Khud Parast Episode 19 Story Review – Perfectly Paced Drama

Opening Thoughts – Perfectly Paced:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was heavy but yes, it again had some amazing dialogues to its credit. I am also glad that in stead of showing Hanan living in depression, they chose to show that he pulled himself back & started moving on. The pace of Khud Parast has stayed consistently good & that is why it is always a pleasure watching it.

The Aftermath:

Well, whatever Uswa did was quite unfortunate. She not only destroyed someone’s life, she not only lied but she swore by her mother as well as her unborn child. I guess Hanan actually underestimated Uswa’s level because he assumed that this was something that she will never do but Uswa crossed that limit as well. It was upsetting to see Uswa in such a mental state where she completely forgot the difference between right & wrong, between sinning & not sinning.

In the previous review, I did mention that it is highly likely that Khatoon Bibi will testify against Beenish & Hanan & I was right. Uswa & Saad picked up such a person whom Bakhtawar couldn’t turn a blind eye to, that is why immediately Moeez’s expressions changed as he couldn’t contain his happiness as he knew that her testimony will act like a last nail in the coffin & that’s what happened. It was so nice to see Hanan not losing his mind & rather staying focused on the decision that he made as well as being mindful of the fact that he had to stand by Beenish & Hoorain. The way Hoorain bid goodbye to her father & grandmother was heart-wrenching. In these kind of issues, it’s the children who suffer the most.

Unfortunately, Bakhtawar did know that Hanan couldn’t do something like this but her hatred for Beenish didn’t allow her to say it out loud that both of them were not capable of doing something like this. Bakhtawar thought she will get rid of Beenish & will be able to stop Hanan from going but that didn’t happen actually because even Hanan had made up his mind.

Uswa was celebrating & the one who was with her to celebrate her so called independence was Adeel who ironically is in a mood to trap & cage her but in a different way. Zarina was engulfed with guilt at what her daughter did & she kept on reminding her that she will face the consequences but Uswa chose not to pay heed to what she was saying because Uswa has now started to have an issue with her mother too because she is not saying what Uswa wants to hear.

Saad & Omer made a deal but while Saadia must be thinking that she hit the jackpot, she has no idea about the amount of wealth Saad has gathered & she might never find out because Saad told them to leave.

The conversation Hanan had with his Pupho was very nice. It was good to see Hanan as well as Beenish finding a shelter, some support & a helping hand after being estranged like that. Bakhtawar was concerned for Hanan but still she didn’t come to realize that she was also equally responsible for whatever happened with all of them.

Closing Thoughts – Will Uswa Ever Regret?

Overall, this episode was engaging & interesting as well like all the previous episodes of Khud Parast. I am actually keen on seeing what life has in store for Uswa now, will she come to regret her decisions & if yes, will she be able to pick up the pieces & undo some of the damage she caused. I feel of all the people Beenish deserves an apology from Uswa, let’s see if that will ever happen. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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Note: I know the general perception & understanding is that a woman can not get divorced during pregnancy, this is what I believed too but after watching this episode I did my part of the research to confirm whatever was shown was right or wrong. I came to find out that a woman actually can get divorced during pregnancy & she has to technically observe Iddat till her delivery. Thought of putting it out there because I am sure quite a lot of viewers just like me would be feeling confused after watching this episode. It was good that the writer was mindful of the delicacy of this situation that is why Zarina told Uswa to stay at home till the baby is born & observe Iddat. I was unsure of what was being shown but after finding out how things work, I realized that the writer deliberately & accurately covered that aspect as well. Thank you for reading.

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