Khaas Episode 19 Story Review – Please Move On

Opening Thoughts – Move The Story Forward Please:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas showed how things further deteriorated between Saba & Ammar, not that things were ever good or decent between them but now, Saba is all alone & she was trying to take a break from this chaos, to collect her thoughts. I am actually looking forward to the next phase of Saba & Ammar’s track because a lot of time has been given to the kind of relationship they have shared & how everyone is finding it hard to believe Saba’s side of the story.

Saba Has Nowhere To Go:

Faraz not only proved that he was a coward, but she also showcased how tiny brained he was, where he didn’t even have the courage to confront or talk to Ammar. Faraz made the final decision of disowning Saba & he left telling her that she didn’t stand a chance to go back to her father’s home. Faraz is probably one of the worst fatherly figures ever written in the history of Pakistani dramas. To not believe is one thing but to totally burn the bridges & letting you daughter know that she is on her own & won’t get any emotional support is the worst thing a parent can do to their child. Faraz proved that he didn’t really mean the things he said to Saba because in his heart, he still felt that Saba was guilty of not doing justice to this relationship & by demanding a lot from Ammar in terms of emotions & respect!

Saba did the right thing by moving out of that toxic environment, it was much needed for her to just be away from Ammar. Saba has openly told Ammar for the first time that she hates him but Ammar really thought he had won this one because he felt this sense of pride & authority over Saba that she had nowhere to go & that he now owned her completely. Saba obviously has no idea what she is going to do or how she will convince her family but then, she is not going to stop because she has done everything to save this marriage but now when it is slipping away, she will let everyone know about that too. WIth parents like Faraz & Sadaf, Saba will have a lot of repeated convincing to do. Saba’s sister Samreen is another person who is going to create issues for Saba & would do everything to overrule whatever Saba will say because she also doesn’t want to become answerable to her in-laws, due to her own selfish reasons. They surely have shown it in the right manner how a girl, who is already going through so much, is framed by her family & is told to stay in a toxic relationship for the sake of face-saving.

Saba has found another true friend in the form of Javeria. Javeria not only understands Saba’s perspective, but she is well aware of all the things that Ammar has been upto, that is why Javeria is not only supporting Saba but she is also not being judgmental. Javeria’s husband was a wild-card entry & he behaved like a wild animal too. I totally feel that scene of Javeria’s husband pestering Saba could’ve been skipped because it just didn’t make any sense. Before I saw that scene, I was appreciating the effortlessness & the realness of the situations like the conversation between Javeria & her husband seemed so genuine, but to see her husband later judge Saba & make a pass at her was so unnecessary to show.

Ammar barged into Fakhir’s home & he confirmed Fakhir’s worst fears that Saba was in trouble. Even though Ammar has heard Nida’s testimony & he himself saw Fakhir’s phone calls on Saba’s phone but he still didn’t actually paid heed to this entire situation like he should have because in all honesty, even he knows in his heart that Saba is not capable of doing such a thing. Ammar is just using this entire situation to his benefit, so that he could get married to Salma. Ammar thinks he has scored a jackpot where without even revealing what was in his heart, he will be able to achieve that by maligning Saba’s reputation but he has no idea how all of this will come back at him later!

Closing Thoughts – Change In Scenario Much Needed:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was interesting but then again, I would love to see story moving forward with Ammar getting married to Salma & Saba finding a path of her own in her life. Everything else about this drama has been perfect, from direction to acting to realness in the situations & even dialogues. Sanam Baloch really needs to get her vocal chords checked & fixed because she sounds like chalk on a blackboard at times & it is very hard to even understand what she is saying. In the scene where Saba was having a conversation with Javeria after coming to her place, I could barely understand what Sanam Baloch said. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • Drama going smoothly and in a likeable way. But it has slowed down. Next episode might bring some advancement in the story as Ammar would share his feelings with his parents about Salma, hopefully things would not go in circles anymore. Ammar’s father is smelling a rat in Ammar-Saba scuffle, after he knows Ammar’s intention to marry Salma. This would be interesting to see if it goes as per expectations. Situations aur dialogues waqaee buhut realistic hain. This is the only drama in whole week these days on dozen of entertainment channels which has some content aur dekhney main maza aata hai. Itney dramoan pata naheen kyun chal rahay hain…

  • I personally found the story disgusting as hell. saba is as guilty as ammar….why to empathise saba when she is doing the same as ammar….you cant justify talking to fakhir even going to his home and massaging his feet ……which married woman does that???? Ammar is doing wrong by having an extra marital affair and saba’s father….i dont know from which dimension has he come from cuz even fathers of poor class take side of their daughters….this drama is a piece of shit n sometimes gives me “kankar” vibes where sanam played the same role…..idk why she likes to play a divorce in her every drama even after her real divorce????

    • Regarding the whole foot thing… I feel ya there. I thought that was a bit much. I wouldn’t place her in a situation to say she is as guilty as Ammar. He has mal intent asopposed to her. She has just made some bad judgment calls due to being overly emotional, which I am sure is accentuated because of the lack of her father’s support who seems way too charmed by the BS of Ammar.

  • well done Saba, she did the right thing, now I hope Ammar marries again in the next episode

  • I think you’re being a little harsh about Baloch s voice. I like to think that’s because of her character crying too much and having shouting matches with Ammar. Plus I know this is an unpopular opinion, but her friendship with Fakhir only added to her troubles and took away credence from our pleas of innocence. Especially since Fakhir keeps calling her at the worst possible time. That said, you rightly pointed out that her father is a jerk and Sadaf s husband’s scene was unnatural and deliberate.

    • yes her friendship with ammar while not being problematic per se, but is still problematic. as for her voice, i noticed her baitha hua gala in the very first episode: she should get it checked, its straining more now

    • Her voice us not understandable most of times, she really needs a checkup. Rightly said, Fakhir is behaving a little bit over, there is a common sense that if someone is not receiving your call, he/she is busy or not in situation to attend the call. I really couldn’t understand that why he was calling again and again espcially in such boy-girl friendship. The scenario is quite awkward

  • Story is going naturally smooth,Saba is playing her character really good and her facial expressions are very realistic,Kaveria husband character was disturbing but very real thats how it is in the society.Saba father is a middle class character that portrays the limitations of middle class when it comes to protecting their daughters its always what other people think about their daughters matters the most.
    Saba relationship with the other guy is the dilemma of our society where finding a listening ear is a sin for a woman as compared to a man who actually broke another marriage and proudly carried out an open affair and planned to dump his wife by putting all the blame on her.

    • I agree. One can only understand Saba’s fragile emptional state if they have gone through it, themselves. What mattered when Saba was totally breaking down was someone who really cared and could understand her, without her having to explain much. A woman in this situation doesn’t stop to think if the person listening to them is male or female. They just need a ear.

      A lot of people blame Fakhir, but if it wasn’t for his genuine support, she may not found the strength to be alive!

  • Thank you for the review. Saba’s parents are worse. But it’s good they are showing this, since we do have such people. Javeria turned to be a good person, kind of women we need in our society. As for husband, I believe the wanted to show how the minute a woman becomes husband-less, vultures began attack her. A sad reality of society.

  • I honestly want Ammar to marry Salma so that she can give him the taste of his own medicine.

  • I was wondering too about Sanam Baloch’s hoarse voice and over stretched and damaged vocal chords. She need to get those fixed…wondering if she has been screaming a lot in her previous talk show..
    I hate Ammar’s character, he is too self centered and arrogant. Such men cannot have successful relationships! Same will happen in his marriage to Salma Javed..
    Hoping for Saba to take charge of her life and prove to all these people in her life that Ammar is the self centered, liar and a cheap flirt..a looser and not her.

  • Agree with most of what u said – initially Sanam Baloch’s chalked voice was befitting in her crying scenes, but now it’s just plain annoying and so is the emphasis of her having curly hair which Ammar told her on the 2nd day of marriage that he hates (so why does she not her tell her mother these little details now? Instead of saying “aap meri baat ka yaqeen karein” in every scene!

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