Kathputli Episode 12 – Not Much Happening!

Kathputli Episode 12 – Not Much Happening!

Ohkay so, this episode was decent but it focused more on the side characters. I feel if the side characters get more coverage, then things become a lot more repetitive, which doesn’t do any good to the pace or the purpose of the drama.

Mehru has started taking care of Ahad’s father in such a way that she has compelled him to become more respectful towards her. Even though Ahad’s father does not admit it in front of Mehru or Ahad, in his heart he knows that Mehru is not only different to Mehwish, but she is far better than her as well. Despite getting married to Ahad in such dire situation, on the basis of humanity, Mehru has started respecting not only Ahad but his father too. However, it would have been better if they had shown that along with the change of heart, Ahad’s father had a change of attitude towards Mehru too because the way he speaks to her still feels that he is demeaning her, which isn’t a good thing to watch.

Zeenat & her concerns for her daughter have become totally repetitive. Yes, we get it, she regrets what she did with her daughter & there’s nothing more to it & there can’t be because what she speaks about every single time is the same thing over & over again. She is completely responsible for how Mehru’s life shaped up & she is also responsible for giving Ehtashaam the leeway & so much of an authority to rule over Mehru’s life. Now all she can do is cry because there’s nothing else that can be done & we won’t be sympathizing with her on her repetitive dialogues every time!

I find the problems between Saira & Ehtashaam a bit forced. Saira is such a person who believes in reasoning & that is why in the initial stages of her marriage we saw how she used to engage in a conversation with Ehtashaam leaving him speechless because she made sense & also because she had an idea of how she should be tackling her husband as she understood his nature, so to see Saira doing something despite knowing that her husband won’t approve of it wasn’t a wise choice. Yes, she wanted to go to her mother’s place which was her right, but then she could’ve done that after having a conversation with Ehtashaam because she knows how to convince him. I feel just because Umair has made an entry, things have to get rough between Ehtashaam & Saira so that Umair gets a fair bit of coverage too, even though he has nothing to do with what happened between both of them right now. Also, Saira’s character has made a shift, she is still the same with her mother in law, but she has suddenly changed her behavior with her husband, which definitely is unlike her & is making everything look a bit forced. Also, I don’t think after knowing her husband’s nature in & out & after being well aware of what he did to his own sister Mehru, Saira would be so careless or immature to get candid with Umair just like that!

Finally, Shiraz has made an entry again but this time with his wife Amna. Shiraz & Amna are Mehru & Ahad’s neighbors & I don’t know what sort of a neighbor Shiraz will be, but for now, Amna is quite a nosy neighbor who asks a bit too many questions & is taking a bit too much interest in Mehru’s life.

Mehru’s father in law passed out because of his BP issues & very conveniently Ahad blamed Mehru for it. I don’t think Ahad’s behavior with Mehru was justified that too after he knows how difficult & rude his father is. Ahad’s concerns before bringing his father to their home were genuine as it looked like he was well aware of how rigid his father can be & how he was capable of giving Mehru a hard time, so despite knowing everything, his cold attitude with Mehru was uncalled for. Also, I know Ahad’s father had a hard time because of Mehwish, but it’s no fun seeing him crying buckets over the same thing time & again because now everything related to him is taking a toll on Mehru & she doesn’t deserve that!

Overall, this episode was fairly decent but I feel the sudden shift in the characters has been made only to stretch things & we all know when things get stretched, dramas get dragged too. Even though I didn’t have much expectations from Gohar Mumtaz’s wife Anum considering it being her first project, but I most certainly didn’t expect her acting to be this bad. Her body language, her hunched shoulders & her stammering clearly showed her lack of confidence as an actor & for that reason, I believe the director could’ve easily chosen someone else for this job. I think the drama is at such a stage where things will become quite slow & repetitive & every single episode won’t be giving us much to talk about, therefore I have decided that I will review Kathputli fortnightly, at least that way we will have enough content to discuss for sure. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathpulti.

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