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Khamoshi Episode 34 Review-Finally!

So, the time has come for which we waited for 34 episodes. Yes, with some tragic points, this was a great episode.

The thing that made me the happiest is watching Arsala finally acknowledging Shahram’s efforts. Shahram openly made Nasreen apologize to Arsala and cleaned her character slate once and for all. Arsala also for the first time appreciated what he had done for her instead of whining.

Bee Jaan’s demise is not something I wanted to watch. The whole dragging of shelter home episode ending in Bee Jaan’s death was heart-breaking. But the way she treated her son made up for the shock. Yes, for once in Khamoshi someone decided to punish the wrong. Bee Jaan’s will and her disowning Basit is something we all wanted to see. Shahram is also free of Zubiya because of the whole scenario unfolding. Zubiya’s character was extremely weak and today it became weaker. How can a girl celebrate her mother’s public humiliation? The way they showed her making fun of that was absurd but well thought of. Basit’s daughter has to be like Basit and she showed that like her father, she does not respect her mother either.

Naima finally got a taste of her doings. But some stuff that happened to her was bad too. Shehnaz completely blamed Arsala’s plight on Naima, like as a mother you were there for her? During the whole drama, Shehnaz did not support Arsala once and now she took the easy way out by evil-eyeing Naima. Same was the case with Atif. He does not want Naima anymore and he also blamed everything on her. Atif is the one who should have understood Arsala’s circumstances but he kept blaming and character-shaming her. But now after everything is out in the open, he started behaving like a masoom chiriya and blamed Naima for everything.

It was good to watch good people winning for once even if their win was subtle. One thing which was too stereotypical was Atif’s blaming ke Naima ne mujhe warghala diya. Boy, did you not have your own brain? And we will see a similar thing in the next episode when Basit will slap Nasreen. I think these childish men should take responsibility for once as the drama is ending now.

Did you guys watch the episode? Share your thoughts!

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