Khaas Episode 25 Story Review – Ammar’s Undoing

Opening Thoughts – Ammar’s Undoing:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was a good one because it showed how things were now changing in Ammar’s life when everything else was settling in Saba’s. It’s payback time! So far, Ammar has not really understood but yes, at times he is actually finding himself thinking about Saba, even when he doesn’t want to. Ammar still hasn’t learnt his lesson because in his mind, he can never be wrong but it is good that people around him have started speaking about his shortcomings with honesty!

Ammar, Kanwal & Pupho Need To Know Better:

Salma did come back but she came back on her own terms. Salma actually thought that she will be able to convince Ammar but she underestimated him. Both Salma & Ammar are two very stubborn people, so obviously, both of them have let go of their ego at least one time for each other or to save this marriage but they only got disappointment in return. Salma assumed that Ammar will appreciate the fact that she came back & yes, Ammar did welcome her nicely but that was only because he didn’t want her to create more issues. Ammar is not sure what he wants from this marriage, he is not even putting much effort. When it came to Saba, yes, Ammar did love her & he always went out of the way for her but the thing Saba wanted the most was what he was incapable of giving it to her, which was respect & love. Salma is sorted, she doesn’t really care much with what Ammar can give to her because she knows that she will eventually get what she wants. Salma has clearly told Ammar that she wants a separate house & she also wants Ammar to stop flirting with other girls. Just like Saba, Salma is also demanding but Saba put in a lot more effort to convince Ammar that she deserves what she asks for but when it comes to Salma, she doesn’t believe in making compromises & this is what the difference is. Ammar is the same, yes for Saba he actually wanted to make her happy but on his own terms however when it comes to Salma, he expects her to also do the heavy-lifting that Saba used to do, so that he can in return do the things that will make Salma happy.

I really think Farah should speak up, because so far she has actually understood that the problem lies in Ammar & that he is solely responsible for his marriages falling apart but she hasn’t been able to tell the truth to Kanwal. I so wish someone lets Kanwal know that she should stop seeing Ammar as the victim because he is not. Kanwal still hasn’t realized that Ammar is at fault & that her son is responsible for failing at marriage. Kanwal still holds Saba accountable & now she has started having issues with Salma. Not only that, Kanwal has also decided that the moment Ammar will divorce Salma, she will get him married to Sonia. I must say, I loved the confrontation scene where Salma told Kanwal off & held her responsible for poorly upbringing her son. The dialogues in this drama are spot on & they are thought-provoking as well. All this while, I was hoping that Farah will say a thing or two to Kanwal but it turned out to be Salma who told her the reality. Saud did allow Ammar to find himself a new place for Salma but Ammar is someone who does not believe in heavy-lifting & this is the only reason why he is not keen on settling with Salma in a new house, otherwise he would’ve done it without her even saying this to him. Saud acted rationally because he wanted Ammar to not just give up in his marriage yet again, but Kanwalf continued to brew a storm in his mind & the best solution she came up with was Ammar’s marriage to Sonia.

I totally agree with Salma & her opinions about the ladies of Ammar’s family. Especially now when I saw Ammar’s phupho acting like an actual phupho trying to fix his marriage with Sonia & also Ammar’s mother Kanwal. These ladies really need to know better & I wish someone gives them a reality check – all the things that Salma said were definitely not enough for Kanwal to actually understand the reality. These ladies, considering the age that they’re at, must be having a whole lot of experience, so why is it that they are unable to actually see that Ammar has issues & that he has failed at being a good husband. Salma is a different person but yes, the way Ammar treated Saba should be enough for everyone to understand. Both the ladies are behaving typically where they think getting Ammar married, rather keeping him in marriage with one girl after another is the fix to all of his issues, whereas 2 failed marriages should be a reason enough for them to actually consider telling Ammar to sort his mental & personality issues first. They see Ammar as a saint & this is ridiculous!

Sonia once again came back as a voice of reason, the way she told Nida off & subtly stopped her from prying too much into her personal life was perfect. They actually have hinted a lot of times in Khaas that such prying & probing is uncalled for & it is absolutely unnecessary. Sonia is an outsider & this is the reason why from someone with a distant angle & a different perspective can totally see how wrong all these people are & how they have ruined their lives themselves. Sonia told Nida that it was alright to move on & that not everyone is meant to get the person they love because they might not be compatible. Nida still hasn’t been able to get over the fact that Fakhir rejected her, whereas Sonia tried to make her understand that she should now move on.

Salma has made up her mind, she is ready to divorce Ammar because she has realized that Sajid loved her more. It is amusing but yes, it is the truth. Salma got married to Ammar but she was unable to get Sajid out of her mind. At least she had the courage to admit that she was considering getting married to Sajid, unlike Ammar who was flirting around & thinking he was entitled to it, while expecting his wife to put up with his antics. Salma has taught Ammar a lesson that he really can not expect his wife to tolerate his wrongdoings because he is not special. Most of this episode went by in the flashbacks, of both past & current happenings but I want to hear Ammar’s thoughts. I hope we get to see him having a conversation with himself, realizing & reflecting upon things. For the first time, Ammar did recall the things Saba said to him, it was like he was slowly putting the pieces together & understanding that all this was happening because he hurt Saba, but still, this is something that he has thought about himself. I want to see him at the stage where he will openly admit his mistakes & admit in front of everyone how wrong he was!

Saba & Fakhir’s Sweet Relationship:

Fakhir told Saba that she should pursue her dream of doing a job. Saba could not believe that Fakhir not only encouraged her but also believed in the fact that her dreams were worthy of being respected. Saba has slowly & steadily started to feel that she is an individual who can do what she wants, she has the freedom & more than that, she has the support of her life partner. Fakhir & Saba’s scenes, though few were very very sweet & done really well. They are having a good time, they are establishing their relationship on the basis of mutual respect & understanding. Fakhir wants to be the best version of himself for Saba, not only because he knows the mental trauma that she has been through, but also because he genuinely loves her!

Closing Thoughts – Interesting:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was once again very interesting. I want to see how Ammar will come to terms with the fact that he is the one who has been at fault all this while. I also want to see Kanwal realizing how wrong she has been in thinking that her son can never do anything wrong. I am looking forward to Saba & Ammar’s interaction. It is interesting to see how Ammar has started getting speechless, he really is unsure of how he should respond or react to things, it is like he is losing the confidence he had in himself & his personality. Salma surely has shaken Ammar & she came as his undoing. Let’s see what happens next. This episode definitely belonged to Hira Tareen, she really has not only given Salma’s character the right treatment but she has also succeeded in making this kind of character not look annoying but real. Salma has been unapologetic & she has always been vocal about what she wants, to the point that she has always stayed true to herself & not cared about others. Yes, such characters are always perceived wrong in our dramas but in comparison to Ammar, she sure has made his true colors come out. Ali Rehman also has done a phenomenal job as Ammar, I always enjoy seeing his minute & subtle expressions. The direction is one of the strongest aspects of this drama & the script is brilliant. Well done team Khaas. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • Couldn’t expect from myself that one day I would praise Haroon. Fakhir’s highly positive attitude towards Saba is quite fascinating, though his style/body language to some extent resembles girls. 🤭

    Fakhir n Saba’s living room scene was nicely executed. Writer has also specially emphasized on the confidence of wife vis-à-vis her husband’s attitude towards her. Depressed Saba will now face Ammar bravely while working at same workplace. Also, the way Saba was covering Fakhir when Sadaf asked about his finances was wonderful.

    This drama has given entertainment and message in a very light way. Ammar is facing the music. Is ka utra huya muun jigar thanda kerdeta hai.

    Haan aik do scene zaroor paste/merge kerney hotey hain in ko. This time it was Sonia and Nida appearance when Salma was busy in fighting with Ammar n family. 😉

    Intelligently written review.

  • Brilliantly reviewed. One thing is on my mind fakhir mentioned now i can die peacefully I hope they dnt do that to him.

    • Waqaee, I noticed it too. Jesay koi old character kapkapatee awaz main apnee biwi ko keh raha ho: “Suhmaila apney ghar ki hogaee, Jamshed bhee bachoan k sath America main set hai, tum to waisay hee marney walee ho…. main ab aaram se mar sakta hoon..”

      Chand din shadi ko huey hain to konsa shohar apnee biwi ko kehta hai k main ab aaram se mar sakta hoon…? Let’s wait for any mystery to unearth.

    • Sadaf is Saba’s mum. I think in the review above, Zahra means Kanwal (Amnar’s mum), not Sadaf.

  • Is drama mein ek cheez mujhe pehle se khatakta hai…ki amaar jitni bhi bakwas karta tha saba ke bare mein..even ab bhi..jab wo salma ke bare mein bakwas karta hai…aur fir confronted hone par bolta hai ki mai to mazaak kar raha tha…in sab mein Kanwal apne bete ko defend karti hai…kabhi use ye nahi kahti ki tum galat ho..apni biwi se aise baat nahi karni chahiye..She also defends him saying…Arre kya ho gaya bhai..Amaar to shuru se hi mazakiya hai… Tauba hai bhai…aisi Maa o ke wajah se aulad bigar jate hain..And Sonia too…Khud loyalty mangti hai..aur apne bhai ki bari aayi…to Amaar bhai ka sab kuch accha hai..She never took a stand for Saba..even though Saba was soo sweet to her initially..aur Saba ke peeth peeche usski buraiyan karti thi..along with Kanwal..Aur bhai..Phuppo ko kya pareshani hai??…Har wakt Mera baccha to maasuum hai..Masum My Foot,😡

  • The drama is awesome. Nice and awesome review But Ammar’s mother name is Kanwal. Sadaf is Saba’s mother

  • Khaas was actually a pretty good drama. The main actor did a good, convincing job. His ex-wife also was very good. The artist husband was a bit too sugary sweet over the top, the second wife was ok, the Norwegian cousin was very good, the guy’s good-turned-evil-turned good sister was convincing. The parents pushing through shaadi after shaadi were not that great but usual parental acting, so nothing outstanding or outstandingly bad. Overall, the drama was worth the time wasted on it. And emotional abuse is an actual thing – good for the scriptwriter to highlight this issue. Well done!

  • >