Khaani Episode 6 Review – The Obsession

Khaani Episode 6 Review - The Obsession

So this episode was mainly about Hadi’s confusion as to what could make someone unafraid of him. He is basically a megalomaniac (someone who thrives on feeling powerful) whose whole world is shattered when a vulnerable young middle class girl stands up to face him. There were a lot of important issues raised in this episode, but the one things that deserves appreciation is Sana Javed’s acting. She did really well in this episode. Her dialogues when Hadi confronted him were on spot and delivered immaculately. The courage was not only conveyed through words but her body language, her stance, her eyes and that really made it a powerful scene. In her own way, she has become a thorn in Mir Hadi’s side, who is introduced to a new type of human beings that he did not know existed, those who still believes there is someone up high who controls all decisions and who are unafraid of everyone but Him. Till now he has only seen meeklings to whom he and his father are the only gods they know.

While Sana’s character is quite precise and inspiring, Feroze Khan is seeming like a psychopath altogether. Bothered by someone who wants to forget he even existed is the case of an extremely insecure and unstable person. On top of that, there is this glaring class difference where one girl has to leave her studies and work two jobs while travelling on public transport, and then there is this man who has the luxury of time and money to just aimlessly roam the streets in search of his newfound obsession in a brand new Jeep with armed servants. If they are trying to make Hadi’s character the shallowest, the weakest and very despicable, then the writer and director are on spot. However, the promo showed him using the word payar, which I hope is not what it will turn into, or atleast it will remain one sided if Hadi is deluded enough to believe it is love that he is in.

Rest of the episode was also not too bad. Khaani’s parents were totally supportive of their daughter’s decision of getting a job so they can make ends meet after the father’s paralysis. Salma Hassan and Sana Javed are a perfect mother daughter duo ; strong, independent yet very kind and caring. Saman Ansari is consistently doing well as the shallow , fake and selfish Sitara and so is Mehmood Aslam.

The last scene was well written and executed. Sarim had planned a surprise for Khaani which their younger sisters had to give her in very sad circumstances. As Khaani opened the thoughtful gifts, all three of them got wrapped up in their own grief for their loving brother who has gone too soon from their lives, but especially Khaani who shared a special bond with him that only twins can understand.

Khaani Episode 6 Review - The Obsession

Stay tuned for the next episode of this drama that is now picking pace and improving in dramatization too.

Mehwish Mansoor