Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 03 Review – Well Paced!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was pretty decent. I like the fact that even though they are showing everything in detail, they are still moving things forward at a decent pace. The acting of all the actors is making this drama worthwhile & also, I think a little cheat is that those who know the story beforehand are also interested in this drama knowing how good things are going to get in the future. :)

Sunny has developed a very strong bond with Molvi Aleemuddin, that is why, he wanted Molvi Aleemuddin to attend the ceremony which was being conducted in an honor of him completing the 1st Juz’/Part of the Holy Qur’an. Sunny’s father Sajjad allowed him to personally meet Molvi Aleemuddin because he knew that Sunny wouldn’t accept a no for an answer & he eagerly wanted Aleemuddin to be there. Sunny along with Shakir tried to persuade Molvi Aleemuddin but he chose to send his daughters in stead & that was only because he didn’t want to break Sunny’s heart as he knew that Sunny genuinely wanted someone from his family to attend the ceremony.

Imaan & Haya got a glimpse of Sunny’s world & despite having so many distractions around, they both chose not to miss their obligatory prayers. Hammad for the first time got to see such a girl who actually struck a chord & moved him emotionally. The very first glimpse was enough for Hammad to know that may be she was the girl he was waiting all his life & what later sealed the deal was the moment when he got to see her offering prayers. The way Hammad actually felt connected to her by seeing her in a most purest form was conveyed beautifully. Hammad couldn’t understand, he just couldn’t put a finger on what was it about Imaan that engulfed him in her thoughts & for the first time in life, he felt something he hadn’t felt before. Hammad knew what he felt for Imaan wasn’t something to be ignored, that is why he chose to contact his best friend to explain everything to him & as usual, his friend ended up teasing him because who would’ve thought that a guy who was making fun of love was now thinking on those lines about someone he just saw for the first time. The way Hammad spoke about Imaan went to show that may be she was the girl he had imagined & idealized in his mind & seeing her in veil also attracted him towards her because he wanted to know more about her as she didn’t give him enough to form an opinion about her. What I loved about the entire scenario was that Hammad’s intentions were pure too!

Hammad continued with his routine but Imaan left such a strong impression that at the back of his mind he couldn’t stop thinking about her & her family. That is why he grew a little curious about the reason why Molvi Aleemuddin wasn’t coming to their house anymore. I like the fact that in the middle of such practical people, Hammad is the only one who not only stays connected with those who’re around him, but takes care of them too. This trait of Hammad is one such reason why he shares such a good bonding with Shakir & his family.

Molvi Aleemuddin & Abdullah continued with their lives which they have dedicated to one cause & that is spreading a message of Islam & also, taking care of the Masjid that Aleemuddin is in-charge of. With Abdullah being around, Aleemuddin has found a support & that is why he appreciates everything that Abdullah does. It is actually quite nice to see that even though Abdullah himself is a very good human being, he finds joy in doing everything for Imaan’s family because of his feelings for her.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Hammad’s life is about to change because he will come across Imaan repeatedly & most certainly he won’t be able to take her out of his head & heart. Also, another set of problems await for Hammad because his family especially his sister in law Abrina will try to get him hitched with her sister Narmeen & Hammad would refuse to do so. Anyways, I enjoyed watching this episode but just like all those viewers who have watched the first season, I am curious to skip to the part where that season ended to see what happens afterwards. I must say, all the actors have done a brilliant job & so has the director. I am glad that Imran Abbas/Hammad is now getting more & more coverage with each passing episode & I can’t wait to see his journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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PS: Since this issue has been popping up time & again & I have been getting questions about the same thing repeatedly, I think putting a disclaimer about it is necessary. I have been getting quite a lot of questions where the viewers are still confused about what they are showing in this season & also about why the cast of the 1st season has changed etc, so I’d like to let you guys know that since this story is based on a novel, they ended Season 01 in the middle of the novel & didn’t dramatize the remaining part. So, now they have come up with Season 02 in which they are going to cover the entire story of the novel from beginning to end, that is why we are getting to see, what you may call, a remake of Season 01 & when this time around, they will reach the point where the Season 01 ended, they will continue the story till the end, which actually will mark the beginning of Season 02. I hope it clears the confusion. However, I also believe that the team of Khuda Aur Mohabbat shouldn’t have used the word ‘Season 02’ to promote it because a lot of people were expecting the story to begin from the point where Season 01 ended, which usually is the case when a story is divided in the seasons & that I feel is the reason behind this confusion, but I hope it’s clear now as I am kind of getting tired of explaining the same thing again & again & again. Thank you! :)

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