Khaas Episode 10 Story Review – A Sarwat Nazeer Script

Opening Thoughts – A Sarwat Nazeer Script:

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Khaas. The good thing about the script of Khaas is that they are showing personality clash between the couple in a very unconventional but realistic manner. This drama actually is turning out to be a good watch & it is good that after a few basic initial episodes, Khaas has surely improved & is now looking like a Sarwat Nazeer script, which is a plus point.

Ammar Is Manipulative:

Saba is a girl with dreams & because she has gotten married to a guy like Ammar, she is now even more adamant to pursue her dreams only to prove it to him that he has no right to look down upon her. In this episode, they showcased how carefully Ammar was making an impression on everyone that he is an ideal husband & it was Saba who was going against him all the time. Saba knows what Ammar is like & what his mentality is but because she doesn’t want to hurt her parents, she keeps everything to herself. Also, it may not seem to others but Saba actually is doing everything to make this marriage works, she ignores, she tolerates, she stays silent & imbibes, but she is still trying to deal with a rigid person like Ammar in the name of marriage.

Ever since Ammar has done a favor for Faraz, he is quite sure that when the time will come, Faraz will not believe Saba & will side with Ammar. Slowly & steadily, Ammar is weaving a trap for Saba & even though she knows Ammar’s intentions, she hasn’t been so far-sighted about Ammar’s entire plan. Saba surely has landed herself in a trouble because no matter what she puts up with, Ammar & his family will obviously use Saba’s level-headedness against her. In this entire family, Nida was the one who sympathized with Saba as she could see that Ammar often mistreated her but now with Fakhir in the picture, it is highly likely that Nida will also turn against Saba. Right from the beginning it was pretty obvious that this marriage was not going to work but I like the writer’s approach in how she is going about it by showing all that is wrong about this relationship.

This episode also showcased budding friendship between Fakhir & Saba. Even though Fakhir is only being friendly with Saba because he has a soft corner for her, Saba did feel a little uncomfortable when the contact became frequent from Fakhir’s side. After a few interactions with Saba, Fakhir has realized that they both have a lot of common interests, that is another reason why he wants to stay in touch with her. Even though Saba has been fighting for her stand & her rights with Ammar almost everyday, it was still nice to see her reminding Fakhir that by the end of the day, he was Ammar’s friend & not hers. I still really like how they are showing the beginning of Saba & Fakhir’s equation where there is no hidden agenda but just some longing for companionship from Fakhir’s side.

Ammar’s mother solely holds Saba responsible for the rift between her & Ammar because in Kanwal’s opinion, Ammar is a perfect husband. Even though Saba doesn’t know but Faraz has also started to see the fault in Saba & he seems worried about the fact that Saba is failing to keep Ammar happy. It is sad that Faraz has started doubting Saba & hasn’t even for a second thought that Saba might have something to say about this entire situation as well. It is pretty obvious by now that just like Ammar said, Saba will have a hard time making everyone believe her because from a distance everyone can only see Ammar’s perfection. All the things that Sadaf said about girls being impatient these days also suggested that she will hold Saba’s temperament responsible for her failed marriage. So, there was a new entry in the story & she was Salma Javed (Hira Tareen). It was ironic that Ammar was getting impressed by all those traits of Salma that he himself doesn’t want to see in Saba.

Closing Thoughts – Intelligent Storytelling:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was very interesting. I like the subtlety with which every other scenario unfolds. There is nothing outrageously wrong or negative about any of the character but just some rigidity in the personality of Ammar which Saba is having a hard time dealing with. The story is surely keeping my interest intact because it shows how personality clash can also be a huge reason behind a failed marriage but then no one understands except the one who is in that situation. All the actors are doing a good job & the direction has improved over the episodes too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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