Kathputli Episode 13 & 14 – A Very Positive Message!

Kathputli Episode 13 & 14 – A Very Positive Message!

Ohkay so, these past two episodes of Kathputli were thoroughly enjoyable. I am glad that even though a few of the things don’t make much sense & have been coaxed, the rest of it is interesting enough to make the episodes a good watch. This drama sends out a lot of good messages & has been tackled decently by the director. I do however feel that a few scenes & the coverage of some of the characters could’ve been omitted because it doesn’t really add much to the story but other than that, everything in this drama is working for me.

It is absolutely heart warming how Mehru has not only sticked with her decision of taking care of Ahad’s father, but she has also accepted him as her own father too because everything that she does for him comes straight from her heart. Mehru didn’t mind what Ahad said in agitation because she knew that Ahad was quite tensed about his father, therefore she decided to ignore what he said. This is what I love about Mehru’s character & personality the most, she is not a mazloom aurat & she most certainly is defensive enough to take a stand for herself when she sees that she is being mistreated, but when the situation arises, she lets go of a lot of things as she understands the complexity & intricacy of the situation, which makes her a very strong woman mentally. Quite conveniently, Mehru could’ve blown things out of proportion & she could’ve made a fuss about Ahad being rude or she could’ve blamed Ahad’s father for being rigid, but she didn’t do any of that as she knew that it was just a misunderstanding which can be subsided, but what was more important at that point was to keep things normal & that’s what a wise person would also do.

I really like how that characters are evolving in this drama. Yes, there are a few characters who’re stuck in a rut & choose not to budge, but the characters that make this drama worthwhile are the one’s that are evolving for all the right reasons. Ahad’s father was quite bitter & negative & didn’t leave a good first impression, but he depicts how a little bit of love, care & attention changes someone’s heart & personality completely. Ahad’s father; who used to be such a rigid person has now turned out to be someone who not only appreciates what Ahad & Mehru do for him, but has become quite understanding in the matters concerning them, where he encourages them to spend time together. I really liked how Ahad’s father chose to be a bigger person & admit his mistakes because he saw how Ahad was being harsh on Mehru & how Mehru was tolerating everything silently.

The way Ahad dealt with the entire situation was actually quite sweet. I love how all these characters are shown to be so accommodating & easy going that they don’t mind accepting when they are at fault. The moment Ahad heard the truth from his father, he realized that he was not wrong in judging Mehru, he also went overboard in holding her responsible for everything without thinking things through, that is why he chose to gift her some flowers, to break the ice & start afresh. We hardly get to see such characters who extend such gestures towards their spouses to make things right & we ‘never’ get to see such husbands who go out of the way to make their ‘wives’ happy. What Ahad did was actually quite sweet where he wanted to make things right & also appreciate Mehru for all the things that she was doing.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the bonding that Ahad, Ahad’s Father & Mehru share with each other, it’s like all of a sudden, they have become one happy family that understands each other & believes in empowering each other emotionally. I loved everything that Mehru said to Ahad about how she won’t allow anyone to mistreat her anymore. Going by the circumstances Mehru went through & seeing how she was always oppressed by her brothers, the writer could’ve conveniently used those things to turn Mehru into a bechari who chose to accept mistreatment & oppression as her fate, but Faiza Iftikhar gave us something entirely different by showing us a girl who learned how to protect herself using all her bitter experiences as an example & who chose to put her respect ahead of everything else. Very easily, Mehru could’ve made herself understand that this is what life was going to offer to her but it is amazing how even though things became easier for her after she got married to Ahad, Mehru chose not to compromise on her pride, dignity & respect. Mehru has clearly told Ahad that she wants to be respected because she respects her self & she doesn’t want mistreatment because she has endured that enough already. I like how Ahad also understands Mehru & he has made a promise that he won’t do anything that will upset her. For me, that is something absolutely beautiful!!!

Well, Umair must be doing a victory dance because his attempts of causing a rift between Saira & Ehtasham didn’t go to waste. I find it amusing how Umair thinks he’s a savior & Saira needs his back. Saira is another beautiful & strong character & her politeness & honesty are her strengths, so to see Umair moving around like a headless chicken worrying about his sister is completely unjustified & unnecessary. Saira clearly told Umair how things roll differently in Ehtashaam’s house, so it is actually quite annoying that in stead of understanding, Umair is causing more troubles for Saira. I totally feel that Saira is mentally & emotionally very strong & she most certainly knows how to deal with her own baggage her way, but the interference of Umair is taking that away from her, which is definitely not needed. Umair at one hand tries to portray that he cares about Saira a lot but on the other hand, he himself fails to understand that everything he says or does doesn’t help Saira at all. Saira on her own is a very strong girl & she doesn’t need an intruder like Umair to fight her battles for her, so I wish Umair understands his position & stop being a pain for Saira. I most certainly believe that the character of Umair has been given unnecessary coverage in this drama & his presence doesn’t really work for me at all. He is coming across as a male version of ‘phappay kutni’ & that doesn’t suit a guy of that age at all because guys don’t really get into nitty gritty of their sisters’ personal lives, so his concerns are forced & unjustified!!!

Ehtashaam is still as arrogant as he is & once again, I will blame Zeenat for that. Every single time I see Zeenat’s character blurting out things in Ehtashaam’s favor where she indirectly tells Saira to accept his mistreatment as her fate, I feel like throwing my TV out of the window. She is so unreasonable & her fear & oppression is self imposed. Zeenat needs to understand that she is a mother & she can control everything, but she chooses to be come a chicken in front of Ehtashaam, that is why Ehtashaam has turned out to be this way & he gets away with everything. All the things Zeenat said to Saira about accepting Ehtashaam’s attitude & nature without questioning him were so bizarre. I wish the character of Zeenat evolves too. Zeenat has lost her own daughter because of Ehtashaam & it is actually quite infuriating that despite knowing about the reality & in stead of confronting Ehtashaam, she is choosing to give him leeway again & again by overlooking his past & present mistakes. Looks like Zeenat will happily lose Saira too but she will choose not to confront Ehtashaam for his irrationality!!!

Amna’s interest in Mehru’s life is another thing that has been coaxed, also, as if Amna wasn’t enough that even Shiraz has become fixated with his neighbors. I would hate to see things becoming ugly & stressful between Ahad & Mehru because after a lot of suffering, they both have found their comfort zones & they are now at a happy place together, where Ahad has already fallen in love with Mehru & Mehru is started to warm up to him, but seems like Shiraz won’t be able to contain himself & he will intrude in Mehru’s life without her consent. I hope to see Mehru & Ahad dealing with Mehru’s past together as a team that too with maturity because that is what is needed. I really hope that Ahad doesn’t back out in a hope to unite Mehru & Shiraz.

Overall, I really really enjoyed watching the last two episodes of Kathputli. There were so many moments that were heart-warming like Mehru & Ahad’s father having a heart-to-heart conversation, also like Ahad giving flowers to Mehru & promising to never hurt her again. There were a few cringe-worthy things that happened too like Saira getting slapped without a reason because that thing could have been & should have been avoided. Another cringe-worthy thing, character & actor in this drama is Umair, his presence is so not required & the acting of the actor make things equally worse. I really really like how the writer has written the characters of Mehru, Ahad, Ahad’s father & Saira, they make this drama really interesting to watch. Sanam Chaudhry is such a brilliant actress & I love how her eyes speak. Farhan Ahmed Malhi has done a brilliant job as Ahad too & I really like the chemistry & the element of respect between the characters of Mehru & Ahad. Shiraz & Amna are also just a couple of fillers who are going to be used to drag the drama but I wish the director doesn’t rely much on them because they’re not appealing enough. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Kathputli.

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