Kathputli – Episode 07!

Kathputli – Episode 07!

Ohkay so, this episode of Kathputli was good because it showed the solution to the problems that Ahad & Mehru were facing & also, it showed how people like Ehtashaam can be dealt with. I think our dramas mostly focus on showing the problems & very rarely they shed a light on the solutions, but at least at this stage of this drama, they decided to show how people can bring themselves out of their misery if they want to, which was refreshing to see.

Sonia thought that Ahad & Mehru should get married because she assumed that they both not only knew but liked each other as well. Just because Sonia got to know that they were spotted at an apartment together, she believed that they actually were going out & wanted to be with each other. Even though Sonia paid more heed to her assumptions, what she decided for them was actually in good spirit & gave Ahad & Mehru a hope that they had lost after being abandoned by their families.

Ahad deemed Sonia’s proposal as a head-start that he needed in order to make his life better, that is why he tried to convince Mehru to go ahead with what was being told them to do as well. I actually liked the way Ahad tried to make Mehru realize how they both had no other option then to accept what the life was offering to them at this stage. Ahad has lived a life of desperation & with no support from his family, he understood that he had to hold onto this opportunity because this was a golden chance that life was giving to him. Mehru at first seemed a little confused but it was good to know that the phone conversation with Saira put things into perspective & she realized that she had to let go of the glimmer of hope that he was holding onto which made her feel that may be her brothers will let her come back into their lives.

I liked the way Sonia dealt with Ehtasham. She made it clear that she wasn’t going to budge & there was no amount of money that could force her to let go of her plans & make her forget her principles. Sonia convinced Ehtasham that he had already pushed Mehru out of his life, so there was no point in being concerned about her life & death, which was actually true. Ehtasham did what he wanted to, so now he shouldn’t have concerned himself with what Sonia was planning for Mehru & her future. Ehtasham found it in his heart to throw Mehru out of his life so then he should have grown the spine to let her life freely now that she was out from his home.

Mehru wanted to get in contact with Shiraz but Saira talked her out of it, which was partially wise & partially unwise too. Like Shiraz said, Mehru saw him as someone who would shape her life & he was her last hope, so may be if Shiraz had learned that Mehru was alive, he would’ve went out of the way to help her. Yes, getting married to her would’ve been impossible for now as Mehru needed secrecy the most, but may be Shiraz could’ve come up with a plan or something, but then Saira knew that Shiraz belonged to Ehtasham’s family & Mehru’s relationship with Shiraz could’ve put her life in danger, that’s why she told her not to get in contact with him & maintain a distance as much as she could. Even Shiraz finds himself guilty of leaving Mehru in the lurch & it will take some time for him to snap out of it, but for now I am unable to understand what role Shiraz & his wife will play in this drama?

Overall, this episode was good & I liked Ahad’s approach towards this opportunity & his marriage to Mehru because he not only believes in shaping up his life but he also understands that Mehru is an individual who can have certain dreams that she might want to pursue too. Ahad doesn’t want to turn this relationship into a typical marriage because he has a lot of other things to take care of & that is why he also believes in giving Mehru the freedom & space she might need to decide what sort of future she wants for herself, which I felt was quite thoughtful of him. He did seem a little selfish but then he is someone who has always felt defeated, so it is natural for him to get a little selfish in this regard plus there’s always a possibility that he would want to remain married to Mehru as he might start liking her. Anyways, the preview of the next episode showed that things will start getting ugly between Mehru & Ahad because by the end of the day, they are two complete strangers who were forced to be together. I hope they don’t drag this aspect & give coverage to it more than it requires. So far, this journey has been great & more than that, it has been on-point, so let’s see what more it has to offer. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathputli.

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