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Khamoshi 4

Khamoshi Episode 26 Review-Absurd!

The big reveal for this episode would have been Sabir’s death but we already knew about it from the last week’s preview. Even his permission for Arsala to get married to Shahram was already shown in the preview. Sabir got ab heart attack and the whole family was again being shitty. The mother’s attitude is so disappointing that I cannot describe it in words. She didn’t even hear the whole thing from Sabir or Arsala or anyone else and presumed that her daughter is characterless. Now, what were your thoughts on your younger daughter chasing her sister’s fiance lady? She will accept her money and make her work like bulls but still blame her for all the bad stuff happening in the world.

Atif’s attitude is incomprehensible too. You left her, married her sister and realized later that you were wrong but you are still being a whiner about it? Passing comments on Shahram are too uncalled for from a man who married his fiance’s sister. Naima was being her normal self with saying stupid stuff about everyone and not helping the family with her dowry money. Her outburst on Arsala is also not making any sense now since her husband does not care about her even when Arsala is not around.

The worst thing about today’s episode was the protagonist being slut-shamed for no reason at all. From the preview it looks like that she will not even bother to defend her character. They somehow tried to make Sabir’s permission the highlight of the story but what about them showing a girl working day and night for a thankless family and not even say a word when they trash her character. I think marriage and romanticism took a seat back today when they showed her crying in every spot and are making her a Khamosh larki on such a sensitive topic, that too in the last few episodes of the drama. This is a point where she should have spoken for her rights. She can atleast share everything with Guddu. But in the end, good story and script can go to hell and Khamoshi wins!