on the mazaar like Kashf had dreamt but Kashf actually comes and touches his face and Wajdan also peacefully passes away. Having said all of that, it was great to watch a drama so different from the usual saas bahu routine. Congratulations to the whole team!!

  • Thanks for the great review. I felt very sad at the ending but this was the only option left to end this drama. After a long time I am hooked to some drama and each episode was brilliant. I was not fan of Junaind Khan but he did a great job throughout the drama and specially the last two episode. Hira mani and Wasim Abbas were too good and enjoyed watching them. So many things to learn from this drama, very meaningful. Hira Mani looked so beautiful in last scenes. They should have shown the sufferings of the family too and needed some more details in the end but overall it was a great drama. Congratulations to writer and director.

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