Khaas Episode 22 Story Review – Brilliant

Opening Thoughts – Realistic & Convincing:

Ohkay so, this was yet another interesting episode of Khaas. Just when I thought things were going on the similar lines as shown in the previous episode, the ending note absolutely changed the entire mood and came as such a pleasant surprise. It is actually quite frustrating to see how Saba’s parents are reacting. They have shown a reality and that too in such a realistic & convincing manner that it kinds of get to me. I want to see Saba happy but I also hope that we get to see Saba & Fakhir sharing a fulfilling life too & not just their union in the last few seconds of the very last episode, which usually happens in most of our dramas.

Salma Is Teaching Ammar A Lesson:

Salma was not only making an impression on Ammar’s family & relatives, but she was also slowly & steadily letting Ammar know the kind of temperament she has. Salma is self-sufficient & emotionally independent woman, she actually didn’t get married to Ammar because she wanted to rely on him, for her it was another adventure & also because her parents wanted her to get married so she chose Ammar based on the relationship they had in the past. Salma is not the kind of person who will be keen to meet Ammar’s expectations, rather she’ll keep on bombarding him with the expectations she has & would force him to meet all of them. Ammar has now started to understand that he doesn’t stand a chance in front of Salma & that things are absolutely different to what they seemed or what he expected. Ammar hasn’t actually come to a full realization but gradually he is also understanding that Salma is quite a rigid & difficult person that he’ll have to deal with. Ammar thought by getting married to a beautiful & smart woman like Salma, he will be able to show the world that he was still capable of finding such a match but he actually didn’t really put much thought into the fact that this entire package comes with a territory!

Salma has made up her mind right from the beginning. She can be termed as selfish but she is someone who is sorted & knows what she wants from her life. Salma is not ready to budge or compromise because she knows that this will set the tone for the rest of her life, therefore she is making a point clear right from the beginning. Ammar has always been hesitant about this entire seperate home idea but the way he informed his mother made it look like he was ready to give it a go & didn’t mind the idea. Ammar made it look like that he was helpless & that he had no choice but to fulfill what Salma was asking in order to make this marriage work. Even though Kanwal couldn’t even imagine it, I kind of liked seeing Ammar in a state of confusion & helplessness. This is just the beginning & I am keen to see Ammar failing at his game slowly. Ammar has always loved making other look bad but Salma is someone who just doesn’t care & this is exactly what she is doing now too. Salma’s mother tries to make her understand that she shouldn’t be so reckless but then she is also a victim of greed that she herself has fed to Salma, therefore she can not do much. The way Salma’s mother speaks about Salma’s ex-husband Sajid goes to show that he was actually a loyal husband who did everything to please Salma but then, Salma still couldn’t help finding faults in him, so she ended up getting divorced.

Saba’s parents are one of the worst set of parents I have seen in a long time. They are not only annoying but the way they are treating Saba like an outcast is absolutely disgusting & ridiculous. I actually thought that Faraz will end up allowing Saba to share her side of the story but he has made up his mind that everything that Ammar said was the truth. I find it mind-boggling that Faraz is choosing to trust someone else over his own daughter that he has raised with all those values. Why is it that Faraz has not even once thought that Saba grew up seeing him treating Sadaf with utmost respect & care, so may be Ammar was at fault & not Saba? I found it sickening that just when Saba spoke about doing a job, her mother reminded her of Iddat but when it came to her proposal, she wasn’t even ready to wait for Saba’s Iddat to be over? It is unfortunate the kind of pressure that is being put on Saba but what’s worse is that everyone expects her to put up with their expectations because they don’t want to take a stand for Saba & are too scared of being questioned by people around. Saba’s elder sister Samreen is another gone-case who dislikes her husband & his mother, but is too worried about the kind of questions they are going to ask. As much as I like the fact that Mehak is showing support to Saba, I wish they had shown Mehak to be a girl probably a couple of years younger than Saba because seeing such a young child speaking about such heavy topics that too which so much depth & intricacy doesn’t really make sense & also doesn’t really go with her character. Mehak seems to be too young to be guiding Saba or talking to her about ‘love’ or the ‘telepathy of people in love’. Yes, younger siblings are a bit mature for their age because they grow up listening to all these mature conversations around them but I still find Mehak too young for all of this!

Saba ended up succumbing to the pressures & she said yes to the proposal that was a no match for her. It shows how sick & tired Saba is with the way her parents & elder sister are treating her. Saba has pretty much realized that no matter what she will say, they are not going to believe her & they will not try to understand her perspective. They all are bent on imposing their ideas & thoughts on Saba but no one is even bothered to even think what Saba is going through. I will say I can not stand Saba’s father Faraz anymore. His weird expressions & the resentment on his face that he has for Saba were off-putting. I am sure they will show a scene or two probably near the end where Faraz will realize his mistake but I don’t think that will be a redemption enough. I am glad that Faraz is choosing to trusting Ammar more, because he is shallow but I wish someone would tell Faraz about the things Ammar used to say about him, lol!

The Proposal:

So, Fakhir made an entry in Saba’s home out of nowhere & things escalated quickly. It is actually quite funny that Saba’s parents are not even considering Fakhir as a potential partner of Saba because they are too scared that the rumors will become true & everyone will then believe that Saba actually was having an affair with Fakhir? This is ridiculous. Anyways, Fakhir just came to show support to Saba because he could feel that she was having a hard time. Saba & Fakhir’s conversation was absolutely sweet. I actually didn’t expect that Fakhir will propose to Saba so early & that too so casually but he did. Fakhir is honest & feels a lot for Saba, he has always been in love with her & he hated seeing Saba go through all of that, so now he thought it was the right time to let her know how he feels. Saba didn’t even mind the things Fakhir said, yes, she was a bit skeptical again for the fact that people will talk but then because she knows that Fakhir understands her so much & that they have a mental & emotional compatibility, Saba immediately started thinking on those lines. Saba knows that her parents won’t agree but it was sweet of Fakhir to give her the confidence that he will eventually convince them. I am so glad that they have finally shifted the focus on Saba & Fakhir’s track too. Plus this entire scenario was such a good change. We have seen Ammar & Salma’s negative track so it was kind of nice to see the fairytale track of Saba & Fakhir. I have always liked the ease & flow with which Fakhir & Saba’s relationship has developed, that is why I liked that they kept the tone same when it came to the proposal too.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliant:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was Khaas yet again. I am really glad that things are moving forward & now Saba & Fakhir are getting the attention as well. As much as I am keen to hear Ammar admit & confess that Saba was right & he was at fault in mistreating her, I am also keen to see Faraz accepting the fact that Fakhir is the right choice for Saba. I hope I get to see all of this soon but I also wish we get to see more of Saba & Fakhir’s relationship & their track unfold in detailed manner. Just like we are seeing how Salma is giving Ammar a hard time, I want to see Saba & Fakhir coming together & showing everyone how relationships based on love & respect flourish & make people happy. Danish Nawaz has proved himself & has done complete justice to his role as a director. It definitely is Danish Nawaz’s vision that Khaas is what it is, even the way the actors are performing is also because the director has made sure to get that certain kind of acting from them. All the actors definitely are doing a great job, be it main actors or the supporting ones. Just perfect. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Assalam Alaikum… commentating after a long time here.. I started this drama after a bit hype.. and actually watching it backward from recent to start … I didn’t feel sympathy as you all do . I felt she was wrong on some levels .. Like not sharing her pregnancy news, talking to husbands friend over the phone, and her stubbornness on working . I feel she isn’t a good role model for our girls if that’s what writer wants to show.

      • FYI she is commenting for a long time…and she isn’t saying anything wrong….She was stubborn and she didn’t tell him about the pregnancy… What was more important? Fighting for a job or telling him that she is pregnant?

        • No۔۔۔ I don’t agree here۔ if you watch again، you would know that after going through the interview، she was supposed to surprise her husband in her own way because her report of pregnancy came just before interview۔ But afterwards jis tarah ka scene create hogaya، us k baad woh kia batatee، usay moqa hi naheen mila۔

    • Mrs khan !
      Shuru kai episodes mai saba ko thora negative dekhaaya gaya tha ..
      Which i really think kai writer ne acha nahi kiya ..
      Agar usai saba ko role model banaana tha in cheezo ko zehen mai usai rakhna chaheyai tha ..
      Pehlai kai episodes mujhai bhi thori bohot chubhti rehti hai ..
      But khair saba ne baad mai admit bhi kiya tha apnai ghaltiyo ko ,aur usai moqa bhi deya tha ..samjhaaya bhi tha ..
      Laiken overall dhaika jaayai to ammar ghalti par hai ..aur saba ka ab koye qusoor nahi hai ..
      Aur aisai larkai kutto kai dum ki tarah hotai hai real life mai ye kabhi bhi seedhai nahi hosaktai dramai mai chaahai ammar taslem kar bhi lai kai wo ghalat tha saba sahi thi par real life mai aisa na mumkin hai aur agar koye larki is khushfehmi mai rahai kai wo is jaisai husband ko teek kardai gee to ye uski bari bhool hai .sari zindagi wo apko mental torture karaiga ..apkai bacho ko bhi pagal kardaiga ..behtari isi mai hai kai aaj he alag hojaayai aisai psycho insaan se warna aakhir mai tension ,high BP , anxiety Dibetis aur aakhir mai depression aur mot ..

      • Absolutely true….i know ye drama ha aur probably end par Ammar pachtaye ga lekin in reality agr Ammar hota to wo salma ki b chutti kar k phir apni Maa ki marzi se shayed koi ghareeb larki dhoodta jo uska torture sehti….saba galat ni lekin 2 episodes se pehly tuk us ne b annoy hi kiya ha….har baat par har 1 se cheekh cheekh kar baat kar rahi ha….kahen to aaram se baat kar lo jesy ub kar rahi ho….Sanam baloch after this drama take a rest and fix your vocals

        • I agree Ahsan. I also always felt that she never tried to make a connection with Ammar’s family and she is giving too much margins to her own family. Not even once she tried to talk politely with Nida or were sitting with her MOL to hear her stories.
          Still, she has been shown as modern time women a University topper. So these new girls are like that actually infact her overly polite behavior with her parents is something that is weired considering her personality type.

          P:S; My mom who is definitely not of saba’s age group also believes ” Kai dil karta hai Saba Ammar kai office mai hi job krai us sai agai niklai aur usi kai dost sai shadi krai phir mujai mza aai ga” I was in awe of her wishes….

    • The biggest mistake saba made was to talk to Fakhir, sharing her personal life with him and going to his home all alone. But still what Ammar did was worst than that, plus he is shown as a self obsessed person who always though of Saba as inferior to him and it was his behavior that forced Saba to go for a job to prove herself.

    • Walaikum Asalam. Good to know that you decided to watch & comment on Khaas. I think if you had watched this drama the way it was meant to be watched, from 1st episode onwards, you’d have taken it a little differently.

      In the beginning I too felt that Saba was over-reacting, which is why no one around her believed when she started complaining because Ammar made an impression that he was a perfect husband, but as the story progressed, they showed Ammar’s true colors. Ammar himself made it difficult for Saba to stay in this relationship. I have also given a detailed reply about the pregnancy & Saba’s friendship with Fakhir in the thread, I hope you get to read that. :)

      • Absolutely….. Agreed…. To me, role models are meant to be better human beings, yet they are humans after all… Saba started her catharsis to Fakhir at the point of being helpless…. miserably shattered emotionally…. going through psychological pain which was unrealised and unacknowledged by others, even by her own parents…as for her pregnancy, that all happened in a single day. Her miscarriage and her getting to know about the good news….all came within hours… in the story…. I don’t regard her hiding the news stuff as true…. The only weakness I find in her character is that she’s not that assertive in her expression of her truths… She withdraws too soon… I still accept her personality as…even the best have had tragic flaws.. Saba, however, seems to be victimised by strange moments of helplessness, struck by chance nd destiny…. Finally, yes, we would appreciate seeing the redemption scenes to a satisfying end…. Hope Danish Nawaz would do justice with unlucky Saba being relieved through getting a compatible life nd soul partner…. Cheers…..

  • Yes Ammar was all bad with flirting and all but he didn’t give Saba as much stress as she claimed in drama …She seems unhappy with her marriage life all the time.

    • Oh dear! Where’s notty Nani when we need her? We have another Mrs Khan here who needs her! Ammar didn’t give Saba tension? He made her life hell, put her down every single time, lied to everyone to show her in bad light and show himself in good light, almost gave her father heart attack in hospital, called her mad several times and made her doubt her sanity – what did he not do?! Maybe we are watching a different serial to you.

    • He did redicule her on many occasions and esp infront of his friends and family which is is very insulting for anyone.

    • No no Mrs khan. Don’t say that plz. Ammar has made her life hell. How can you stay with someone who is objectifying you all the time. Making fun of your get up and over all looks. Honestly if someone make mockery out of your look and beauty. It’s just disgusting and humiliating. Saba has given him chances later on but he is not the someone who can be relied on. I would not recommend any girl to stay and have patience with such ill mannered husband. Patience doesn’t mean you can’t cry and you have to hold back your feelings and let other people make fun of your emotions. Patience means you can cry and share your feelings and take the best of the step to move forward and kick the sock people out of your life.

  • typical parents 1st they threw Ammar’s rishta on Saba now she hasn’t caught her breath & they are forcing her to marry again

  • Ladies My views are not of that Mrs Khan…I am all in for ladies rights but in this drama,why you are ignoring those points like talking on phone to husbands friend,hiding pregnancy…?I remember when SRK movie Kabhi Alvida na kehna came out ,people do much haww haye on extra marital affairs being normalize as shown in movie.I feel this drama is same way normalizing extra marital friendship and then showing Sanam Baloch as victim.There is no clear white and black.Many grey areas ..

  • Ladies My views are not of that Mrs Khan…I am all in for ladies rights but in this drama,why you are ignoring those points like talking on phone to husbands friend,hiding pregnancy…?I remember when SRK movie Kabhi Alvida na kehna came out ,people do much haww haye on extra marital affairs being normalize as shown in movie.I feel this drama is same way normalizing extra marital friendship and then showing Sanam Baloch as victim.There is no clear white and black.Many grey areas ..

    • I agree with you in those lines that they are trying to normalize extra marital friendship between a man and a woman, which completely wrong religiously and culturally unacceptable.
      Although Ammar is 200% wrong and a narcissist self-absorbed and egoestic person but Saba was shown as too sensitive as well in the beginning. She never tried to develop a strong bond with the in laws initially. She is a victim but not 100% though.

    • If Ammar was good enough, he would have given Saba the attention she deserved. She would not have found comfort talking to Fakhir. It’s funny how people are quick to judge saba’s relationship with Fakhir but no one is talking about Ammar’s relationship with Salma. Ammar thought about marrying Salma, at least Saba never did. Sadly, it seems like women will always be judged and no one will ever point a man’s fault!

      • Totally agree. If Saba is wrong having a friendship with Fakhir, then Ammar is equally wrong in rekindling his old affair with Salma while still being married to Saba. Not only that, Ammar also kept on flirting with girls right in front of Saba – something which Salma is also complaining about now.

    • I totally get your view point but Saba did not hide her pregnancy. She found out about it but was waiting for the right moment to let Ammar know, like she wanted to get done with the job interview first. Saba was constantly being misunderstood by Ammar. Also, chalain if we do believe that Saba hid her pregnancy, the way Ammar dragged her from the office in front of everyone & pushed her in the car (which did cause her miscarriage), does it still make Saba wrong & Ammar justified?

      I don’t think they have tried to make friendships normal. Saba time & again stopped talking to Fakhir & told her that she thinks its wrong to be in contact with him, she constantly tried to make her marriage work but it didn’t. Also, Saba was in such a position where no one could actually understand what she was going through, her own family thought she was over reacting & everyone in Ammar’s family continued to blame Saba too. It was only Fakhir who not only understood her but gave her a shoulder to cry on because it was getting frustrating for Saba to be in that toxic relationship. This is the reason why they have never shown Fakhir hitting on Saba or Saba talking to him without a reason. Fakhir was just being a good listener to her all this while, totally putting aside the feelings he had for her since the day he first saw her. :)

  • Haha zahra sahi pakrai hain
    Mai ne bhi yahi cheez note ki hai chutki kai omar kai hisaab se ye baatein sahi nahi hai …itnai darjano larkiyaan dramai mai shamil ki hain ye bari bari baatein in mai se kisi se bhi writer kehelwa sakti thi but is chutki ko kiyo chuna ..
    2nd ye ammar ki dost saba se itni latalluq kiyo hai ab ? Pehali to bht lecture diya karti thi ab bilkul

    • Thank you so much. Waqay hi, ye sab batain Saba ki dost Anum bhi usay keh sakti thi ya koi bhi aur lekin aik bachi ke muh se ye batain kuch ajeeb hi lagin, wo bhi aisi bachi jo parhaku types hai. Javeria apni job bachanay ke chakkar mai khamosh hai because uske husband ne bhi usay yehi baat kahi thi. Lekin abb wo ayegi eventually Saba ki gawahi dene.

  • You write so beautifully !! Wish could express like that !! It’s as if I could see the entire episode flash in front of my eyes !!

  • Ammar ny saba ki kbhi respect nae ki tau saba kyun rhay aisay insaan ky sath. I am with saba 100%. Agar ksi relation may respect na ho tau usay khatam kr dena chahye

  • اتنی اقساط کے بعد بھی ڈرامے کا مزہ قائم ہے۔اور ابھی تو بہت کچھ رہتا بھی ہے۔ بس یہ ھارون ہر ڈرامے میں لوگوں کا بلڈ پریشر بڑھانے کیلئے ھوتا ھے کیا۔ گو کہ بیچارہ اپنے طور پہ شریف
    النفس بھی دکھایہ جاتا ھے

    زبردست تجزیہ زھرہ۔

    • Lolx ….its true …haroon is a mild but effective poison charater . And ppl like him are actually existing in the society…

  • Love the rest of the episode but really getting irritated with Sabas parents…as you said…With parents like that you dont need bad in laws to make you miserable..and their attitude and betrayal hurts 10 times more.Hope Faraz comes to his senses soon.

    • I know, what Saba went through was bad but what her own family is putting her through is worse. When marriage falls apart, a girl needs nothing but her family’s support but usually this is what happens what they are showing in Khaas. I really hope her family stops pestering her for their selfish reasons.

  • People! Ammar is a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder. All the red flags, lack of empathy, no regret, gaslighting, manipulation, playing victim, lies pathologically..
    It’s not about saba, it was never about saba. Ammar is not a normal person he needs help. I can tell because I’ve encountered a person with this disorder so closely in my life.

    • Im so thankful to the director who made drama on this and my parents could see now them selves what happens to the daughters who’s parents dont hav an iQ to evaluate the narcist picture perfect families .

  • Ms khan Saba is a human being who deserves love respect and attention. Everyone wants to be special in their spouses eyes. I don’t really see anything wrong in what Saba did except that she was a little oversensitive sometimes..if she didn’t talk to Fakhir she would have gone mental…especially since her parents are not supporting her at all.

  • Why shouldn’t Saba be stubborn about working? She’s an educated intelligent girl who wants to be self sufficient…why should she be stuck at home ?

  • Salma is exactly what Ammar and his family needed! It’s interesting to see how they are all bearing the brunt of her attitude and they are forced to think about Saba. Saba’s parents are extremely unreasonable and her elder sister is selfish to the core. I found it amusing that they kept mentioning Mehek ki shaadi like isn’t she in Grade 9? It would be nice if they would show Saba and Fakhir living a happy married life while Ammar ends up miserable and exploited by Salma. Thanks for a wonderful review, Zahra. BTW, what happened to the drama “Jo Tu Chahey”- is it not airing anymore? Also, I happened to tune into Daasi and Bewafa and both didn’t appeal to me :S

    • Thank you so much Kanwal. I know right, I am glad Salma is treating Ammar the way he deserves to be treated. I am sure she will leave him in the end & leave him 1 crore poorer, lol. At least Farah & her mother have accepted that Saba was nice, now I want to hear this from Kanwal & Ammar.

      I know, even I want to see Fakhir & Saba living a fulfilling life, I so hope they don’t end the drama right at their wedding.

      I think they are not airing Jo Tu Chahay because of it having Kun Faya Kun mentioned in the dialogues repeatedly. May be they are re-editing the drama that is why they have taken it off-air for now, but not sure if they will bring it back or not. I didn’t watch Bewafa as it didn’t catch my attention but I did watch Daasi & oh man, I was taken aback by Mawra’s overacting & her poorly written character Sunehri. It was too filmy & OTT in my opinion. :/

  • Brilliantly detailed review. I think I now want to see Saba’s parents feel humiliated and guilty for criminally misunderstanding their (own) daughter, even more than I want Ammar’s comeuppance. It’s realistic up till now but it’s definitely verging a bit on the fantastic. And why oh why does Javeria keep on delaying her visit to Saba’s house? That can’t happen fast enough for me.

  • This drama depicts what is actually happening in our society, girls are responsibility on their parents shoulders and as soon as possible they want to get rid of the better it is most of the time they don’t even bother to check the full background of the family so what Saba parents are doing is feeling the burden all
    Over again and wants to push her out of the door even if they have to do it with obvious mediocre person so that they keep their in-laws happy and make sure their younger gets a decent
    Proposal So no matter what things are not going to change for better.

  • Hi Zahra, I have been reading your reviews for this drama, but haven’t watched it consistently. The story is definitely interesting, but my question is this. Why can’t they show Saba as a sane person who finally after going through the ordeal with a manipulative husband decides to take her faith into her own hands? Why does she not find that amazing job she’s capable of performing and was dying to do when she was married? Why does she not become financially independent so that the attitude of her own family doesn’t hurt as much? Would that not show her innocence? Why is marriage over and over again the only solution? It would perhaps be nice for her to end up with Fakhir later down in life, perhaps after her ex- husband realizes his mistakes or time has passed for her to get over the extreme hurt caused to her. But the way every time a story like this is wrapped up makes me just as upset. Can a woman not be a rolemodel unless she’s married?

    • Hi Seher. Thank you so much for commenting. I totally agree, I guess they did show Saba wanting to do a job & asking her conservative mother for a permission but you saw how her mother behaved. Saba wants to be independent but her family is not allowing her that luxury. Also, when Saba spoke about the job, they suggested that she was still in Iddat, that is why she is seen mostly at home & is unable to do much. When her iddat was about to end, she spoke about doing a job & wanting to be independent but that idea was rejected by her parents.

      I am sure with Fakhir becoming her life partner, she will not only find an escape from this hell hole that her parents’ house has become for her, but he will also encourage her to do what she wants in her life. :) I know this seems outdated but right now, this is what is going to work for Saba because as you have seen her parents are literally trying to get rid of her, which is upsetting.

      However, I am glad that they have time & again suggested that Saba wants to become financially independent, while being married to a man who was showering her with money & even after her divorce where she doesn’t want to be a burden on her parents. :)

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    • Ahsan, we are left with very few options when it comes to comment section. Disqus was generating explicit ads and this is what is working for the website right now.

      • True. But can you make one more addition to it so that we can receive comments in our email accounts too? Is subscription possible?

  • It is actually quite funny that Saba’s parents are not even considering Fakhir as a potential partner of Saba because they are too scared that the rumors will become true & everyone will then believe that Saba actually was having an affair with Fakhir? This is ridiculous.
    WHY IS THIS RIDICULOUS? do you not live in our society? You always review dramas and say I just can’t connect to that character, but hello fairy godmother, this is what actually happens!! You don’t know lot of situations probably, and so many personalities that exist, but that doesn’t make it ridiculous!

  • >