Thora Sa Aasman Episode 08 – Another Great Episode!

Thora Sa Aasman Episode 08 – Another Great Episode!

Ohkay so, this episode of Thora Sa Aasman was quite interesting like all the previous episodes. I really like how the director has kept a special focus on the pace of the drama. Even though there are so many characters but every single time a new character gets introduced, the old characters along with the new ones are given enough coverage to make the viewers form a bond with them. I like how the director has kept everything quite effortless & everything flows in harmony together, also another intelligent approach of the director that I would like to talk about is the perfect balance that he has maintained in between the contrast of situations as it immediately changes the perspective & the mood of the viewer with a change in every single scene.

Ambar & Rakhsi have become quite good friends & no one around Ambar understands what is it about Rakshi that has impressed her so much that she can’t stop talking about her. Ambar has let everyone around know that she & Rakshi share a very good bond & more than that, Ambar feels for Rakshi because she knows that the circumstances in her life are tough. I like how Ambar has pride in her friendship with Rakshi as well as a sympathy for her friend too, it showcases how Ambar has a very big heart & she is selfless when it comes to the people that she loves. Rakshi is just as much impressed with Ambar & even though she sees her as a good friend, Rakshi is in an awe of Ambar because Ambar has all those things in her life that Rakshi doesn’t.

Haroon Kamal once again made an entry & his brief interaction with Ambar was enough to let us know that he is just the same person he was years & years ago. He couldn’t keep his eyes of Ambar & that is why he chose to use the collaboration with Mansoor as a means of getting closer to Ambar. Haroon Kamal hated what Baqir Sherazi demanded & how he wanted to bring Shahista in his life but now at this stage, Haroon Kamal is doing the exact same thing or may be even worse because he has his sights at a girl who qualifies to be his daughter. Haroon Kamal is a like a contagious disease because everywhere he goes, he only brings negativity with him. Haroon Kamal didn’t even think twice before planting a seed of doubt in Mansoor’s mind against his brother. Mansoor is the one who has invested a big percentage of money in this business but Masood is like a partner who contributes in the business mentally, just as much as Mansoor does, but just because Haroon told him that he had an upper hand, Mansoor didn’t even question the thought & went ahead with the collaboration & didn’t bother discussing things with Masood, let alone inform him about what he was going to do. Haroon Kamal is quite persuasive & Mansoor seems simple minded in that regard, so I am sure, Haroon will make the most of the situation without even allowing Mansoor to know about the game that he is playing upon him!

Talha has started to give Aneela a little more importance & attention than he should be giving. It is interesting that even though Safiya & Osama are younger than Amber & Talha, they both are far more mature & wise in comparison to their elder siblings. Osama also finds it odd that Talha is being a little more cordial with Aneela as he can already see where things are headed. Talha has started to see Aneela in a positive light & I am sure it won’t take him too long before he will start comparing Ambar with Aneela & will end up seeing Aneela as a far more better & compatible match to him than Ambar. It is ironic because Ambar & Talha believed that the strength of their relationship was the trust they had in each other but sadly, that trust is subsiding while both of them are oblivious of it.

It was amusing that where Haroon should’ve been happy at the mention of Asad wanting Ambar to become his life partner, he got a little uneasy & didn’t seem amused. Haroon must not be in his right state of mind to believe that he will be able to woo a girl like Ambar who is probably half his age. Muneeza’s attitude with Rakhsi was another nudge on the condescending attitude that the standard conscious people have. Muneeza wouldn’t have had any issues if Rakshi had belonged to a sound background or lived in a locality that Muneeza must’ve approved, but just because Rakshi didn’t fit the bill, Muneeza disapproved of the friendship Ambar shares with her & also told her to maintain a distance. I liked how Ambar took a stand for Rakshi because she is clean & bighearted in comparison to Muneeza.

Rakhsi is more or less facing all the problems that her mother Saiqa faced & she is enduring the brunt of all the social pressures that sadly people who belong to such class of society go through. Even though Saiqa compromised on certain limits to give her daughters a better living, she couldn’t change the condition of her family considerably neither she could change the fate of her daughters. One of her daughters got murdered by her husband & Saiqa knows she can not do anything. Even though Rakshi wants to fight, Saiqa’s hesitance is justified as she knows that the world is brutal out there, especially for those who don’t have a support system of men like fathers or brothers, so Saiqa fears that the one who will end up losing everything in this battle will be Rakshi only, that is why she doesn’t want her to start anything. Sadly, the police inspector knows that Saiqa’s family won’t be able to win a case & he left quite an impression, so he is making most out of the situation.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I honestly am having a great time watching this drama. Everything has been packaged nicely & now I am eagerly waiting too see Fatima’s side of the story too & as the things are progressing, I have a feeling that she will make an appearance too. I just hope that the director will do justice to her story & character & also, the way things have been dealt with so far, I feel that the director won’t let us down. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Thora Sa Aasman.

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