Khud Parast Episode 16 Story Review – Change of Dynamics

Opening Thoughts – Change of Dynamics:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was again intense but somewhat a reminder of all that has happened or has been happening in the drama so far. The story did not progress in this episode but just showed how the dynamics of Uswa & Hanan’s relationship worsened because of themselves as well as other external factors.

Uswa & Hanan Are About To Fall Apart:

Uswa did question Hanan that he loves her conditionally but then Uswa should ask herself the same question too that does she love Hanan unconditionally or at all for that matter? The moment Hanan said no to the movies, Uswa made sure to make it happen which shows that she is going to put herself ahead of Hanan too, so she should stop really playing the victim now. I guess Uswa needs to understand & accept Hanan the way he is. In fact Hanan is a good husband but yes, he is the kind of a person who will walk an extra mile for you if you do what makes him happy & I guess for any marriage to work, both the husband & the wife are mostly supposed to do things which please their spouses, but Uswa will not do anything for Hanan but will expect him to do everything for her which again is her selfishness. Uswa actually is living two lives where in one life she is Hanan’s wife & in the other one she is just someone who loathes Hanan & to prove it, she does all kind of reckless things!

Saad finally convinced his mother to sign the papers which gave the ownership of the house to Zoya. In other words Saad did make a fool out of his mother but because he is so tactful, he didn’t get caught. Saad’s attitude with Hanan was distasteful. If not anything else, Saad should have respected Hanan for the fact that he has already given him a lot of money due to which he is being able to afford all the things that he dreamed of but in stead Saad chose to degrade him which riled Hanan up. To be honest, when I heard Hanan confiding in his friend, I felt for him a lot because indeed, he does not deserve all this. Yes, he has made a lot of mistakes in the past but he has always rectified them & has tried to steer away in order to prevent himself from repeating those mistakes but sadly Uswa & now even her family is bent on bringing Hanan down the path that he is trying to move away from. That entire scene where Uswa gets off the car & then calls Hanan while he is driving rashly was done really really well. The editors have used the OST at just the right spots which adds more impact to the situation.

Bakhtawar can now see that she made a huge mistake by getting Hanan married to Uswa. Indeed Bakhtawar herself was wrong in trying to rely on such ways to tame Uswa but now what Uswa has done & all that she is putting Hanan through is wrong on so many levels. Also, in this entire situation, Uswa thinks she is right because she is taking a stand for her brother but unfortunately, she does not know that it was her brother who instigated Hanan to do something so irrational. Uswa & Hanan on their own have so many issues & personality clashes but the involvement of both Uswa as well as Hanan’s families make matters worse for them.

Once again, Uswa went out with Adeel to deal with her pain & take her mind off what has been happening but I guess it’s just a matter of Hanan spotting Uswa once with Adeel & that is when he will bid her goodbye forever. But again, Hanan does not deserve this.

Closing Thoughts – Consistently Great Direction & Editing:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was interesting too. I love this drama to put in simple words. Yes, while watching Uswa in her Abaya in this episode, it did make think that Hanan has bought her a luxury apartment so why can’t he buy her a few more Abayas too, he surely can afford some because ever since that girl has gotten married, she is only wearing that one Abaya that she got from Bakhtawar. Anyways, jokes apart, Shehzad Sheikh’s acting was superb in this episode & I also enjoyed the performance of Saife Hassan too. He has played the character of manipulative Saad to perfection & what’s amazing is that he has not made it annoying like the rest of his family. Ramsha Khan has been consistently good too. I must say the direction & the editing of Khud Parast has always been consistently good. & oh yes, I am upset that we’re back to single episode per week, sad sad situation! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast .

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  • I think that Uswa is right with her standing up for herself, even if it comes across selfish. No man should be beating his wife…and Hannan will beat her again and again every time he does not agrees with her – and what with “stay within your limits” and telling her about her middleclass family. But yes, agreed she is wrong in going out with Adeel because she now knows he has feelings for her. But really love her character and acting in this series! I am really routing for her

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