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Khamoshi Episode 30 Review-W.A.S.T.E!

I am not sure how am I going to go through writing this review before undergoing a minor nervous breakdown. Yes, many would think I am being very harsh on Khamoshi right now but if you saw the episode last night, you would understand. There is nothing left in the story but we still are going to have two more episodes which are a feat in itself.

The whole scene involving Bee Jaan and her badtameez beta was too much to take. They call women living in a shelter home by their bed numbers like they are some sought of prisoners. Even the fellow woman was calling Bee Jaan Bed Number 4, like whateven! They took half the episode in showing over and over that how Bee Jaan has lost all her maturity and just wants to go back, all thanks to her cruel son. We have such things very common in our society and yes, they had to maintain the balance that only parents but children could also be cruel. But in trying to do that, they are sabotaging the main story big time. They have forgotten that the show is about Arsala ki Khamoshi.

Atif and Naima are not going to get punished. Even in the next episode, they will be seen enjoying the luxuries of life. What is the point of making a drama with over 30 episodes and do not start showing Karma coming for bad people even in 30th? Naima has got the husband, she has the support of her maternal house and now she has all the luxuries too. Somehow moral lesson of the story is that be Naima not Arsala as you will succeed easily as Naima.

Shahram who started off as a mature and kind character has just proven to be a stupid character. Why are you helping Atif? They didn’t even realize that it looks so unrelatable. He didn’t even try to contact Bee Jaan. Yes, he was told that she went to KSA but still she is on this planet. At least he can make a call.

This episode was a total WASTE of time and script. And from the promos looks like it will be the same in the next episode!