Noor ul Ain Episode 12 Review – Off-Putting!

Ohkay so, as the episodes are passing by, this drama is turning out to be more & more ridiculous. I am sure the team of this drama after watching these episodes themselves must be realizing that they made such a huge mistake by copying Saathiya & choosing to elaborate its story in a weekly drama. The characters lack depth & they are absolutely clueless.

Noor & Khizar’s conversations were so plain & boring. I mean we are watching two love birds who got married without worrying about anything or anyone but it now looks like they both are compromising with each other because they are clearly unhappy & the love has curbed that is why they can’t stop talking about others. Noor’s character is off-putting. It is actually infuriating that Noor is clueless but she still is not owning anything, yes, she half heartedly did say that she admits she made a mistake too but she seems more focused on holding everyone else responsible for this mistake. Noor is acting like a spoiled child who has failed a maths exams but is holding the teacher responsible for checking her paper strictly or setting a difficult test to begin with.

Khizar is clearly disinterested too & because he knows what Noor wants to hear, he keeps on saying that. All of their conversations were just plain boring & didn’t do much. I feel bad for those viewers who expected that things would change for the better after their marriage but oh well, wishful thinking hurts in this case at least!

Noor decided to call Ghazala to let her know about Kashi but as usual Ghazala didn’t believe her. I don’t really know when Noor says that she trusts Khizar so much, why does she feel the need to discuss him or anything related to her marital life with her colleague. The preview of the next episode suggested that may be Khizar was once involved with Noor’s colleague too so I won’t be surprised if they will now turn her into a villain who will be creating misunderstandings & will try to malign Noor’s heart against Khizat because this is what she did in this episode & as usual Noor, the confused soul was left even more confused & low-key suspected Khizar’s intentions too after she heard whatever her friend said about him. They are so going to make Noor the most innocent soul who trusts & believes everyone & anything that they say, in order to show how because of her innocence, her marital life will suffer.

I am shocked that the girl who was introduced as a level headed individual has turned out to be such a confused mess who has no idea how her life is rolling & what she is supposed to do. Now that Noor has gotten married, she still seems unhappy & unsure. I don’t really understand why & how did Noor even think that her parents won’t be mad at her? Like she is mad at the fact that her parents are mad at her? Talk about being a self-proclaimed royalty who doesn’t allow anyone to show any reaction to her wrongdoings!

In the previous episode the way we saw how a newly wedded couple does grocery shopping, this time around we got to see how Imran Abbas brushes his teeth. That entire scene was such a drag & a ridiculous filler that I for once left everything & actually paid attention to it to confirm if they were seriously showing what I was seeing. I really hope they start airing it twice a week or show double episodes to get done with it ASAP as it sure is a very boring & off-putting drama. Please share your thoughts!

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