Khaas Last Episode Story Review – Impactful Drama

Opening Thoughts – Impactful Script:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was exactly what the majority of the viewers didn’t want it to be. The drama which was so convincing ended on such a note that unfortunately confirmed the fears the viewers had, who had invested so much time & emotions in Khaas. The final episode was enough to ruin the beautiful journey that this drama has been but still I won’t let this take away the fact that the drama-makers gave us a very memorable drama with so many perspective altering lessons. Khaas was a well-executed, well-written & well-directed drama which covered a subject which was not explored in such a detailed manner before. In the past we have come across a lot of dramas that have revolved around dysfunctional relationships, broken marriages & divorces, but Sarwat Nazeer picked up a complex subject like that of a toxic relationship & elaborated it in such a simple manner that it definitely has left an impact on the viewers’ mind. This definitely is a success for the entire team that came together for this project.

Lessons That Khaas Taught:

This has always been the strength of Sarwat Nazeer’s scripts that she picks up difficult subjects & conveys them in such a way that every intricacy or complexity gets across in a clear manner. Khaas had many lessons along the way but none of it was conveyed in a preachy manner. Khaas definitely tells mothers to raise better sons, it also tells parents to believe in their daughters first. Khaas also touched upon the subject of how the entire burden of a divorce should not be put on a woman & her family shouldn’t behave irrationally, putting societal pressures on their daughter who is already going through the toughest phase of her life. Khaas also touched upon the subject of how important it is for the siblings to become a support system in times like these, rather than blaming & name-calling. This drama has shed a light on the fact that toxic relationships exist & are very much a reality – such relationships which seemingly are perfect but drain every ounce of energy, confidence & self-esteem out of the people involved. What I loved the most about Khaas was that Sarwat Nazeer never once showed Saba believing that she was a victim. Yes, in the initial episodes she did look like one but as the episodes progressed & Ammar’s real personality was revealed, Saba’s character evolved. For the most part of the drama, Saba continued to work, mend ways & do everything in her power to save this marriage as well as trying hard to accept Ammar the way he was while also trying to change him but she could not succeed. Khaas showed that one should never judge or hold the girl responsible for not trying ‘enough’ because when a person is done trying is when they want a closure. Khaas has also shown how respect, encouragement, support & love are key factors for a healthy relationship & what all these qualities can do for a woman.

I will always remember Khaas for all the Khaas reasons. I admit that I am disappointed after watching the last episode, I was actually furious but now when I am reviewing it & looking back on the entire journey, I feel better. For me, Khaas ended last week. I will remember it as the last episode where Saba & Fakhir lived happily ever after. I will definitely wipe this episode off my memory because it is something I don’t agree with. Yes, the writer wanted to show the reality but I am sure giving Saba & Fakhir a happy ending wouldn’t have changed the overall journey that Khaas has been – filled with so many meaningful messages. I found this twist in the end forced & uncalled for. Fakhir could’ve lived longer, cheering for Saba, being her partner & support system, raising their son together. I am not sure why it was was necessary to be shown that Saba didn’t need Fakhir by her side, because now she could just live her entire life as a single mother relying on the life-long lessons that Fakhir taught her? No matter how strong a woman or a mother is, a husband & a father figure not being in the picture always leaves a huge void. I know, by showing Saba as a strong independent, self-reliant single mother, the writer must’ve tried to pay tribute to such strong women in the society who are faced with such situations & are living their lives with strength & bravery, but considering that they had already shown Saba having her fair share of miseries by being in a toxic relationship with Ammar, it definitely wouldn’t have hurt to give her a happy & peaceful ending with her second husband!

The Final Episode:

So, Sonia said whatever was on her mind. I am glad she gave every woman in Ammar’s family a reality check, something that they all were in dire need of but then that’s where it all ended. I know the director didn’t want to go much into the detailing & didn’t want to waste time by elaborating the thought process of every character but I do wish he had shown Ammar’s mother being regretful & acknowledging the fact that she played a huge part in turning Ammar into a narcissist. After Nida’s engagement was called off, Kanwal did think about how Saba must’ve felt when no one believed her but I feel that wasn’t enough. When Sonia was giving everyone a piece of her mind, I so wanted Farah to speak up too but she was edited in like a silent spectator, which she was already turned into for the most part of the drama. Farah was shown as a lively & opinionated character, yes, she herself went through a heartbreak & a transition but still, she was at this much of ease where she could say whatever was on her mind to Kanwal, so for her to just roll her eyes & be uneasy was kind of hard to watch. Farah did have a conversation with Ammar but I guess more than that, she should’ve had it with Kanwal, telling her that Saba & Salma were not wrong!

I feel Ammar’s regret would’ve made sense if they had edited out the last scene where he still believed that he was every woman’s dream. Why show him being regretful when eventually it had to be made clear that he hadn’t changed? Yes, it was obvious that no matter what Ammar said or did would not have changed the way the viewers thought about him, so I really feel either they should’ve shown that he chose not to change or he did mean everything he said to his friends about him realizing his mistakes. Changing was not in Ammar’s control. He could not do anything to fix his issues because in order to do that, he had to first start acknowledging the fact that he had certain problems, but being a person that he was, he could not bring himself to that point to first admit & then try to sort those issues. I don’t think showing Ammar recalling his atrocious behavior with Saba did anything to give his character a proper closure.

Fakhir passed away & he did everything he could to secure Saba & their son’s future. Fakhir could totally feel that something was going to happen to him, or may be let’s just say that he manifested this himself. When the episode began, I actually felt may be the drama-makers were just playing with the feelings of the viewers but oh well, they had made up their mind that Fakhir had to die. One thing I am the most happy about is that this drama didn’t turn into a Halala story. Saba chose not to go back to Ammar & to be honest, I couldn’t be more angry at Javeria. When Javeira had to show up at Saba’s house to help clear her image in front of Faraz & Sadaf, she couldn’t find the time to do so but now when Ammar told her to plead his case in front of Saba, she immediately hopped in her car & went straight to see Saba. How twisted seriously! Anyways, I am glad that Saba silenced her & let her know that she had burnt all the bridges & Ammar was nothing for her!

Closing Thoughts – Job Well Done:

Khaas definitely had a weak & unconvincing start but after a few episodes, it not only kick-started but ended up becoming one such drama that I used to look forward to the entire week. Khaas actually turned out to be Khaas. Sarwat Nazeer’s script along with Danish Nawaz’s strong direction made Khaas what it is. The actors also played a huge part in the success of Khaas because if it wasn’t for their strong & phenomenal performances, Khaas wouldn’t have been this successful. Sanam Baloch definitely chose an amazing script & she played Saba’s character to perfection. She made us feel for Saba, understand her struggles & frustrations. Sanam Baloch has always been a very strong performer, so it is good to see her getting back in her element. It is good that Sanam Baloch is at that stage of performing where she believes in giving her characters a realistic look. Her clothing, basic hair & makeup in certain scenes went to show that she wanted to give a very genuine & real treatment to Saba & she did a great job. However, being a morning show host for so many years has definitely taken a toll on Sanam Baloch’s voice & now when she is venturing back into acting, she definitely should pay heed to this aspect for sure.

Ali Rehman was at his finest in Khaas. I don’t remember seeing Ali Rehman being this convincing in any of his projects before. Ali Rehman made Ammar’s character look very real, his mannerisms, his antics, his entire body language showed that Ammar was an over-confident narcissist who only believed in his own perfection. Ali Rehman should definitely take a bow for such a phenomenal performance in Khaas.

Hira Tareen was another star of this drama, even though her role was short but she made her presence felt in such a short span for sure. Her minute expressions & fierceness while delivering such harsh dialogues were brilliant, she definitely gave Salma’s character the kind of treatment it required. Also, Hira Tareen didn’t allow people to hate Salma, rather with her excellent performance, she convinced everyone that she was who she was – unapologetic & selfish.

Haroon Shahid also played the character of Fakhir to perfection, he gave Fakhir the look & feel of being the acha insaan that Saba was in search of. Haroon Shahid should definitely experiment with more characters because I am sure he will excel in portraying them too. All the supporting actors like Natasha, Mashal Khan, Amna Malik, Anum Gohar, Saba Faisal, Lubna Aslam, Behroz Sabzwari, Sajida Syed, Shehryar Zaidi, Maryam Mirza played their characters convincingly as well.

Danish Nawaz definitely deserves full points for having a vision & bringing it to life in such a convincing manner while directing Khaas. Sarwat Nazeer should also take a bow for bringing such a unique subject to the table & doing complete justice to it. The overall journey of Khaas was definitely Khaas & I will remember it for all the good things it had offered. Congratulations team Khaas for a successful drama. Please share your thoughts about the final episode of Khaas.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Bahut hi disappointing ending thi… I mean happy ending hojati thi to hum sb khush hojatay! Aur jaweria se yeh expect nahi kya Tha k woh ammar k lye saba ko convince krne ki jurrat karay ghi!! Aur ost Mai aik scene Tha jismai ammar ro raha Hai aur deewar pe hath Marta Hai rite? Woh scene nahi aya..

    • Exactly i waited for that particular scene during the whole episode! Matlab saba ko itna rulaya ammar ko b ak dfa rula dete! Lol!
      N there was absolutely no need to kill Fakhir just ruined the whole drama!

      • It looks like from the OST that scene should have happened at the end where Amaar was walking on the beach. Seems like they edited it out -_-

    • I know, Javeria ki harkatain ajeeb hi thin kuch. I know, even I was waiting to see that scene where Ammar was shedding a tear but it was edited out. I guess it was hard for the drama-makers to show Ammar having a weak moment. Sare ansoo heroine ke liye hote hain hamare dramas mai, male characters ko rota hua nahi dikha sakte.

    • Ammar kai ronai waala scene isliyai nahi daala kai logo kai dil mai ammar k leyai hamdardi paida na ho aur wo saba ki ammar se shadi na karnai kai faislai ko ghalat na samjhai ..

  • I loved the way Ammar was shown. Aisa naheen dikhaya k all of sudden banda change hojaey in last epi. Although he showed some guilt, Ammar’s hidden arrogance surfaced again when he thought Saba would agree to marry him. It was realistic actually. He deserved to be left alone vis-à-vis his attitude. On other side, it wasn’t necessary to fulfill dream of Fakhir. Khuwab tha, khuwab hee rehnay detay. But they wanted to show the rejection by Saba to re-marry Ammar and the development of confidence in her personality.

    This was the only drama we used to wait for. Sanam is our family favorite and pata naheen kab is choosy girl ka next project aaye ga, can’t wait for it. Your reviews added fun to this Wednesday entertainment.

    PS. This is first drama of my life where scenes were merged very frequently 😊

    • Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation & for being consistent with your comments. :) Yes, absolutely, khuwab tha usay waisay hi rehne dete ya sirf ye dikha dete that both Saba & Fakhir faced some hurdle because of Ammar but got over it as a team. They had already shown Saba rejecting Ammar, so to kill Fakhir in order to show her final rejection was a bit of a stretch. Yes, I also liked that they kept Ammar’s character realistic right till the end, it wasn’t shown that one fine day he decided to change & succeeded in doing that. His behavior & personality was not in his control anymore.

  • Honestly… What was the point of an ending like that? Please tell me someone. Ill skip this writer next time! I know its just a drama, but to me this couple was like goals… And this is what they had to do?! Goodness I am done!

  • Great review Zahra and yes even for me drama ended last week! Fakhir’s death was forced and worse was he didn’t even get to see his child, they didn’t have to make it such a tragedy!
    As far as Ammar is concerned, even though he realised his mistakes, he cannot change his traits completely, that’s what they wanted to show!!

  • Indeed killing such a nice character like fakhir was heartbreaking but then that was decided hamesha hi….coz it goes like…”voh jo tha bohat hi khaas..”… fakhir was d khaas guy who came like an angel in saba’s life….somewhat like shahrukh khan in kal ho na ho types thing!

  • So Khaas ended today leaving its fans disappointed here , one must thank Hum for highlighting such an issue which was very complexed , the writer , director and actors all need a big bow . Forget the disappointment of the last episode and just live and remember the previous episodes , how gradually and wonderfully it was developed . The interest kept high n high which kept us glued in all episodes. Many of us were might not be aware of the true meaning of Narcissistic character . Now of those who are will surely have seen or will mirror themselves , Are they Narcissistic by birth or their parents are to be blame for it . Women are not doormats but are strong characters who can easily stand n walk side by side . For me last week KHAAS ended .

    • Yes, this ending is working for some viewers while others are happy to pretend that it ended last week for them, including me. :) However, the fact remains that they really brought a very strong drama to the table & dealt with such a complex subject in such a strong & convincing manner. The entire team deserves full points for their efforts.

      • Reading your review Zahra its so fake and sugar coated. If something is bad say it in your review, not in the comments! I feel you have given it the thumbs up just to avoid the masses. It was a weak ending, poorly put together and so un logical. I follow reviewit because its one place that says it as it is! This review doesnt fit in with that ideology.

  • Wonderful review Zahra!! You did an amazing job reviewing it. You even took some negative scenarios and turned them into positive. Hats off to you! You gave a real insight into every scenarios and character. Your review was much better then the actual episode today!!

  • Lesson learned. Do not talk while driving. I see so many scenes in all the dramas in the car with the driver talking while holding phone in the hand. And sometimes having emotional conversations.

  • i literally hated this episode …no regret from ammar s side …fakhir died..what kind of an ending is that ..wonderful drama with a stupid lame ending

  • Seriously? You didn’t understand the reason why fakhir was killed in the last episode. It was the most important lesson of the drama. A woman should be strong with or without a man. Her strength should come from within her not from a man figure in her life. I stopped reading when you said you don’t understand why fakhir needed to die.

    • If you had read the entire review where I have mentioned all the things that are stated in your comments, you wouldn’t have been too quick to judge. Pehle parhain phir baat karain please!

  • I was furious with this ending too. It was completely unnecessary. I thought for once they will allow the heroine to get a happy end but no. Do Pakistani writers get some sort of pleasure from putting women through so much pain? It seems sadistic. This was the first drama I’ve watched in a while and I am so disappointed with this end.

    The whole point of Fakhir dying was so Amaar could propose to Saba but that was pointless because of course Saba would say no! Showing that did not accomplish anything. She had already made it clear to him on several occasions that she was totally over him! A better resolution would be to show Amaars mother realizing her mistakes. And to show maybe 25 years in the future that Saba and Fakhirs son is a well adjusted, humble and successful man who respects women and his parents are proud of him meanwhile Amaar has a sour relationship with his 3rd ex-wife and his son is a BRAT just like him.

    Anyway thank you for the review, you did highlight what was good about this drama and it was a pleasure reading your reviews throughout.

    I think HUM TV should make an alternate last episode for viewers. We collectively reject this one.

    • Thank you so much hzub for your kind words & support. I absolutely agree, even though this ending is working for a lot of the viewers but I agree when you say it seems ‘sadistic’ approach. The ending that you have suggested would’ve been so ideal & perfect. Saba had her fair share of misery while being married to Ammar so why not give her a simple humble & fulfilling life with Fakhir?

      I totally feel showing Ammar’s few moments of regret only to show that he has not changed in the end did not mean anything.

  • I think it was a good ending. Memories of a decent person are far better than company of an evil man. The way men are brought up in this society with double standards and crush women to feel good about themselves it was nice to see a man who values women and by valuing her gave her enough strength to face any circumstances. Amar was pompous till the end and ended up with nothing

    • Yes, because it is a reality-based ending which portrays how women are bound to become tough & survive the ordeals life throws at them, it is working for a lot of viewers. It definitely hands out a great message.

  • Hey Zahra! Thank you so much for sharing your views on the finale! Seriously we are going to Remember it with the lyrics wo jo tha boohat hi khaas tha. I agree with every word you said! Why women in our society need to suffer? Being independent is fine but there should be a fair share of happiness for everyone especially for someone whose already being through a lot! Not every story is a fairy tale but it shouldn’t be a nightmare for anyone..

    • Thank you so much Shahz for your kind words & support. I agree, when they had shown Saba enduring her fair share of miseries while being married to Ammar, it wouldn’t have hurt them giving her a happy ending with Fakhir. Fakhir did make her strong but for the sake of their child, the writer could’ve let him be alive.

  • Overall mjhy ye drama bhtt pasand aya but ammar kay sath kuch bura hua hi nae uss ko ehsaas tk nae hua

  • This drama is very special for me because I have been living in such a marriage for almost past two decades for the sake of my children.
    Now if I want to tell my family or friends about my misery I just tell watch this drama because on the surface it looks I have everything perfect. No one can understand what pain I go through day and night and ironically now I have got used to it. My personality is all damaged and at times I can’t even recognize myself

    • Behen bahut afsos hua there àre so many tips on books mags n social media as well but most powerful weapon is khamoshi…do never reply when in rage. Give priority of his likes dislikes maintain your self appearances half problem is solved. hum sirf dua kar sakte han. Take some religious shelter as well.

      • The dislikes are indicative of people that have taken negative notes. Fact is that they thought i am mysogenistic – wrong… i hate the subject it was simply an advise for those getting tough time on and opt to maintain relationship with hubbies. myself brother of three sisters all married advise these tips and alhamdulillah they’re going well with husbands …there is saying -if you get lemon in life make lemonade with. Yes with any luck of damaged relation are very well at liberty to take decisive action they want to. Having said that i appologise to all those caused pain due my comments on the thread really sorry i am.

    • More power to you. I am so glad that Sarwat Nazeer has actually touched upon this subject & has shown that seemingly perfect marriages can be completely different for those who are involved in it actually.
      I pray that you find strength & courage to lead your life.

  • I think the drama was repeating fakhir’s life story the differences were Saba divorced a narcissist, remarried and fakhir did not treat her the same way his dad treated his mom. Aside from Ammar’s history (including the drama that involved her parents following her divorce), and Fakhir’s courteous attitude towards her, Saba’s story was similar to Fakhir’s mom’s.

    • Yes, they established it right from the beginning. Fakhir not only saw his mother in Saba due to her striking resemblance with her, but also later when he got to know that she was in a similar situation that his mother used to be in, he developed more feelings for her because he knew what she was going through.

  • Good review ..
    Well ! Last episode is best ..m agree with writer ..
    Faakhir se saba ki shadi is leyai huwi k writer dekhana chahti thi kai har mard ammar nahi hota aur ek achai husband ko kaisai hona chaheyai aur aurat aisai husband kai sath zindagi sath guzarnai ka faisla karsakti hai ..
    Phir faakhir ko is leyai maara kai ek aurat mard kai baghair bhi ek achi zindagi guzaar sakti hai usai kisi mard ka sahaara nahi chaheyai hota ..
    Dusri taraf ammar ko bhi uski auqaat yaad dela de gayi kai even ek bewah aur ek bachai ki maa ne bhi usai reject kiya matlab aisai mard kai sath koye bhi reshta na rakha jaayai ..
    Ab ammar bus mirror mirror on the wall wali churail ban kar paagal hojaayai ..
    Mujhai last episode se koye masla nahi ..
    Perfect ending

    • Thank you for appreciating the review & for sharing your perspective. I agree, ye ending aisi hai jissay log khushi se accept bhi kar lainge aur nahi bhi karainge. It is open to everyone’s interpretation. Kuch log chahtay they ke isay drama hi rehne diya jata aur itna bhi reality ki akasi karne ki zaroorat nahi thi but baqi viewers ke liye ye reality-based ending bhi chal gai, so its a win win situation on the drama-makers part. :)

  • I lived the entire journey. Me and my sis was watching this drama from the start. I was so touched by fakhirs character because we as a society don’t accept fakhirs as a person, as a man. My sis used to say Ali, fakhir is like you, he paints, he feels, he respects, he loves, and he disappears(fakhirs need of being alone) as you do. I sometimes felt thats me inside drama. So for me it was hard but i really loved the ending. It was full of lessons. See, life is full of hurdles, difficulties, traumas but we have to fight, we have to survive. This was reality based. A women, especially like saba, can live many lives as she spent golden time with fakhir. I will always remember this drama.

    Wo jo tha bohat hi KHAAS.

    • Good to know that you found yourself in Fakhir’s character. I agree, the ending was based on a reality but I just feel they should’ve set it apart by keeping it a drama after all. We watch dramas to get a break from the reality at times, so when they could’ve easily turned it into a happy ending, they snatched that opportunity away from the viewers. They showed a fair share of reality by showing Saba’s struggles in her first marriage so, a happy ending wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the overall message that the drama had.

  • Nice review zahra thanks for that really heart touching story yet decision by a woman not to merry after divorce or being widow doesn’t cast good massage saba is brave n stronger she might servive without help but lots of other are there who can’t without male support i think that gives wrong motivation/incentive.

    • Thank you MR for appreciating the review. I think they could’ve easily shown that divorce doesn’t mean the end of the world & one can lead a peaceful happy married life by getting married again.

  • Nice Review Zahra. Thanks for that.
    And yes the last episode made me think why I followed khaas till end. I, too along with all the others will think Khaas ended last week.
    In the previous episode, dialogue by Saba regarding Ammar being “zero” for him reminded me dialogue of DeS where here father tries to explain importance of “zero” when she herself consider her sifar.
    I couldn’t digest Ammar’s family disappearing just like that.
    If writer wanted to portray that a woman does not need a man by her side to be strong, the drama could’ve been divided for 1st 15 episodes of Saba’s misery and last 7-8 episodes portraying her being strong and how she faced all the hurdles in her life. Because as much as we say we are a progressing society, people around do make you feel you need man’s protection etc etc. Therefore, I would love to see Khaas’s sequel :).

    New drama of Sajal and Ahad looks promising, let’s see what it holds for ot’s viewers.

    • Thank you so much for appreciating the review my friend. Yes, for me Khaas also ended last week. There was absolutely no need to show her living her life without Fakhir. Yes, I vaguely remember that conversation but it sure was meaningful. I would’ve demanded a sequel myself if they had kept Fakhir alive but abb kya faida? :|

      Yes, Ye Dil Mera seems intense & promising, let’s see. :)

  • great drama. I dont think ammar changed. what he shared with friends was a lie. And recollections…usko ehsad lekin woh manna nahi chahta. Buddhu hai. Showed like a teenager.

  • as ever sanam baloch was at the peak of her performance.almost every body did the justice. ending was very swift and faakhir sanam happiness as well as the miseries faced by ammar should have been given more time and space,

  • Zahra and Fatima Please discuss the website policy with the concerned people. Some really good dramas are coming and some of the dramas that you guys started reviewing and left in between. They all should be reviewed. Just 2 dramas per week isnt what we want from u guys.

    Your reviews are awesome and we want to read reviews of all good dramas by you both. so please ask the concerned people to reconsider this policy! Reviewit has become a name now which everyone recognises for reviews. And this kind of lame policy is just making us (the viewers) sad.

    • Thank you so much Anon for your feedback. I have passed on your message to the admin, it will definitely be considered. :) Hoping for the best. :) Thank you so much for reading the reviews & appreciating them. :)

  • Story is good but ending hopeless. I wonder, what the play writer and director wanted to show us.

  • The point was well translated: It is better to live alone than live in a toxic marriage.

  • They could’ve easily given Saba a happy ending or at least kept Fakhir’s impending doom a surprise! Right from the time they got married, Fakhir spoke about how Saba will hold her head up high after hes gone, raise her son etc etc. I was cringing when Javeria actually came to meet Saba with Amaar’s proposal- she knew everything he put her through yet she was rooting for him. Thankfully they spared us that drama. Thanks for reviewing it Zahra. This drama turned out to be quite nice and had some very good lessons. I’m looking forward to Sanam Baloch’s next project. I hope she chooses her scripts wisely and doesn’t go the route she did with her overhyped comeback drama with Sarmad Khoosat.

  • Loved the show. Great performances from the cast. I was sad with the ending. It felt somewhat anticlimactic. It would have been good for the matriarchy to show some ehsaas to Saba instead of constantly appeasing Ammar. Nevertheless a really good show about relationships in modern day middle class Pakistani context

  • I don’t think the ending was reality based at all. They basically took away from the realism and impact even, due to the ending. It was highly dramatized. Showing that a woman doesn’t need a man in order to be strong could have been shown without killing her husband. And if they wanted to show this, why even show her remarry?

    No offense but I don’t understand those saying the ending is real. I would pray to God that He doesn’t do that to women who happily remarry. And I’m sure He doesn’t in real life!

    The only thing I loved about this ending was Saba’s dialogues at the end, and Ammar still having hints of narcissism.

    Other than that, let’s be real, people like Ammar would have been guilty how long? 1 months, 2 months, chalu lets push it to a year. But then they would have remarried and settled down. Maybe it would have been successful the 3rd time around maybe not.

    It was Saba who got a life without a partner and the grief that she has to carry around for a lifetime.

    Again, I appreciate their effort, I understand why they killed Faakhir, but this is exactly what differentiates good writers from GREAT writers. Great writers can find ways to send messages and leave impact without dramatic and unrealistic endings.

  • Well Zahra this is the first time I m reviewing any drama so khaas last episode was depressing but in reality mostly people have no happy endings in their lives:)

    Secondly, I feel they will make khaas part 2 in future :)

  • I totally agree with the review. The last episode was a deceit. Ruined the whole experience if watching the drama with climax so not agreeable. Why was Saba punished?? Is my big question??

  • >